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Enigmatic, as you are

Masks of you
Are finding their way into my
I can’t
away from the way I feel about you.
I tried.
There’s just something
in that smile,
In your useless information,
In the way you
view the world.
It’s more…
It’s this feeling that I can’t
It’s in your blatant
The way you make me feel
When you’re around.
With you I feel better,

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Vagueness is key.
That is, of course
if you dream to be comprehensible.
Organic in fashion
Wrought of old
and new.
Customs binding,
lacking subtlety.
if nothing else.
Maddeningly simple.
Tastefully erotic.
The undulating agitation,
Taboo, such as all pleasures seem.
Sinister inequality.
Undeniably barbarian.
It creates a facet
of society –
a “Bohemian”

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Tirade of Oblivion

Salvation, my comrade
Is but form in the function of a word,
Which may be,
Or may not be,
Vague and unperceivable.
Raving, it’s explicable.
If you have reason to be unhappy,
It’s understandable.
If you have no reason to be unhappy,
It’s curable.
How we perceive happiness
Greatly affects our own,
Whether medicated or otherwise.
And yet it’s obligatory.

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I love being gay.

After reading GayNow's journal entry, I had to write this in return

I love being gay because...
- It has made me more socially accepting
- I am truly a more enlightened person because of it
- It gives me a reason to avoid stupid people
- It makes me part of the new civil rights movement
- It has given me a perspective that most people don't have
- Gay sex is totally hot

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That Empty Feeling...

Another day, half a pack of cigarettes congesting my lungs. A holiday, nevertheless. Food, family, fun... Fantastic fireworks. Lots of "F"s, you know.

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Gay Johnny

I love this video :D

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Rough night...

Just thought I'd recap the night's events because I'm a little bit freaked out because of them...

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Special Rights

I want to live without fear or persecution for who I am…
Is that a special right?

I want to walk hand in hand with the one I love, not fearing backlash or awkward stares…
Is that a special right?

I do not want to fear being myself around those I don’t know…
Is that a special right?

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Political Correctness Hypocrisy

You know what really bothers me? People who hate when certain politically incorrect words are used but go around using other extremely politically incorrect words...

For instance: gay people who hate use of the word "faggot" but feel free to call anything that they don't like "retarded". Give me a break.

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High School's over... forever!

That still hasn't really hit me in full force yet. Part of me still thinks that I'll go to school tomorrow, go to all of my classes... but in reality I know that I'm going to sleep in 'till noon.

It's all over! The drama, the bullshit, death threats, failed attempts at forming a GSA... I'll never have to go back to that.

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For Gods and Flags

An icy blue gaze
I never thought I’d fall for.
So distant as the skyline,
Yet he came right back to me.
From bounding over kings
To offering his wings.
He left me standing by
And all I had to do was fly.

The clouds that kiss the sky
Left me wondering why
You told me all you tried
And gained from this wide eyed

Beloved dressed in back
Stuck in a burning attack;

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Soft Blur

People never comment on my poetry and that makes me sad :(

Many a night I fall awake
Under the weight of this world.
Not until that world would quake
Had this scroll of dreams unfurled.
What is this poison, them or me?
What have I done for this pain?
So different, am I, for that I see
Will never grasp the rain.

Fear not, my love, so pure, my dear,
He cannot see, he cannot feel.

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Though I'm out to my parents, I still feel in the closet...

Even though I'm out to my parents and they seem relatively okay with me being gay, I feel as though I still can't tell them anything about gay issues, who I like, what bothers me, etc...

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Eco - Dissipation

Everybody's looking for a reason
To say they're not okay,
And everybody’s searching for something to believe in
So a celebrity hears you when you pray.
Feign admiration, segregation,
When hell comes to call.
Deny absolution, restitution
Without reason for them all.

I don’t need another cause to fight
As I have enough to spare,
So forget your resolution

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Coming out advice.

Now that I'm completely out of the closet and finally getting my mind together I feel it's time for me to give my advice on the subject.

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