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I'M IN LOVE!!!! OK, it's just a crush and it's on a straight girl *obligatory groan*, but she is so so so so damn cute. *sigh* and she has the dire misfortune to be heterosexual. My life is so hard.

Would you be more angry if you found your partner in bed with...

Another gay/bi man/woman
13% (2 votes)
A straight man/woman
87% (13 votes)
Total votes: 15
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The fear

Seriously, I am so scared of coming out. My mum will kill me, then resurrect me and let my dad have a go. My diary has gone missing and I am convinced my brothers have it, which under normal circumstancs, I wouldn't care, but I finally acknowledged the fact that I am bisexual in several of the entries. I told two friends and they were okay with if a little surprised.

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