how would u get over a person

aviod them
9% (1 vote)
go out wit someone
18% (2 votes)
tell them u like em
36% (4 votes)
other (explain)
36% (4 votes)
Total votes: 11
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How Do I Get Over This person??

hey so yeah i have this person i really like and i told 3 of friends and they all like say i should tell the person like the day before i go on a 7 day cruize and i say i should jus get over her and then maybe tell her or not but she bestfriend and if i try to not be around then she be like r u mad and ill be like no then shell be like so why arent u like hangin wit me or talkin to me then ill be like cuz im busy or some other lie.

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Second Day Waz O.K.

today we learned this dance to walkin on sunshine and let me tell u it is stupid well anywayz today was ok but me and my brush wasnt all over each other we were cool and sometimes she pt me in a head lock and i would punch her but then she started talkin bout my boobs ,she always does,and it sometimes makes me mad well to taday she like slighty punch me in the boobs like not where it hurt but like wit some force and so thats wat we were doin for a moment there and then out cheer team had to play i came called magic shoes where we had only that pair shoes and had to were them across some poisonous water so yeah i carried like 2 people on my back and one was like way hot.

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Hey First Day Waz Great!!!

cheerleadin was fun we learn some cheers and a dance,to pump it, and lunch break was even greater me and my crush was jus havin fun and stuff ,she my bestfriend, and well so like it start wit me goin over to her and playin around she started to like get me in a head lock and i pushed her up against the wall wit her behind me she lets go then kicks me so we were play fightin then laterz she was sho

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Cheerleadin Camp!!??

geez i have cheerleadin camp tommorow and im like really nervuos cuz my bestfreinds gonna be there too and one.. well both know im bi but i told on of them that i like the other and im like jeez i hope she doesnt say anything cuz she wants me to tell the other one that i have a crush on them but im like im not ready to tell cuz her moms doesnt like me cuz she knew before i told my bestfriend that i was bi and she doesnt trust me wit her daughter sayin i will mess her up or something so yeah im nervous and im also nervous cuz ive never done cheerleadin before and only doin it cuz she asked me too to yeah.

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Comin out

hey everybody i told my very homophobic friend last nite that i was bi she didnt freak and she spent tha nite so i know she cool wit it . bye yall

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someone plz help wit this!!

i have this friend who i think is bi-curius cuz on my b-day she spent the nite and she asked me (at the time she didnt know i was bi) how does to girls have sex and i go wat and then i explained it to her but she didnt seem to satfied wit my answer so i sed ok ill show u so i turned on the tv and put it on the L word and told her to wait (im goin off the subject for a moment cuz this is funny) well then her boyfriend called and sed wats u doin and she sed watchin tv and he sed so am i (at that point a sex scene had came on) and she sed wat r u watchin and he started to describe it and it was wat we were watchin and my friend sed we r whatchin that too and then she sed turn the channel and he sed he didnt know where the remote was so yeah that was funny (back to point) well yeah and now she keeps askin me lots of sexs ?s bout straight and gay sex but she keeps denyin she curius.

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I Came Out To My Friend Last Nite

ive told 3 people that im bi and the third i told her last nite on the fone cuz like i was talkin and then i jus found my self sayin im bi and she goes i knew it and im like gosh people can read me too well cuz my first bestfriend asked me and i sed yes then i told my second friend and she was like ok but she had asked me bout it and i had sed no cuz like she is ok wit it but doesnt like talkin bout it and she the girl i have a crush on.

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Why Me??

i live in some wat opened minded place like theyre cool wit gays but noone in our family is gay so like when i relized i was gay in 6th grade i was like Shit amd didnt act on my feelin then like this year 7th grade i was "it hurts to much to deny" so i think i accepted it but im still ?in it "like why me" i dont know but when i think bout im like how couldnt ive know ive always been different so like now i need help understandin it cuz i feel like im by myself but know im not.

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