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'Real man/woman'

Man I kinda feel like crap right now.I was talking to my sis earlier and I mentioned aguy we both know that
is gay and she reckons he doesn't count as a 'real man'.This kinda hurt me because does this mean that I
wont count as a real woman if I ever tell her about my own gay feelings.
I think it also knocked me back a bit because I was considering talking to her about how I've been feeling
and my confusion about my sexuality.Now I definitly don't think I will.I think she kinda suspects anyway

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Dark Places in the Night

Its four in the morning,
And I'm lying awake,
My family are sleeping,
As I ponder what pills will I take,
I don't want to leave them weeping,
But I have to escape,

This tidal wave of I can't explain,
I just need something to ease my pain,
I've screamed for so long,
No one heard what I was saying,
Now my head is thronged,
With too many demons to be slain.

Tear-drops stream down my face,

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Don't know where this is going.

Thanks guys for your comments on my last journal entry,i've decided to put a little distance between myself
and the girl for a while.I seen her the other day which was cool,but I just don't know how she feels about me
and im just not ready to come out to her to find out if she likes me as more than a friend.I'm just too
confused about whether im bi or lesbian.Somedays I think maybe im straight but I think I would just be

Do you know any straight people that watch the L word?

45% (5 votes)
55% (6 votes)
Total votes: 11
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Comments Welcome

Ok its been almost a week since I've heard from the girl I referred to in my last entry.Its been hard but
I have managed to resist the urge to call her.Its so confusing because I used to think she really liked
me,it was rare to go a few hours without hearing from her,now it goes whole weeks and not a word!Maybe she
did like me and now she is over me.

What do you guys think?She used to call me every day at least twice,this went on for about 9 months,and she

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Another ramble about nothing really!

I'm kinda bored today,I think I have too much spare time as I seem to spend my life on this website!Well i'm
definitly in a better mood since my last journal entry.The parents are back speaking,and my Mam is back
speaking to me!All seems right with the world again!I've spent my day checking my phone every 5 minutes
incase my friend(who I secretly like)has called or left a message.Damn it I keep telling myslef that I am

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I cannot believe I lasted a whole week off this site I got kinda addicted once I joined!But i've been on
holiday and therefore had no access to a computer so I was forced to go cold turkey!!Anyways im back now and
decided it would be good to make another journal entry,though I don't really have anything major to report!
Still don't know if I'm lesbian or bi and though I know that I should stop thinking about it all the time,I

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Sweet Silver Bullet

I wont feel it,
I'm too numb,
Silver bullet pierce my skull,
And you'll never hear it,
Your too dumb,
To see the pain,
That's making me insane,
Making me torture,
Making me maim,
My own body my own brain.

This verse came into my head one night when I was feeling very alone and down.I'm not sure why I wrote it
down,but anyhow here it is.

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A little ramble

Well I joined this site a little over a week ago,as I have been questioning my sexuality for such a long
time and I have always felt so alone about it.Even though I have some good friends I just have never had the
courage to talk to them about it.It was such a relief to actually join and have other people in the world
know what i'm feeling,and also to find out that so many other people out there have gone through or are goin

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