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So...I'm back!

Hey...it's been a LONG time since I've been on here last. Just wanted to say that I've been doing well. =)

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[For once in my life] I'm Happy

I'm happy cuz my father bought a vocal amp the other day...It rocks. :33 Now we have drums, guitars and vocals. On top of that, he bought a digital voice recorder. *Grin* It's awesome...then you can hook it to your computer and fool around with the sounds. I can't wait till I can get the cord.

How Many of You Have Ever Tried Purging (Making Yourself Throw Up)?

Yeah I tried, but I didn't get anything
13% (3 votes)
Yeah I tried
17% (4 votes)
I do it once in awhile
9% (2 votes)
I do it whenever I can wherever I can
4% (1 vote)
No...I've never tried..
57% (13 votes)
Total votes: 23
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The Flushing Away Of Nutrients...

Welll....I had my first sucessful purging today. *Shudder* After, I was like, "Omg..." It felt almost good..

There isn't much else to say...Except that Valentine's Day was really hard for me.


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Painful Memories.??.

All these painful memories that I was forced to remember came back to me yesterday... I thought I'd be able to forget what he told me that night. I honestly thought I wouldn't have to deal with it...but now I don't know what to do...I think I'm having an anxiety attack or something...I left my blade at home...Dammit.

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I did something really fucking crazy yesterday...I cut "LOVE" on my right leg....OxO

Then, a few hours later, I cut "NO" above it, although I'm not sure why I did that. And on Thursday, I reopened my scar from over a year ago.

I tried drawing something short of a star on my knee, but it didn't really work out...O.o;;

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Emotional Overload...Maybe.??.

Hmm...so I see my counsellor tomorrow...and I'll have something to hide from her...

I found out this stuff (concerning a straight friend of mine) this weekend...now I'm scared...for her.

I never knew. Never knew that all this time, she was still doing it..Oh, man. *Sigh*

On a happier note, I went to work today...my feet are sore, but it's worth it..

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I Chickened Out....

She was right there...at the end of the hall on Monday at dismissal, talking to another teacher. I could have told her. I could've effing told her!

My therapist is telling me that she probably would've took it the wrong way, if I told her.

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Monday's Her Last Day

I'm sad. Ms. Slackson is going for knee surgery and Monday is her last day. I only have that day to tell her she's beautiful or otherwise I have to wait for who knows how many weeks before she comes back. I don't want to wait that long. I want her to know that contary to what she probably believes, not almost every student in my school hates her.

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Another Day In A Cutter's Mind

Okay, so today sucked. Double Science...Yeeuck. AND it's not with Ms. S, either. :-( Double whoo-hoo. Not.
I lost my blade today...at school in a toilet...Damn. No cutting. That sucks...seeing how much I cut today...about maybe six or seven seperate times...I'm like addicted to it.... :-( There's these huge red cuts all over my stomach and around my...ehem, places...Uhm, yeah. Anyways.

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Oh. My. God. She SMILED when she said thanks for the email...EEeee!!

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I Ended Up Cutting Again...

Things have went from bad to worse, within the space of a few days....:(

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Umm...Happy New Years??

Happy New Years, everyone! Hope y'all had fun last night and the night before with your...whoever you're hanging out with. Lol. XDD

Not much to say...I've resumed my story writings. :3

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Last Entry for 2006??

Hm....Well, reflecting back on 2006, I've had a hell of alot of ups and downs, but I made it through another year. ~_~

I went from thinking I was straight as a line to...being curious. XD I went from being unemployed, to having a job....I went from being me in 2005 to being me in 2006....

Another fucking year gone. Wow. XDD Sweetness.


P.S. Happy (Early) New Years!

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Merry Axe-ing Christmas!!

Happy Holidays everyone! :-)

Well, let's see....how did my Christmas go, so far? It truly went awesome, to tell you the truth....I got a bunch of small stuff, like books, jewlry, socks, perfume, etc. But the major thing that I got that I was really happy about was that I got an.....

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