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A Gracious Farewell

Just when I thought I knew you
I found I never had.
The love you gave was insecure
Not quite so golden-clad.

What drew me in was kindness;
A friend above the rest.
Until you found out my secret
Our friendship was a test.

How can one bind by such a thought
And lie to break a day?
I’ve heard the way you speak of me
Once I turn away.

All I ever saw in us was friendship,

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I published my book!

My book of poetry has officially been published!


If you buy a copy, you're bound to find some of the poetry I've posted here within its pages.

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Coming Out

[ Note --- This is my unfinished "coming out" story. I am still working on it, but I need some suggestions and critiques. Tell me what you think of it so far ]

Working Title

Names are changed for privacy of those mentioned.

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Disheartened Disorder

[Comments are nice. I like comments. Comment!]

Here, I’m open to paraphrasing
As we open our eyes, minds and hearts
To the falling stars we wish upon.
Watch the blinding lights as they plunge,
Reducing us to ashes on high.
To a time without an end,
To wounded rags and damaged homes,
To forgotten children, lost and cold –
This one is for you.

So here we are, after all we told
Distance, childish and elderly

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Mind Your Tongue

[I REALLY appreciate comments and criticism. I also like hearing the interpretation others have on my writing. Commenting is nice :D )

To the call of a night bird –
she awakes at the sound
and ponders the nature of
the bird of night, the dusk.
The ground wears thin where she paces
and begs a question unanswered –
for what the world explains
is in hate of the person
and love of the word.

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Three Crows and a Cross

Would you be what you are today
If you weren’t dead?
Binding, bleeding, falling down,
Oh, falling down, can you see, can you see?
Maybe happy on the outside,
Still smiling, laughing, add a sappy line.
Hell is only so far away, so I’m told,
This hell is but one door over, I’m told,
I christen “hallelujah!”

A morbid tale told by a silver pendulum.
Where the devil was an angel?

Should people stop posting personal "should I dump her" polls on Oasis?

28% (5 votes)
Hell yes.
22% (4 votes)
Fuck yes.
33% (6 votes)
You betcha.
17% (3 votes)
Total votes: 18
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My book...

A book of my poetry is being published soon. Once it's all printed I'll give you guys the link on Amazon. 10% of the proceeds go to help the people in Sudan!

On the down low, the book is called, "A Policy of Divinity"

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Anti-Gay school

My high school internet child block blocks anything pertaining to homosexuality in any way, shape, or form. I tried to get onto this site and was blocked... Wtf is so bad about Oasis on a school computer?

My worst fear is...

A painful death.
11% (6 votes)
Death, in general.
6% (3 votes)
The forcable separation with some certain appendages...
13% (7 votes)
50% (27 votes)
That video Jeff posted from YouTube
20% (11 votes)
Total votes: 54
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Special Rights

I want to be accepted as a human being... just for who I am.
Is that a Special right?

I want to be able to hold the hand of the one I love and not feel disgust from those around me.
Is that a Special right?

I want to live a life doing all the little daily things you do and not be shunned or hated.
Is that a Special right?

I want to be around children and not be mistrusted
Is that a Special right?

Who finds these polls about guys being insensetive pricks and girls being understanding and open-minded lovedoves to be idiotic?

14% (4 votes)
21% (6 votes)
Third Party
21% (6 votes)
43% (12 votes)
Total votes: 28

What did your parents do when you came out to them?

Nothing, they already knew.
7% (2 votes)
Cried, but got used to it.
3% (1 vote)
They didn't care.
17% (5 votes)
They're still uncomfortable with it...
31% (9 votes)
Kicked me out.
10% (3 votes)
31% (9 votes)
Total votes: 29
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Repeat Repeat

This is the drunken cry of a solo teen,
lost and fallen, stuck in this dream.
To all I fear and all I hate,
I raise my glass and drink till late.

It’s love at best and love at worst.
What we thought was new was last, not first.
Take it as is and we’re gone forever.
Live or die, no matter, scream, “never!

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Gods in Hell

[ > A bit about this one. It's a selection from a poetry book I wrote that will be publishing at the end of the summer, in August. In this one I edited the meaning to be how I originally intended it to be, for my publisher had me take change things like "he's seen love" to "SHE'S seen love" so that it wouldn't have a straightforward gay theme. You guys are the only people to see the original versions of my work... Enjoy. < ]

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