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her eyes...

her eyes are like black and blue
with a touch of seduction
they’re beckoning me
into it’s endlessness
her lips tell no words
nor her body any language
just those eyes say it all

people call it being flirty
I think its hot
But to her
Its just helpful to her blindness
…just a pair of simple contacts.

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yup yup. as you all heard, i have a photojournalism project...its due in like...2 weeks i think lol. and i haven't even gotten pictures. how sad yeah?

i feel like a failure haha...idk i just have no time and i want this project to be really good. so if anyone has any ideas or somethings that they think i should know, then please share :) it's greatly appreciated!!

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Tell me if this doesn't make you mad!!!

idk i was looking around trying to do some research for my article on teen homosexuality and i stumbled on this site that gave statistics...and some, well ALL of them made me irritated and a lil mad...try and read them and see if i'm just not reading right or people are just being ASSHOLES?

the site is;


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the one person that makes you cry, is also that person that can make you smile...

God i must suck. Aside from maybe a couple of posts about some weird ass shit happening to me, all i ever post about is mostly how depressed i am about my ex D. why is that?

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she called me a bitch...what a bitch!

ah okie now i actually have time to post lol. well i was gonna post something yesterday but i was tired, even though i only got like...3 hours of sleep >_< sigh. well yesterday was just...off. okie here's what happened, oh but to make it easier to undersstand i'll give you a lil key to the story lol.

*cousins; JR, Joce, Jess, and Melis (shorten names because to lazy to write em fully lol)

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these tears are for you...

sigh...yes i am crying right now. why? 'cause i can't control my emotions. i hate this feeling, i was doing fine a couple days ago...but then SHE called and now i'm screwed up again. i hate it! i hate it! girls are stupid & cause drama.

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why do people tend to go out of your life then...try to come back in?

God. is it a mission or a goal for girls to make me crazy? damn...well first is first.

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Photography Project; Teen Homosexuality.

Yup thats my project. well actually its Teen Homosexuality in Hawaii. yeah i wish it was worldwide and i could do this whole cool photojournalism thing on teen homosexuality all over the world...that'd be really coo and interesting to take pictures and have interviews with teens all over about being LGBTQ.

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ah i'm listening to "Everytime We Touch"; Cascada...its the slow version. It has so much memories with it...it just makes me wanna cry, but you know how you hate something but you can't turn it off? yeah its like that...and it sucks.

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a night of passion, the next day of confusion...now its just friendship!

thanks everyone who commented me on my last post & i followed what you guys said.

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*song playing: "how long" by monica*

yup. i was waiting at the bus stop for the bus and this filipino man (bout 40 yrs old) came up to me and this was our little convo;

him: "are you filipino? are you ilocano, tagalog, or visayan?"
me: "yeah i am but i don't speak"
him: "oh you don't speak ok"
him: "you know i fell in love with you when i first saw you"
me: "uh ok"

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I AM POOPED lol...

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cute russian chik looking for a man...and that ain't me!!

ok...uhm idk if this is normal (probably not) but i received an email from this chik in russia and stuff awhile back and first of all she thought i was a guy she could meet from the u.s and get to know...better lol.

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true loves own heartbreak...

“Something happens when you look at me, I forget to speak. Something happens when you kiss my lips, my knees get so weak. Could it be true this is what god has meant for me? Cause baby I can’t believe, that something like you has happened to me…”

The rhythm of the song beating through my veins making sure each word was felt and god it felt like daggers going through my heart.

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