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The ol' go-behind-my-back trick.

My best friend has a problem with me at the moment but won't say anything to my face.

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My very own Shortbus.

I marvel at the fact that a film like this can reach someone like me. I'm in a shitter of a town, too poor to move to the big city. Stuck in a crap job, living at home, haven't been laid in 6 months. My friends are nothing, I am nothing. But I saw this movie and it touched me.

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Puberty Blues

I love this movie. it is so grouse, dead set. lol. i swear, im going to be talking like this for a week.

I watched a bit of Mighty Boosh last night, and I'd forgotten how much I reference it. Eg, "Pulling shapes."

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Went clubbing for the first time.

So I turned 18 ten days ago. and this weekend i went away to the coast with 3 friends. We went to a gay club. and i was really glad we went.
the bartender was really sweet and nice to me.

and its weird... i feel like i belonged, but at the same time i didnt. cos i was with my people, but they were all skinnier than me, were better built than me, and had nicer hair than me.

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Witty title.

I am so tired. I wish it was Friday, 5pm. Cos that means I'll have finished my 2500 word essay (That currently i've only written 900 words of).

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I still love him and I hate it.

I had a relapse today. I realised that after 6 months, I still love the bastard. I have a meeting at uni tomorrow concerning our productions, and I'm sure he'll be there. I was thinking I'll ask him to have a coffee afterwards. I just need to talk to him. I feel so stupid for still feeling like this.

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Life partners.

There is a 19 yr old guy in my drama class who calls his boyfriend his partner.

That's cute, but also I find it a bit strange. I always thought 'partner' was a word reserved for middle aged lesbians and cowboys.

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Dear Dad

It's Father's Day. And I really don't care. I know I should, and I feel guilty because I don't.

I'm sick of trying. Trying to like you, trying hard to get along with you, trying not to let you get to me, trying not to snap at you. I love you, I really do. But it's too hard and I have enough difficulties without you bustling your way into my life and making it hard for everyone around you.

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What's going on?!

So much stuff. I saw Tropic Thunder tonight. The only funny bit was the Azaria Chamberlain reference..." Mother lost a baby. That really happened."

I'm watching The Wizard of Oz right now.

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get ur priorities right!

i just got told by my mum to get my priorities right. because i forgot to go into centrelink to pick up my lousy fucking $50 a fortnight. but i find the time to socialise. never mind the fact that i have uni all day on the day i am supposed to report. or that the only reason i see my friends once or twice a week is so i dont explode with stress over my assignments.

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tired and sad on the western front.

i think the loneliest time is 1am. everyone else is in bed, asleep. they won't answer ur text messages. won't comment u back on myspace.

and i think i've underestimated my english essay. it looks scary.

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Everybody wants the same thing

just listening to the song, thought it would make a nice title.

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Why I love Wicked.

I think it's basically that "outsider" thing that I relate to so well (I think most of us do :P). Elphaba is green (can you think of another G word?) and it makes her stand alone from her peers. She's been bullied and ostracized all her life for it, but still manages to have a certain strength about herself.

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I finally saw Wicked, and cried!

I flew to melbourne this weekend to see Wicked! IT IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER!!!! I totally loved it! i'm still just so happy i can't descibe it! i wish i could see it every night lol i've known about the show for a looooong time, and listened to the broadway soundtrack 234234534265234789876543 times that finally seeing it was a dream come true! god i am so happy still, i'm obsessed!

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"Oh wow, yeah." - Cassie, Skins.

I love Skins. I was a fairly devoted viewer when it was on SBS, but then series 2 finished. So I went out and bought the first series on DVD. and not i'm obsessed. I love it. I love it all.

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