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Welp. It only took me almost an entire a year to realize that my girlfriend is fucking insane.

We spent a really long time yesterday skyping about and then a while today texting about how I didn't text her enough.



2 days till brave new voices. paniccc.

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a great deal of nothing

Reporting from dogsitting land. It's a chill day. Two dogsitting houses to bounce back and forth between, babysitting 8:30-midnight (best time EVER to take care of a 6-year-old, no work to do!), then Rocky Horror.

Things I should be doing today... practicing poetry. I haven't been doing that as much as I could. Meh. I'm over it. ma y'hieh y'hieh. I love the future tense in hebrew...

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best job ever

Dog/house sitting. Best. Job. Ever. I'm in this absolutely lovely house with seriously comfy couches. One dog with a GIANT YARD and an electric fence, so she doesn't need walks. I have to feed the fish and the dogs twice a day, water the plants once. And once this week I put out the garbage. They have wifi, bananas, eggs, and their fridge doesn't scare me! 25 dollars a day. Only issue is I'm a little shaky on the use of their french press.


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Current soundtrack: Adam's iTunes ADD in my den.
Just ate steak and eggs for breakfast and then sipped my coffee while he had his morning cigarette. Woke up to my phone ringing- dogsitting job. My third this summer. I guess I've got a reputation. Great money, such an easy job.


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Adam picks me up at 10:30 pm in the hot pink 1998 Lincoln his grandpop just gave him as a hand-me down. We drive to Taco Bell. We smoke American Spirits. My hand windsails out of his window.


This afternoon, SGQ and Adam came over and we did poetry for a good 3 hours. Adam helped choreograph the group piece SGQ and I wrote. I kill her on stage. SGQ is nervous, quiet. She doesn't move unless we animate her. Which is fine because now, onstage, she will look like my puppet. It will be epic.

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little tree

I had a dream that I was at Brave New Voices. I was performing my vagina poem- y'know. The funny one. About vaginas. But in the dream, it wasn't funny. It took like an hour to perform and the audience was huge and angry.

I had another dream that every team at Brave New Voices was Denver.

(seriously, go on youtube and search Denver BNV sometime. It'll blow your brainhole.)

In short- anxiety. I have it. Guess I'll go to the gym today.


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damnit, starbucks

Here I am in Northampton, Massachusetts, one of the cutest, queerest, independentest little towns I've ever been to. Here I am at Starbucks, watching the bearded hipsters and Urban Outfitters girls go by. Starbucks.

Fuckin' starbucks providing the best internet ever preventing me from supporting local coffee chains. Fuck you.


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So as for what I've been up to.

I'm in a tiny cottage on a lake with my parents. The lake is clear and beautiful and the trees are everywhere and the families next door on either side like to set off fireworks at night. I've been reconnecting with my body- running, swimming, paddling, biking, eating well. Much of the time I spend excersizing I am in my sports bra and shirtless, finding as much power as I can in my own shape.

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the male dorm room

This is a post about my poetry team.

1. My poetry team went to compete in a regional bout against Philly, New York, DC, and Baltimore. I was out of town and two of our other poets wouldn't make it. Two team members competed against the full teams of great big cities. New York and Philly tied for first. We came in next. Baltimore and DC followed. Basically? I'm so fucking stoked about the potential awesomeness of this team.

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pride and periodsex (the longest journal entry everrr)

Welp, I'm back from Minneapolis. Here's the run-down:

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from a Minnesotan coffee shop (again)

Hello, children.

I love when my internet dies for a day and then I spend another day flying to Minneapolis and then I get back online and you guys got into catfights and IT'S JUST SO CUTE I mean really it makes me want to pinch your collective cheeks and give ya'll a big noogie and then feed you a snack because you're getting into li'l tussles cuz you have rumblies in your tumblies and everyone is always so much more nice after a snack, right, kids?

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The end of the story

so remember the whole thing with katie and being TOTALLY RUDE to me? let's go to the texts to see how that ended:
(she is K, I am Z.)

june 18th
K: thank you

June 19th
K: seriously, thank you.

June 20th
K: hey
K: hello?

June 21st
K: soooo... are you busy? Or just not in the mood? Sorry...

Z: no, I'm sorry that I'm not quite ready to be on speaking terms with somebody who manipulates me in order to test my loyalty.

K: That's not what I meant when I said that. I meant that your reaction

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okay, so i mentioned offhandedly earlier that Katie sent me a super passive-aggressive text? Here, I'll copy it so ya'll can see just what I mean:

"Dear Hilde/Zev,

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wut wut in the butt

man, my body is in all kinds of pain right now. like my back is sore and my legs are tired and I ate too much food so my tummy hurts. AND ALSO i was working out, and after lifting for like 45 minutes, i went to do abs and i accidentally put all my weight on my right arm and it made a funny noise and i fell over and that still hurts.


in other news, I had a poetry show tonight. At Borders. It went really well and we fundraised a decent amount of money, so that was excellent. a bunch of my dad's coworkers came and then we went out to fancy dinner. I had fish.


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more mail

I got two excellent packages in the mail yesterday! I love getting presents from the postal service... so here's what came:

~Katie's boobies!! I'm just excited for her, though it's going to be a bit of work to get them to her seeing as how we're never both in town at the same time. I have to give them to brianne, a girl who i once made out with and then couldn't be friends with because i'm a dick and she was really into me and i don't know how to deal with the feelings of others, to give to katie. but BOOBIES FTW.

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