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I'm not shaving, I'm not shaving, LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA!!

I haven't shaved yet, like my parents ordered me to. I've been wearing long pants all of the time, though, so they can't tell. I'm playing a little game. I'm going to see how long I can go without shaving. I have a bit of a stubborn streak, and I refuse to shave. My razor is my enemy now. I haven't even touched it for the past few days.

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I have to shave

My mom and dad want me to shave my legs. They've made it clear that it's not a choice whether to do so or not, at least not with them. I tried to pay my mom back for the razor she bought me, and she told me she didn't want my money. She told me that my not shaving my legs affects her as a parent, because people walk up to her and say, "Look, I noticed utter_insanity doesn't shave her legs.

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Mom's STILL trying to force me to shave

Well, my mom had another huge talk with me last night. She told me that shaving is just "good grooming," and that it's just like taking a bath, using deodorant, or brushing your teeth. The heck? She said that "dirt can get caught in your hair," so I said, "Fine. I'll shave my head, then, so that no dirt gets caught in the hair there!" Of course, she rolled her eyes and ignored that.

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My mom's trying to force me to shave?

My mom just told me these things:

1. She wants me to shave, because my legs look "terrible"
2. My father feels the same way
3. It is more "socially acceptable" to shave your legs
4. People are going to tease me when I go back to school because of my legs
5. I won't have any friends because of my hairy legs
6. It bothers her that my legs are hairy

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I just finished reading Harry Potter #7! (It's okay, you can click here; I'm not including any spoilers within this entry)

I hate stupid people who spoil everything for people who want to enjoy reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by posting spoilers on the Internet. There are these people on YouTube who have posted comments on Harry Potter-related videos that completely spoil the plot of the seventh book! They even list the precise PAGE NUMBERS where characters die! Ugh. Assholes.

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My mom wanted me to repaint my room, so I did. I've been doing that for the past couple of days now. I am so covered in paint it's not even funny. >.< It's a good thing I'm almost done.

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Me like Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix rocked! Yeah, there were a lot of things in the book that were left out in the movie, but I think they were about as true to the book as possible, considering the book is 800-plus pages. Yeah, I have a lot of gripes about it, but I won't rant about them because I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone else.

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Yay! I'm gonna see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow!

I'm going with my friend H to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow! Yay! Plus, I haven't seen H ever since the last day of school, so it's gonna be neat. I hope she likes the new haircut I got a couple of weeks ago. :D

Oh, and I wanted to post this video, because Roy Zimmerman is awesome:

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Ew, ew, ew.

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I'm back from the beach!

The title says it all. Miss me? :)

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I'm leaving tomorrow at 6 a.m. to go to the beach for five days

Everything is explained in the title. Yay, beach! Yay, girls in bikinis! :D I hope everyone misses me! I know I'll miss you. ;)

Wow, I think this is the shortest journal entry I've ever written... o_O

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I came out to my mom for the second time

Weeeeell, I told my mom that I want to become a vegetarian today. I finally worked up the guts to do it. It was kind of like when I came out to her, only less difficult. She nodded and said that was okay. I told her that I got a book from a library called Vegetarianism for Teens, and she said that she'd like to read it when I was done with it.

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I've got short hair now! Before it was shoulder length, but now I've got a boy cut. It's awesome! I have this really, really thick black hair, and it always felt like it was in the way before I got it cut. It was like I was wearing a blanket over my ears or something. But it's all good now. Yay!

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I am now an aspiring vegetarian

Yah, the title says it all. I want to be a vegetarian. Lately whenever I've eaten hot dogs or pork chops and things like that, I've thought, "Ugh! This used to be an effing animal, and I'm eating it!" I want to stop eating meat. Blergh.

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My gay umbrella

Did anyone know I have a gay umbrella? I do! It's rainbow colored and it's really big. I think I'll name her Susie. She's a butch lesbian who lives with her partner, Karen the invisible umbrella (who is also butch), and works part-time as my family's umbrella. :D

Wow. That was random. :D I think this weird entry resulted from a lack of gayness in my life. I need to meet other queer kids. Grr.

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