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"Away" is breathtaking...

today was pretty average. i've been sick since last tuesday, so that's my penance for drinking. today i nuzzled with mikey, and afterwards, we both admitted it was kinda gay (if only he new lol), and i just had normal classes. last nite my drama class went to see "Away". That show is fucking amazing, and so sad at the end too! but there was some hysterical moments as well.
go here to have a look -

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Mikey's b'day!

mikey's 16th today! no party or anything, but we hugged. i might make him a crappy card tomoro. i must mention too that last nite i sent him the weirdest text - "i'm going insane i'm on a mental cocaine" at the time i didn't realize that it rhymes, but i felt really spaced out last night, and for some strange reason, it feels like he is the only person that understands me at 11pm. it's strange isn

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Drunken weekend

had the formal last weekend.... got a bit drunk at the after party.... good time was had by all.

ok, i was invited to the girl's senior formal, and i had an awesome time.
.. so afterwards we all piled onto a bus and drove for an hour (taking a couple of wrong turns) out to the country where the after party was. well, on my way in i was called a cunt and a poofter by some asshole. anyhoo, we started drinking and having a good time, i got a bit tipsy, and the night was pretty cold. i met so many new people too! i met a lovely girl named alice who offered to let me sleep in her tent (after we declared how much we loved each other) and i met an awesome bisexual chick who i saw making out with one of our school captains. i met so many awesome people, including one of the coolest chicks ever called chloe, i hope we become good friends :) lol. i also made out with one of my friends, jen.

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mike is an enigma

mike's a bastard.

not really. it's just he acted weird today, like we were talking about the formal which is this saturday, and i was talking about the girl who's taking me it's the girls school's formal) and he said, "are you going to fuck her dirty?" and all this shit. it was so unlike him i didn't know what to say, and then he asked
me if i was "going to finger slam her" i just went "what the fuck dude?" and i grabbed all my books and shit and moved away. that annoyed me so much. oh course one of his jock friends were there, so of course he had to talk like that, but really, it's disrespectable.

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Late night conversations

I've been texting with "mike" a lot lately, mostly late at night. i had been feeling depressed, and i always talk to people to get myself out of a rut. so i texted him and asked him to cheer me up....

16 messages later i rang him to just talk. and we are asking really personal questions, and he asks me if i'm alone. i go yeah, i'm in bed. and he goes "yeah i'm watching you" as a joke. i asked him wat i was wearing, and he goes boxers and a singlet and i go, no i'm naked (which was true btw) and he goes "really?" and i said,

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i have a crush on a carnie!!!

omg it's been ages since i was here.. but everytime i come here to type something i suddenly lose interest or i forget what i wanted to say. anyhoo i have got the biggest crush on this guy i met... but the situation is kinda weird. first off, he's a carnie. as in a carnival worker. but he isn't this easy sleazy guy, he is a professional worker who gets hired to work at carnivals. i'll give some details.

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David on big bro (australia) is gay! i'd already figured it out, but i'm so glad he came out! i'm in love with him, and i want to meet him and hug him. actually, i have one of those "Six degrees of seperation" with him:

My sister has a gay buddy whom david used to hang out with!

good nite everybody *yawn*

i love love. and i love "mitch" hehe he's so cute.

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i need some help!!!

okay, i was on this art website and i found the most strange and interesting sculpture, and now i can't find that website! i was at school so it won't be in my history, and i can't find it no matter what i type into google!!! if anyone could help me with locating this sculpture it would be great! it's this figure of a sea monster/queen with all these tenticles, and she has a bouquet of flowers in one hand.

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grrr i've got my man rags

as the title suggests, i'm irritated and tired. from school. everyones horrible, i don't like teachers and i hate the work. it's my first day back and i have homework for three of my classes, and it's not work i can breeze through in 10 minutes! i know i sound whiny and selfish, as there are children who would kill to go to school, but i want to go back on holidays.

how is everyone? you good? that's good. i want a hug. from a boy. or girl. don't matter. actually i do have news - i'm going to the yr 12 formal! for you americans, the prom. how cool is that, and i'm in yr 11! i got invited by a girl who i barely know, but she's really nice - we met through mutual friends.

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Honey what's going on what this what's happening?

oh god am i that boring that i have nothing to talk about of interest to a lgbt audience? i have no homosexual issues in my life, except that the last movie i watched was "All About Eve".

tomoro i go back to school from holidays. yay. i like the IDEA of school, but when i get there, it's like, "WHAT THE FUCK? WHY DID I WANT TO COME BACK HERE?!"

JACK: As Aretha said to Gloria, Celine, Shania, and Mariah during Divas Live... [AS ARETHA] "Are you trippin'? No one interrupts the Queen of Soul, bitch. Ok?"

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is it true their periods attract bears?

i hope that title attracted your attention lol

not much is happpening in my neck of the woods, i've been watching will & grace all day on arena. i swear to god, today is the most lazy and lathargic (sp?) i've ever been! and i'm pretty lazy. but i could hardly move from lack of enthusiasm and energy. is this a first sign of depression? i've been down lately, my dad's been suffering from it, but i couldn't give a shit today. i haven't talked to my friends in 2 days - apart from some texts to "mike".

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god i want to jump my friend's bones!!!

i have the most amazing friend, who will be known as mike. he is a very good friend of mine, a guy i've known for about 3 years. he is tall, cute with a rockin' bod. he's athletic, but still culturally involved, and he plays in the school band with me. we have this joke going where we fondle and touch each other, but it doesn't really mean anything. he's so cute, when he's talking to me i sometimes tune out and all i do is stare at him.

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what it's like to be someone else

have anyone else wanted to run from their life and experience something totally different as a new person? i sit outside my house in the late afternoon when the sky becomes gold, or i look out over the mountains and the dusk and i want to run away and escape my life. what i really want is to go to an american high school where i can be me to a certain extent. when i was younger, probably 8 to 10 years old i used to read the goosebumps books, and they were always set in some american town that always appealed to me.

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artistic influences

isn't it strange looking back at journals and stuff and seeing
what you wrote about? in my case it's my visual diary which we
keep for my art class. it's an art book where we do our excersises
and stuff, but it's also for personal use. i was going through it,
and it's weird how what i draw changes so much. it starts off with alot
of my rocky horror work, which is about decandence and fishnets, then some

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Hey, i'm new.

Hi! my name is nic and i'm a newbie. i'm a gay nearly 16yr old guy
in australia. i haven't come out to anyone yet, and i'm not really planning
to - i need to sort things out for myself first. imight tell you more
about me:

brown hair
blue eyes
not overweight, but not skinny
play alto sax and clarinet
LOVE music and drama (no surprise ther though)

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