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haha...that got your attention eh? lol...well technically i'm home alone, so ya know what that means yeah?/? ;p...i'm super bored...i hate being home with nothing to do, i'm about ready to do some homework...oh my lol.

so...i took some pics lol and am so outta my mind that i decided to share with ya :)...yuppers bored...so here;

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Prom Dresses :)

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Another prom dress shopping failure :(

*sigh* its sooooooo sad...today was like....well the second day i've gone out to look for a junior prom dress and no success. i've went to both big malls and nothing...i've went to some small hole-in-the-wall stores and nothing...i'm ready to give up.

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this girl...

*sigh*...i'm supposed to be studying for my chemistry test tomorrow (also need to do workbook homework), finishing my paper for my Teen Homosexuality project (which i guess i have more time to work on since she isn't asking bout it yet...but i need to get it done before she does), looking for a poem by either Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson to write my poetry analysis on, and last but not least...

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she's only 12....and she's been in more relationships than me!!

*sigh*...lol i kinda find it funny although...a lil sad too.

yeah the 12 yr. old is my sister...i just kind of woke up from a 3 hour nap a few minutes ago and she texts me about picking up an invitation to my cousin's 1st birthday party and then she tells me that now she's going out with a new boy...OMG i swear she goes through guys like nothing lol.

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if only she'd see that she could get do soooo much better than him....


well this was what happened yesterday;

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Project Extension!!!

lol. yup my teacher let us have an extension until Tuesday...YAY!!

well it's not that much time because...it's sunday and i'm working on my paper lol. soooooo procastinating. it also doesn't help that i have really mean cramps right now :(

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AH Junior Prom!!!

yup yup. i bought my Junior Prom contract today...i'm so excited, it's on March 31, 2007. I can't wait...this is my first ever school event (i never went to any banquets or anything) and my first prom...i feel like such a...girl lol.

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more questions...if your all interested to answer :)

yup yup. i was trying to start my article/paper, so i had some ideas about some other questions to ask...i'm also wearing my glasses, which as times makes me feel a lil more smart lol. okie well anyways;

* What was the most negative/positive thing have you gone through because of your sexuality?

* Were there ever times that you wished you weren't this way?

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Love Until Death

wow...haha i was checking my email and like many other scam poetry sites, they said they wanted to publish my poem and stuffies lol. i totally forgot about this poem. It sorta clashes with the whole Valentines Day thingy haha...i guess this can kinda go with the idea that..."if you love someone, tell them"...especially on V-DAY :)


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...this is how people are when they don't think about what they say

I felt that today was gonna be an interesting day and it actually was...but i also got irritated.

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THANKs whoever has answered the questions and those who will....

i really appreciate you all (there are a lot of you to name lol) for helping me by answering my questions...& if anyone who hasn't, i thank you anyways for reading my post :)

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Anyone want to help with my Teen Homosexuality project?

dammit...i hate procrastinating. my photojournalism project (as i mentioned in other posts) is due THIS FRIDAY!!

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never wear white on a cloudy day...


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anime. hour sleep. & boyfriend problems (not me).


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