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I don't own emotion... I PWN RENT

Ok. did I mention I saw the broadway touring cast of RENT yesterday. So in love with that maureen. The Rodger was UBER tall, and had a HUGENORMOUS nose. I was LYK WO! And Mark looked like a litte jewish kid... no surprise. (No Insult to little jewish kid, i was a little jewish kid once, now I'm a tall one)

Yeah, it was amazing. Sadly, I couldn't memorize the ENTIRE La Vie Boheme dance in one watch-through.. So I'll be stuck doing the Movie's La Vie Boheme dance for the rest of my life.

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I should tell you...

"I should tell you I'm disaster
I forget how to begin it.

Let's just make this part go faster
I have to be in it.

I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you

I should tell I blew the candle out
Just to get back in.

I'd forgotten how to smile
Until Your candle burned my skin.

I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell you
I should tell...

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I need a hug

Ok well today sucked. It was the debut of our school play. Little Shop of Horrors. Don't get me wrong, the play went REALLY well.

But backstage. AUGH. I'm just an ensamble person, so me, stage crew, and the rest of the ensamble were all packed into the BAND room. I was talking to my BEST friend, Kate, who knows about me and my crazy crush on that Little Red-Haired Girl. So I was totally emo-bucketing at her, because I really want to tell her about me, and all my really spazzy friends, who are great, if you aren't trying to Emo BUcket. So I just kind of blow them all off.

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SHE told me... she said... *hyperventalates*

Ok. So, during play practice, i was wearing my street bum costume, a giant coat and a floppy hat and a beer bottle. and of course, Eponine wears a giant coat and floppy hat, so i randomly burst out singing "A Little Fall of Rain."

And SHE was like... "Wow. You actually have a good voice."

Needless to say, I nearly DIED.

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Ok, ready for a LONG STORY? At play practice today, I was sitting and talking to my crush, and we got to joking around about LGBT stuff. Mostly like, "Ok, so if we made this character from the play a bisexual transexual, and then she get together with this girl, and this guy, we'll make him gay, but he molests that person..." and it was hilarious. I mean, it was even funny to me, its not like we were making fun of GLBT stuff.

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Woah. Anthony Rapp played Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors in the Los Angelis cast a few years back.

Also. My sister and I were at the bookstore yestderday and we saw two books written by ADAM RAPP. Yes, that's Anthony's BROTHER!

Lastly. My sister and I also rented Adventures in Babysitting, simply because FIFTEEN YEAR OLD Anthony Rapp plays the main character's neighbor, Darryl. The movies looks stupid, but it IS Anthony Rapp.

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12 reasons that gay people shouldn't get married.


It's hilarious. And don't worry, i'm totally pro-gay marriage. ^.^

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I'm going to marry Gertrude McFuzz

I just saw a high school production of Seussical the Musical. I haven't listened to that Soundtrack since 5th grade, and back then I had decided that I was going to be JoJo when I grew up. Then I realize that I wasn't a boy, and JoJo is a little kid. My hopes were renued when I saw JoJo being played by a high school girl. There's hope for me yet.

And... wow, I love Gertrude. She's so awesome. I wanna squish her.

If someone gave you a magic pill that would make you straight, would you take it?

Of course!
6% (7 votes)
If the effect was temporary.
8% (9 votes)
Never! I love who I am!
64% (70 votes)
I don't know.
21% (23 votes)
Total votes: 109
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Some randomness

So. Strange occurance today, to be added to the Chronicals of iPod Solitare.

First, the story of the iPod Solitare, to date. On a sunday a few weeks ago, with nothing better do do, I spend just about the whole day playing Solitare on my iPod. I did not win a single game. At practice for the school play, aka Talk to Rachel, I told her about this. Because we talk about random stuff that way. We're in the ensamble of the play, so we really sit there pretty much the whole time while the Leads do the work and stuff. So I was just sitting there, playing Solitare on my iPod. It's an addiction.

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Ok, I realized something recently. I realized that I spend all my time shmoozing around like I have proble,s in my life, and wishing and hoping and praying and dreaming that Rachel is gay, too, and then I realized this. I am SO LUCKY to be able to sit there and think to myself, I hope rachel's gay. Because there are so many other gay teens out there who think to themselves, I hope I die tonight.

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