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not even a "hello"....


i was at work today and whenever people come in the store i always say either "HI" or "HELLO" and we have like a blind spot, so at first i can't really see anyone but then the people come around and i noticed that this girl that goes to my school was with...i guess...her parents and she didn't like say hi or anything.

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Anybody watch it?

I Loved it...and i honestly admit that it made me cry...yup it did.
i just finished episode 13 a few minutes ago...sigh so what did you think of it?

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so sick of everything....


this really sucks. i wrote like...EVERYTHING on here and *poof* it went 'cause i thought i was gonna get in trouble for being on the computer and my computer was being slow :/...i am a little irked.

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second part to my "unsatisfied" phase..

hehe. well...thanks Jeff & Bratalamay for the comments :)

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Ugh idk what's wrong with me...

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I Need Some...idk


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a HANGOVER...best way to start the new year!

hey ya'll HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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why i don't like math

hey...well i stumbled onto a site called fictionpress.com and it's really neat, they have poems and stories....really cool. i just finished reading a story called "Why I Don't Like Math" and it was good...well i thought it was good haha. so yeah just wanted ta let ya guys in on the site and go check it out...pretty neat.

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got my hair cut...

yup yup. i finally decided that today was the day to cut my hair and i was really nervous lol. idk why it was weird. i wanted to go short like short lol but i don't think i'm that ready to get it done, so instead of it eing below my shoulders like always i got it cut about 6 or 7 inches and now i'ts above my shoulders and barely but able to be put up into a ponytail :)

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"shake it shake it" lol

so funnie lol. after work i hung out wit my dad and my cousin, we went to Longs to get my dad cough drops and we happened to stop in the card section where they found the music cards (you know the ones where you open them and they play songs?

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my love story...well kinda lol

it's amazing how now anyone can look back and say that "that's what started it all" lol. or something like that...for myself idk ask anyone that knew before i came out. they would've said that they'd imagine me marrying a guy and have the whole "2 or 3 kids and a house with a white picket fence" haha well maybe not that...but you know what i mean.

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it's done...endless thinking...

I went to the mall today...or should i say yesterday? 'cause it's like 2 almost 3 in the morning. but anyways i went with my coworker and my friend to watch Black Christmas, it was a pretty alrite movie. i kinda spent too much money today...damn but sometimes you just have to splurge on yourself right?

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My favorite Place

OMG. i sooooooo forgot about this lol. 'cause for photography class i was supposed to send this to my teacher and i just wrote it now...and i HOPE i HOPE SOOOOOO BAD that she likes it and changes my grade. i didn't finish my pictures and we were supposed to write an essay too, but i got lazy so now i'm getting an F...so i hope that this essay changes her mind. what do you think?;

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i should have told her...


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hey everyone.

just wanted to wish you all a merry christmas eve and a merry christmas! especially you BRATALAMAY *kiss*...lol hope its all good =)..

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