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my comming out letter...

the letter i wrote to my mother:
dear mother;
this is hard for me to say to you... i am different mom... i know you want me to be perfect... get married in the chruch that you and father were married... to the guy of my choice... well mother... you have always known im a little different from my friends... and you have said yourself that it is weird that i have never had a boyfriend... i have thought this for a long time... but now its time for you to know... i am gay... you or father didnt do anything wrong... it isnt your fault... god made me this way... he made me strong... because he knew that its my generations turn to change the world... he loves me... and loves you... i love you very much... and i hope you are still proud to call me your little girl...

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my untied shoe(poem)

the dorky girl across the room smiles at me,
i giggle and look down,
my eyes find my untied shoe,
i look back up to see that she is looking at me,
watching me studying me,
my body turns hot,
my eyes shoot down to find my untied shoe,
why am i getting like this,
why does she do this to me,
i look back up,
smile at her innocently,
she giggles,
i blush,
my eyes find my untied shoe,
th class bell rings,

what do you watch on tv

37% (14 votes)
24% (9 votes)
reality rv
26% (10 votes)
talk shows
5% (2 votes)
soap operas
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 38
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