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YAY, I'm off duty! Whoo, Canada!

I was working for the first part of spring break but now I'm off duty so I can leave and do something car-azy in CANADA! Oh, how I love Canada. Whoot. I'm heading to Windsor today so I can get my party on with some friends. Hitting up the Casino then the bars.

My boyfriend isn't particularly happy that I'm going but he never wants me to drink. I think he's afraid that I'm going to become an alcoholic. I only drink on weekends though and I never get hammered, just fuzzy :P

This is probably an odd thing for me to talk about on a website where 90% of the members have never had alcohol...

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So bored...

I'm an RA at my college and this week is spring break. I picked the short straw, however, so I'm stuck here in my residence hall on duty. Basically, that means that I have to remain in the building. AGH AGH AGH.

I've watched every episode of Futurama, season one of Scrubs, played the new Zelda game for Wii for roughly fifteen hours straight and learned how to knot hemp in three different styles. So now I can open up a hemp jewelry shop. Huzzahs are in order.

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Re-introducing myself

I haven't posted here in a while, besides the occasional poem. I usually just read what other people are writing and occasionally post on that stuff, though my voice isn't worth much in this community. I'm not part of the inner clique that goes on here, I'm not particularly familiar with some of the new faces that have popped up here within the last year.

So, I feel as though it's time for me to re-introduce myself into the Oasis community.

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When you’re gone
They’re still fighting with their bullets
Until another inch is stolen,
With the peal of the radio
Telling us who’s winning.
And the crowd is silent -
But they’re screaming in your head.

So they say that they see
The endearing mental illness
Of the direction.
Still, they fall, still they die,
They are dying.
And the crowd is fighting -
But they’re calm in your head.

In the sun
The shadow bears no safety,
Stripped down and lost of dignity,
They’re still fighting with their missiles.
And the crowd is still -

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Staring Back

Speed away on the wet, slick road,
My heart, heart thumping
To the sound of despairing music,
base pumping,
windows down,
A cigarette in my hand.

Does your heart spin all the way
When you see my face
in the rear view mirror?
I hope you see my face
when you close your eyes.
I hope the words you said serve you well.

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Aedelwine walked slowly,
bare feet atop the ground.
Winding through the dense wood,
tall trees towering.
She was dressed in a light fabric,
not covering her nudity.
She felt like a faerie, or an elf.
She dreamed to be so.

Aedel danced, and spun
and held her arms to the sky.
She was dancing for them,
The stars;
her slender body twisting,
with a beautiful ease,

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Heal the World

What is the destiny of a Nation?
One Nation, under…. What?
The people calling for change
United for a common voice.
It was thought by some that
Nothing could amend,
The world was set at one pace.

For opportunities ,
To the wounded mothers
of fallen soldiers.
To unsung veterans, left in hell.
And may the helm of a torn document
May the bounties of a wealthy nation

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He told me he loves me

And I love him back.

Ah, it seems too early in our relationship for that. We've only been together for three months... but, I really do. I love him.

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Erebus in the Outer Darkness

The shadow of night washed over me
and I realized I had never before looked properly at darkness.
Not with my eyes, in any case.
There is something cleaner in the darkness than in the light;
Something... unstained by the light of day.

The lights of the city, however, broke my conscious dream
as I glanced back towards it and wished it were gone.

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Blue Collar Jesus

Wretched sinners,
give unto me.
For fags are aplenty
and drugs are for free.
The niggers are rising,
the “sheenies, green” fed.
The “chinks” coming over,
the “A-rabs” are dead.
The US is falling
to a moral unwell
Faggots fighting for freedom,
please don't ask, don't tell.
The “Christians” are arguing
divide of church and of state.
My God believes in free will

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Last night I
climbed to the seventh
being a noteworthy
number I figured I
may find something
little else than a
flier and a
used condom,
hanging from the
waving in the wind
like the American
the stimulus of it.

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I'm in love! Erm... again!

I broke up with my last boyfriend right before coming to college. Mainly because he couldn't deal with me not wanting to sleep with him. I guess I'm just not ready for that type of thing right now. I mean, hell, I had only been with him for a month before he wanted to have sex with me. Ahh. Well, love comes, love goes. That said...

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It Has a Core

Such a simple thing
seems so
It takes a sort of
a contemplation
of the fixation.
It eats at you,
working into your
There is nothing else
while all else
It does not fear
this thing called
nor does it
embrace it.
It isn’t hard to
glorify the
Rather easy to
abridge the
to make it

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How I Despise Thee

I tried writing a meaningful poem and came up with this instead

I hate you
Red squiggly line.
You make me realize
I’m wrong,
Even when
I’m not.
I stand firm to the idea
That ‘Strategery’
Is a word.

I especially hate you
Green squiggly line.
You are always wrong
And yet,
You try to correct me.
Fragmented thoughts are

I want to perforate you,

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Baron of Light,
King of Slay,
Forever to guide.
Your face,
under mask,
Such a rare and secret jewel.
As all are trained before
we know,
The light will always settle.
Just call upon,
if class is right,
Unless you’re lead astray.
A silhouette is seen
in radiance.
Forget the crowd,
for they’ll not care,
And gawk at true life’s troubles.
None remain,

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