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Religion and Gay Dont Mix!!

ok so here a thing i been thinkin bout so i jus sy itll how can it be a sin to be gay if you didnt chose it i mean come on my gayest memory goes back to when i was 5 and ive try to deny it but it jus feel like im lyin to myself if i deny it so know im not but its hard to accept it when ur fathers a pastor and ur constanl battling agaisnt myself or religion and it really doesnt help to add to the f

Do u think being gay is a choice...?

100% (5 votes)
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Total votes: 5
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Goin To A Phsycologist for depresion but i think jus have to many issues unsolved or maybe jus to many skeletons in tha closet

shit life been rough and i realizes that i dont trust anyone to a cerain point i mean i feel as if no one knows me but then everyone knows me so im dang wats wrong wit me then im like am i sick or am i jus thinkin im sick so yah my brains all over tha places and i have this like gapin pain that i dont even no wat its bout so i ju hurt alot lately and been on edge and will snap at anyone when im in the wrong mood and stuff so yeah i havent talk to my bestfriend in 3 days after not being able to talk to her for a week so kinda like 10 days seein that we realy didnt talk on sunday so yeah so rite now my minds reeling bout wether im jealous or im jus mad we havent spending alot of time together cuz ... well im not goin to get into of far that ill get piss and snap at anyone and get into trouble well got to roll byz

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A Joke .really funny

A man walks in to a bar and says, "Bartender, Give me 10 Tequilas!"
The bartender says, "Whoa, buddy! You have a bad day or something?
"I just went home," replies the man "and found out my son is gay.
"That's tough," replied the bartender. "Here's your Tequilas."

The Next Day, same man, same bar.
"Bartender! 20 Tequilas!"
"Jesus, what now?"
"I just went home and found out my brother is gay!"

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Pissed of Like HELL rite now!! And Life Sucks BAAAAD!!

ok todays they day i talk to my bestfriend in a week cuz she went out of town well anywayz she gets on we talk but all she talks bout is her boyfreinds and other stuff of subject and well i ask her if she wants to come wit me to get my ear pierced cuz she sed she wanted to be there when i do it but she says she cant cuz she goin over to her boyfriends house who shes been with for a week up in a ch

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Im Scared Seriously!! In Fact Ive Never Been This Scared In My Life!!!

ok i plan on tellin my crush i like them next friday and well i wrote them it in a note but next friday i wont be here so i told my freind to give it to them when they see them next friday at tha movies so yeah??
but like im really scared cuz like i dont know wat she will do i mean she knows im gay and knows that i have a crush but she doesnt know its her so yeah i wish i had a copy of the note cuz now i cant remeber it so yeah im super scared i told her at the bottom of the note to call me or get on msn but you know yeah!!!

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Birthdays Suck BigTime!!

Im not spoiled atleast i dont think i am...today is my cousin,who lives wit us, birthday. she is a spoiled mean when not her way only do good to get wat she want always gotta be bout her girl and she works for nothing
should i be mad that she gets smething i had to work for..should i. i mean she got a cell fone for her 10th birthday which is today, i had to earn mine and i didnt even get it till i was in 7th grade and 12 it jus doesnt seem fair that i have to work for wat i want when they,couz and lil sis, dont i mean on my birthday i got....nothing when were sapose to go on a shoppin trip but never did i have got anything since chirstmas...and im the good one in my family i dont get in trouble at school i dont do drugs have sex any of that i get great grades, but still i feal thats not enough to them, and it seems it isnt, i mean my parents dont even trust me now and im not the one they need to worry bout...

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A Really Good ? ..A Caring Friend!.....And A New Idea!!??

ok last nite my friend asked me why i like girls and i couldnt give her an answer cuz really i dont know i havent been wit one yet. but she didnt try to turn it into a like if you dont know then how do u know ur bi. no she sed its jus a thing istn it like with me and gum i need to always have gum and when i dont im mad or sad or crazy. and i sed yes (gosh i luv that girl she is so understanding) w

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New One Yes!!!

ok well im over my writers block i guess ive gotten my inspiration from my sexuality which is great i think so im gonna post 2 rite now.

"hey Are You Gay"

It started so young the words,hadnt even formed on the tip of my tongue.
I was gay and i thought it was jus kids play. I didnt realize the words till my firt chords. I left it alone jus shut dont the tone. Untill one day i friend asked "hey are you gay?"

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Writers Block !!!! And Now A Clue!!!!

so ive been on writers block for like almost a year now i mean i havent found that thing..watever that is... well yesterday or really early today i was sittin in my room and i think i got something tell me wat u think....

As you see a couple, hand in hand, love in the eyes, happiness in the smile, joy in the laugh, so passionate the kiss, but still you see it wrong, to see two girls in love

Wat Is Ur Fav Way To Express yourself...

52% (30 votes)
Paintin..drawing colors on paper
9% (5 votes)
Sclupting (sorry if a spell that wrong)
0% (0 votes)
Both Choices 1&2
10% (6 votes)
Both Choices 2&3
0% (0 votes)
Both Choices1&3
3% (2 votes)
All Of 'em
5% (3 votes)
21% (12 votes)
Total votes: 58
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I Lost My Heart In a Dream...I think....i dont know if this is a journal or a peom so im goin to put other!!!!

This really weird thing has happened last nite i had this like,you sleep but ur woke kinda dream,well before i went to sleep i was a little....ok lets cut the bullshit.. i was really hurt and sad last nite cuz i was thinkin bout my crush well then something entered my mind rite before i went to sleep: im not goin to get her cuz the boy is sapose to get the girl not the..girl. then i go to sleep and i have this dream...

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How Can Such A Bad Day End On Such A Good Note?

yesterday was terrible jeez like first my crush tells me she wants to get closer to god thenmy basketball goes flat, then i go to the movies and not see a movie and gosh i hate that but through all thats my day ended great first of i had pizza for dinner then talk to my very bestfriend and my crush asks me to go to the fireworks wit her....turns out that out of the three people she sed she couldnt be friends wit unless they change, me being one, that she wanted us to be friends the most so yeah im good i still cant believe ir cuase one of the other girls is really good but has had sex and drinks alchol then the other is a sex addict,and hasnt even had sex but does everything sexual,and gets high and drink, but me who has commited the bigest sin by bein of cours a lesbian, she still wants our relationship wow.

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Everyone Plz!! Look Here Super Plz!! I mean It ill Sould Like Wuss To get u to look at this!!!

ok so i wake up this morning hopin i get to talk to my crush. i got to but... omg ... she told me i had to change or we couldnt be friends cuz she gettin striaght wit her religion. i couldnt even grasp that,i mean my mind shut down. she told me to call her but i havent cuz ive been so mad or something jezz so do u guys think i should call her or wat??

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Religion+stupid grandma=angry confusion!!

ok if people think the gays are born that way then why is it a sin if we were its not our fault is it no so then why does some chirtstians who say ur born wit it say why cant u change it, i think thats stupid cuz like come on u cant change ur skin color (that was a skin illness to micheal jackson ok) and u cant change ur eyes colors so yeah they need to shut up.

yesterday my grandma (who i live wit) sed "i want a normal life and u should too" then she left go shopin and i sed to myself define normal

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