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My first experience..

I really need some help here..
Ok.. I have been interested in this girl for a while now.. She has shown interest in me also.. When ive
talked to her about being together physically.. She told me that she had been with other girls before and i told her that she would be my first. She apparently didnt have any problem with that because she was basically "experienced"..
Anyway the other day her and i finally get to the intimacy part in which all of us know where this will be

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question about kissing.

Ok so I had my first female/female kiss last night.. I had to make the first move
because it was apparent that she was not going to do it..
Anyway I kissed her and it was like one of those scenes in a movie where they have
a bunch of closed mouth kisses.. Almost like a peck but more and a lot of them..
Now my question here.. is this..Did she kiss me with her mouth closed because she
didnt like it? Its is possibly because she doesnt ever french kiss? Or Was everything

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Are my fears normal and etiquette of dating

Hey all.. I have posted on here before but this is in regards to a different situation..
I have had a few encounters with a friend of mine..Mostly just fooling around but never going
"all the way".. I have always wanted more from her but I was too scared to just go for it.
I call it the fear of the unknown.. Its like once im in the moment i just freeze up because im
scared what if i do it wrong or if shes not satisfied.. There are so many what ifs!

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Where is everyone at?

Well i thought id ask where everyone on here is from.. Just cuz i am from El Paso, TX and i
dont know anyone in this town that can relate to the way im feeling. And its not easy going
up to someone and saying Hi, im bi.. wanna be my friend.. So Everybody.. Where are ya from?

How Do You View Your Sexual Orientation?

It was biologically determined (I was born this way)
60% (53 votes)
It was a definite choice (I was not born this way)
0% (0 votes)
26% (23 votes)
15% (13 votes)
Total votes: 89
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The more i admit.

Hey.. Heres something ive wondered..
I just recently have really admitted to myself that i am bisexual.
And it seems to me that since then i have really had a hard time dealing with life in general.
I feel like i constantly have to put on a mask to be someone that i am not. Life just doesnt
seem the same as it used to. Its as if i am bitter for having come to this conclusion. I thought
i would be happier with myself for finally admitting it. I am not ashamed i am just barely coming

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