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tom hanks on oprah.

he's so loud and obnoxious. but watching oprah is better than leaving the house. i need to buy some blank CDs, i'll do it later. at the moment im catching up.

so i need to bring in examples of things that inspire me to playmaking tomorrow. i've got extracts from "Party Monster". I'll get some materical from John Waters, and i need to burn a cd of music. thats what the blanks are needed for.

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Listen to last year's musical soundtrack and cry.

There should be a warning written on the cd that states so. i could probably do it myself. i probably should. im listening to a copy of the broadway recording of "thoroughly modern millie" that was given to us last year prior to rehearsals starting. and it just makes me sad, but also happy cos the songs are just beautiful, lush, broadway noise. but sad cos of the memories they bring up.

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university makes me cry.

i had the worst fucking week last week. i hope to god the coming week will be easier! so many wankers in my drama classes... but in 12 weeks, it will all be over.

so grease has come and gone (i was assistant director), as has my crush on danny zuko. the poor kid is so mixed up, i just dont need that.

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running with scissors

i'm running with scissors, bitch.

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the boys collective

Ok. The past two nights I have been dreaming about every boy I've ever had feelings for. Two nights ago I had an extremely hot sex dream about Mike. And last night, a boy I fell pretty hard for featured prominently in my dreams. And the boy I had a crush on a week or so ago was the guest star in my afternoon nap. I have no idea what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

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family ties and cut loose

my family gives me the shits at the moment. that's normal right?

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Giving Up

i had a crush on a boy. My first real crush since A and I broke up three months ago. He is so sweet, and funny and cute. I'm the assistant director for my former school's production of Grease, and he is playing Danny, and he's so talented!

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What does an 11 year old child need with Eurotrance music?

I was digging around for my soundtrack of "The Craft" soundtrack, but instead found my copy of Vengaboys, "The Party Album". i'm quite sure that this was the first ever CD i purchased, when i was around 10 or 11. i can't honestly think how i would have enjoyed it then... eurotrance music wasn't then or is now my cup of tea. i bought it because my best friend loved them, so i loved them too....

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Routines, Cockettes

My bedtime routine is pretty much the same every night. i have a hot shower, light some incense, turn off my light, turn on my bedside lamp, throw some music on (tonight, Les Hurlements d'Leo) crawl into bed and muck around on the lap top til late... oasis, myspace, bit of porn, etc
suits me just fine.

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sand in my vagina.

today i did general running around. fixed my brake light, handed in my time sheet to work so i get paid, made dinner reservations for friday night with my wife (best friend of 3 years), visited my dad and grandma.
my mum has been home for an hour and a total bitch, so im hiding out in my room. bloody women. can't live with them... 'nuff said.

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haha ellen page and the melissa etheridge experience

lol has anyone else seen this SNL sketch??

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4:50 AM

that's the time. i havent slept a wink. got to bed at 1 after writing an essay, and i just haven't. fallen. asleep.

this is the worst time for this to happen, i have to go to uni this morning at 11 to hand the essay in, then do front of house at 1.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. No Doz and V for me then.

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la la la

i'm supposed to be writing an english essay due tomorrow... then writing another english essay due the day after tomorrow. instead i'm going to avoid doing what i'm supposed to be doing, and feel bored.

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I couldn't help but wonder...

so i just saw sex and the city. i loved it, cos i love the show. i couldnt fault it, i just found it few escapism. and it got me thinking about love.

i don't know what i think about love. its a funny little concept, isn't it? i totally related to carrie when big jilted her, and her whole recovery process. i just loved it.

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A message to the rude bitch at theatre: I spat in your wine.

not really, but i fucking felt like it!

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