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I recently recieved about 35 dollars in Barnes and Nobles gift cards for my birthday. I just found out that they do, in fact, accept orders from online and ship for free with orders over $25. (because, hey, who doesn't like getting packages in the mail?)

My question to you: What should I order? (This would be stuff that I'd never 1. buy in a store without getting embarrassed and 2. buy with my parents there.)

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There is an artsy school that I've been trying to get into that's in my school district. The drawing was today. I didn't get in. My friend who did get in and knew how much I wanted to asked me if I was okay.

What I said: Yeah. It didn't really matter to me anyways.
What I meant: Not at all. I planned my life around that stupid school. I am at the bottom of the wait list. I'll never get in.

What she said back: Okay. Cool.

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First Post

So, I guess this is my obligatory first post that nobody will read or comment on. Everyone has one, I'm sure.

So, I discovered almost two years ago and completely forgot about it until about 1 year ago. Since then I've been a lurker and procrastinater, always meaning to register but never really doing so. A couple days ago, I finally registered, and now, I'm making my first post. That's actually not due to procrastination though. My internet was down so I was stealing wireless from the neighbors across the creek. I didn't want them to see me logging in here. (I don't know if that's even possible. It's creepy though.)

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