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sun of a beach

point of information- today's title was first seen in Israel, advertising a convenience store's sale on sunscreen. It's extra funny if you realize that beach ACTUALLY sounds just like bitch in an israeli accent.


So I went to the beach yesterday, with Adam, Shannon, ET, and a girl who I didn't really know before today, LG. Evidently LG has a "talking shit about peple problem" and we invited her to "help her get over it," which I think is noble.

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feel free to tell me i suck

goddamn shit.



So this story takes place on Thursday night. I was at Adam's house. She was there. Crysta. Crysta of the awkward situation.

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south park, trans issues, and non-rhetorical questions

alright, i'm gonna talk about south park. like I do a lot, lately, which you would know, if you knew me in real life, which you don't, so you don't.


I am recently obsessed with south park. it's ingenious. arguably the greatest satire ever to come out of mainstream media. I would argue for that side. They hate liberals, conservatives, and all things stupid. It's great. I agree with just about everything they've done.

So I was watching season 9 episode 1, "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina," and I'm actually not sure how I feel about it. So what happens is:

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what the poop

So I've been having very vivid, sensual dreams lately. Like, one where I was eating a really giant blue lobster, and I could taste it so completely. It gave me a wicket lobster craving.

And another, where I was just staring at a pile of millipedes, but they were big enough that I could see every section, every leg, every mandible, every eye-stalk. Wasn't even scary. Just detailed. So detailed.

And then today. This morning. Weirdest. Dream. Ever.

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The Philly Trans Health Conference was the Best Day Ever

but before I talk about that I should probably give a quick nod to graduation day (friday). Uhh... I graduated. Walked across a stage. got a diploma. Wore slacks, a button down, and a tie, fuck the system, fuck you.

I had lunch with adam and his mom after rehearsal. We got sushi. I had lunch with my dad after the ceremony. We got ribs. John and Hank challenged nerdfighters to go without meat for a month, though, so that might've been my last hurrah. My mom rear-ended somebody on the way to the ceremony. Anyway.


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oscar wilde in the sunshine

things I love:
~free time
~seeing old friends at the pool
~artistically successful poetry readings
~financially successful poetry readings
~the community that forms around good art
~being the one who organized it all
~a job well done
~more jobs to do
~watching the definition in my biceps develop
~my girlfriend beginning to stumble over gendered pronouns when referring to me.
~this new hat that i got
~picking fresh strawberries from my backyard for breakfast


so we had a poetry show last night. Adam posted the videos- here are the ones with me in them:

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ladies, gents, and Zev

So we had graduation rehearsal today at my high school. notwithstanding the fact that my class is the worst behaved group of anyone ever, it still sucked. Our dean was reading through the requirements: "Boys will wear black slacks, a light shirt, and a tie. Girls will wear a skirt and a blouse or a dress." She paused. "Girls. No. Pants."

Shit. And me? Where do I fall?

She continued. "When Natasha sings the National Anthem, boys, take off your caps, girls, leave them on."

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thank god boys like her like girls like me

So my weekend.
Friday was my last day of school. I thiiink I talked about it, a little bit. Whatever whatever. all done now.

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new york will still be there in the morning


so that was my last day of school.

i hugged proto, gave her my book of poetry for the final in her class. there's a bit in there about her. she seemed touched.

i hugged some other folks and then left.


i'm going to nyc today. i'll be up there all weekend, no internet really, so i'll talk to you guys on sunday night or on monday or something.

m'k. gotta pack now.

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gender in an auto shop

Adam's car broke down today. And by that I mean, a few fuses blew. The windows weren't rolling down and the cigarette lighter in the car was broken.

I've never been inside the insides of a car before, but we opened the hood and he asked me to pull out the fuse. It was in there tight so I ran to get pliers. We pulled out the broken ones and a working one and checked to see if they looked the same. The one for the lighter was obviously broken, the one for the windows wasn't.

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this is for me

Some things I blog to tell you guys about. But sometimes I just want to have a record of days like today.

Today I went on a field trip with my AP Biology class and the AP Studio Art class. We went up to the Brandywine River Museum, looked at some paintings, then canoed downstream to the Wyeth (a local clan of painters) estate to look at art, eat sandwiches, and do some really really boring science. There were two black labs, one fat little mutt who sat on my lap after going for a swim in the river, and a emu.

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last night at dinner

over the most miraculous spread of food, surrounded by my mom's friends and my band and cigarette smoke, somebody said

"what if the rapture did happen?
what if the rapture already happened and we didn't notice?
And we all went where we're supposed to be, but Heaven and Hell are just really really close to each other?

Where did you go? Where are you now?"


A text message conversation with my girlfrined:
me: "wanna see my bugs?" ((I went bug hunting today for a bio project))
her: "I dunno. I'm feeling so mopey still I kinda just want to sleep."

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your diamond desires are turning back into coal

So I think I've mentioned offhandedly that my band (the band I'm in) is playing a gig tonight? We're called Hop66 and it's me on drums (usually a djembe, sometimes set, but no set in our show tonight), Adam singing/playing guitar, Crysta (Do you remember crysta? We made out once. Oh, wait, that might have happened at a point where I wasn't journaling here) playing cello/singing. So that's cool.

We're only doing covers cuz we haven't written anything, so we're playing:

On the Run by 1997
Sleeper by Manchester Orchestra
Turning Tables by Adele

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with sincere apologies to riku...

I actually am going to go to the Philly Trans Health Conference. Just for like two thirds of the day on the Friday and Saturday. Cuz my graduation isn't till seven pm, meaning I can just leave early from the con.

So, yeah. sorry to mislead, riku.

BUTALSO. so excited.


As for actual life now, I've been rehearsing nonstop with Adam and Crysta for a gig that we're playing on Saturday. Which is stressful. But also fun. And poetry is a ton of work- I wrote a new gender piece for slam. It compares being trans to being a serial killer. I like it a lot.

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