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Last night closed the run of the annual Queer Fashion Show at UC Santa Cruz. It was an awesome cast of 164 people.

I myself was in two pieces, "Diva Kings" a drag king piece with finger snapping and diva attitude to point out the fluidity of gender and sexual orientation. For instance, the song which we used, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," is sung by a man to (presumably) a woman. However, the song is saying he isn't afraid to take on "feminine qualities" of crying and begging to stay with the person he loves. Already, there is fluidity of characterstics.

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Adrian is sex.

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What I want

I'm looking for a bi/hetero full time transvestite. As a friend or lover. New gal.

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Resurgence of DiamondDog

Well, it truly has been forever and a day since I updated. Last time I wrote, I had merely been accepted to UCSC, and here I am in my spring quarter in my dorm writing about what has happened in the long time in between.

Porter college is my home at Santa Cruz. I am a proud memeber of A2north (http://geocities.com/a_2_north) the performing arts hall. Porter is somewhat officially titled the arts college, and unofficially the gay college. It's home to the Lavendar Lounge, the Queer Fashion Show, and a gay married C.R.E. with an adopted son. The university as a whole has been named the most gay friendly public campus. It's an easy place to be gay.

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Forever and a day

How many entries have aleady discussed going to school?

Here's another.

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Humor me.

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LJ harassment

This is a notice to whoever in this community took the link to my livejournal as a means to post an incredibly rude comment on my journal.

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A friend.

To a life.

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I really should sleep sometimes in night. Occaisonally. Especially with school the next day. I get caught up chatting, look over, and it's 1 AM and I'm all wound up. Then I drug myself with Nyquil, then have a worse time waking up. Especially when I have to be up at 6. Thing is, it isn't an isolated incident. I do this every night. You'd think I'd learn. I'm an insomniac with a Nyquil addiction.

Gay characters are accurately represented on TV.

Absolutely not. I'm not "Just Jack".
4% (1 vote)
They're definately using stereotypes, but it's entertainment.
21% (6 votes)
Some are accurate, some aren't. Same thing with non-white racial groups. We're getting there.
50% (14 votes)
Gay characters are mostly stereotypes, but at least we're in prime time slots.
18% (5 votes)
There are gay characters on TV now?
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 28
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Gay flicks

Diamond Dog finds political inspiration (becuase that is so hard for her to do) in an illegal avi.

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Just because there is lesbian drama on Springer...

Chair throwing? I don't think so.

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So close...

Anyone have those amusing moments when you have a 'gay connection' often times with me it's closer with my brothers in the community.

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Bulldagger Swagger

"Do the bulldagger, bulldagger swagger..." ~Phranc

I'm catching up on my lesbian folk music. Phranc is pretty sometimes, you have to have a sense of humor listening to her.

"To every young man who can't pass, from every lipstick lezzie lass, from every drag queen's high heeled stagger..."

It's interesting how probably no one in the straight world would have heard of the artist. It's part of the ay arts scene, and there is one. I am fascinated overall how socially we like a bit of personal segregation. "Girls Night Out" and such. It seems built into our psyche, we love clubs. We want to be members of everything, but don't want everyone in ours. OK, there are a few clubs I don't want to be a member of, but the core idea of having friends is there. Let's not break the arguement apart.

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My headstone

If I die of the West Nile Virus from my mosquito bite, Leisa is in charge of my headstone.

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