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Don't Suck Drunk Boys

Soooo.... I have learned a primary lesson that I wish I'd learned right out of the womb and will probably serve me well for the rest of my big queer life; don't give blowjobs to drunk boys who say they like you, especially if you aren't drunk and have nothing to fall back on.

On Saturday night I went to this mad crazy party after Michelle Kwan won the World Figure Skating Championships. You go girl!!! Did any of you see her? She was fabulous, absolutely fabulous! And that Sarah Hughes mess barely made the top 6; awwww, what a shame!! But, so back to the point, after watching the amazing beauty I went to this party... umm yeah

Gay Men's focus on Body Type and Material Beauty makes me...

Happy. The guys at the clubs are just all over my pretty face and hard pecs.
8% (4 votes)
Stressed Out. Going to the gym for 5 hours a day and barfing up the salads with no dressing on them isn't a piece of cake.
18% (9 votes)
Wish I was asexual.
14% (7 votes)
Glad I'm a lesbian and don't have to put up with that shit.
39% (19 votes)
Now you fags know how girls are treated by straight men.
20% (10 votes)
Total votes: 49
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So, this is the new oasis huh? I don't know, I've been with oasis for such a long time I figure I might as well hang around for a little bit. I've survived two oasis droughts people! Although, I am kind of jaded, because some of my columns I wasn't able to save from the google cache. Woe is me.

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