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Wa wa we wa!

Girls are funny creatures... Pretty much impossible to understand. They don't even understand themselves.

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This shouldn't be me!

20 years old. Friday night. Watching a TV movie with parents, whom she lives with, whilst eating a large chocolate bar...

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Hug A Gay Day

It's an event on Facebook....I think it's supposed to be on Feb. 2 or something heehee!

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Oh no!! Haha!

Alright.... I got reeeally drunk last night and now I don't rememeber like, ANYTHING! Oh goodness haha! I remember I came out to almost everyone I came across aaaand they already KNEW and told me my mom has been acting suspicious as well! So now I know pretty much everyone knows HAHAHA!

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Does anyone else find that they just can't fight off their parents' influence?? Like is it destined that we are going to have the comedy stylings of our parents? If it is, I am destined to be corny....This makes me sad.

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I need to empty my brain.....

I want to be clear headed! But I never am. Clutter, clutter and my thoughts are lost, or jumbled at best. Maybe there are too many, I don't know......

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I just came out to alot of people last night!..... Yes, I was drunk. I was at a club dancing with my gay guy friends and decided I just didn't care anymore and told one of the guys there, he went on like it was nothing =) Then when we went back to my friend's place I just started telling anyone. I'm not even sure who all I told, but I don't really care anyway hehe.

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I came out to someone sober to sober!!!....On MSN, but hey, I was sober! He's a fellow queer too =D He asked me haha! So I had to tell him of course... Then we had our gay peer connecting session hehe. He has a guy that he's long distance relationshipping with at the moment too, so now we can bitch to each other about it!

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A very happy YOU! ME?

Well hello there folks!
I have no one to talk to right now and I'm not used to that.... So here I am =)
Anyway, I haven't posted on here for a very long while, but I still came here often, just didn't write anything. I was too busy being happy, but now I am back in my shit town so I'll probably be on more....although I work lots. We'll see I suppose....

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Ah, I went to visit my sister this weekend.....t'was fun. But really EVERTIME I go there I get asked if I'm gay!

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Coming out......

You guys, I think I might be.......a nerd. I really have tried to fight it and have never wanted to fully call myself a nerd, but it is becoming more and more apparent that that is, in fact, what I am!

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Asked once again!

The other day my sister asked me if I'd ever done anything with another girl! At first I laughed and didn't answer, but then she asked me again all serious, so I told her the truth and said no. Then she asked me if I'd ever kissed a guy and I said yes. She seemed relieved and said that she was happy that I was normal.......I don't know if she meant that she was happy I'd done something with a guy or just done something at all. I don't think she wants me to be gay, but she can definitely sense it. If she ever did find out I think it'd be weird for awhile, but in the long run, she'd be fine with it and support me.....I don't want my family to know though and right now it seems like a pretty good idea not to let her know either!

What kind of kiss would you consider to be a "first kiss"?

Closed mouth
61% (43 votes)
Lips parted, no tongue
27% (19 votes)
French kiss
13% (9 votes)
Total votes: 71
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"I think she's been alone....

....he took her to a movie
when they cut off the phone,
he took her to a movie
and when her cover's blown,
he took her to a movie
but so did I...."

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do in the future alot lately. There are so many options and too many indecisions....its hard to get started on pursuing anything since I'm not sure what it is that I'd be pursuing yet. I've been realizing though, that when I move away from my home and my family I am probably going to be a completely different person. They don't make me be the way I am, but there is definitely pressure from them on what not to be. I really don't like confrontation so I usually just do what my family wants or make them think I am so they don't bother me. They still find other things I need to work on though, but they're just trying to help....I keep getting signals from them that everything that I do naturally or want to do isn't right. I can't even be angry or upset with them because they're all so nice and only trying to help me and do what they think is best for me.

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There I was painted in red, while he was over there worrying about the yellow state of his suit!

^ A sentence that just came into my head out of nowhere today at work.

I wrote a whole journal entry before today, but then I accidentally hit the exit square instead of the maximize square so I lost it....



There is a queer acting lady at my work. She has stereo-typical dyke traits.....I think shes just a badass straight woman though haha

I want to get a new job

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