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In the world Today the greatest tragedy is that all people aren't treated as they should
be and i understand that people have the right to there own veiw's at the way they see
things but why must things be seen as a problem if you don't see thing's eye to eye
so know i put this question to all people why is it that we hate so much things we don't

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life has changed

wow wear do i being to say all thats happen in the time i've been gone
well i have moved life has got a lot better it seem that some time when life close's a door god open a window.i hope that people i may the talk to will forgive the time that i have been gone

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LIFE in my school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate being the only gay person at my school when i came out it was a big deal and a lot of my friends turn on me but that the way thing go I hope that other the better luck then I did anybody give me a clue as how to act when the make comment or rants

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