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beautiful nightmare

sleep now little child
dream deep your not alone
never stir or wake
abandoned, this is your home
playful mutilation
never again will you feal pain
playground malformation
none on us are sane

this life
its not for me
i sleep
dreaming a beautiful nightmare

hatefull little child
stab deep; threw flesh threw bone
close your eyes feal the pain
mutilation calls you home
bloody condensation

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misery--to my parents-----

Can I stay?
This shit I call I life
It’s full of hate
I want to make them hurt
Feel my pain
They ruined my life
Make them pay
I want back my time
Can you imagine all the shame?
Can you feel the misery?

There both slaves
Lost in there own lies
They can’t be saved
And the strains on my life

Left to nothing
They both drained me dry
I’m giving up now
I’ll watch them die

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just another dark

As Dawn Breaks
Spirits arise
And with the downfall of empires
Only evil survives
(The Darkness of aeons grows stronger with time)

The constant war of dark
To sway those of light
Wages deep within
The depths of night (Twilight)
Evil personified
Hail or fall
Listen deeply
Hear our call

Hidden deep within our darkened shroud
The creatures of night stir, arouse
The end is begging

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dialog between a priest and a dying man -marquis de sade-highly recomended

Works (1782)

PRIEST - Come to this the fatal hour when at last from the eyes of deluded man the scales must fall away, and be shown the cruel picture of his errors and his vices - say, my son, do you not repent the host of sins unto which you were led by weakness and human frailty?

DYING MAN - Yes, my friend, I do repent.

PRIEST - Rejoice then in these pangs of remorse, during the brief space remaining to you profit therefrom to obtain Heaven’s general absolution for your sins, and be mindful of it, only through the mediation of the Most Holy Sacrament of penance will you be granted it by the Eternal.

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As he starts to weave his spell
Spirits start to call and moan
Demons erotically excited call from hell
As he fantasizes horrors unknown
Deep within his tortured mind
He dreams of blood and flesh
Left to sin his spell begins
A ritual of the night
Evil manifestations
Dead roaming free
Daemon incantations
Death is the key
Evil that’s defiling
Bodies raped and nailed
Eyes that are blood crying

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