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Future plans

I graduate in exctly 2 months today. June 7 is the end of high school for me. Next year I will be attending the University of California Santa Cruz. It ranks as one of he best schools for GLBT youth.

I am thrilled about this. At first I was rejected, but not being one to accept tragedy (and rejecting me is a tragedy...for them) I appealed. I must digress for a moment..to any youngins, if you are rejected from a college, APPEAL. Call the admissions department and ask how to go about appealing their decision. The UC's asked for a letter from the applicant, a reccomendation, and a current transcript. It works. It worked for me...it has worked for people I know.

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...after a lengthy vacation...

Ah! I'm back! I lost my password for some time and thanks to Adrian, things are settled and I have returned to home sweet home.

Things that have happened since I was gone:

Senior retreat- I was on the retreat team and gave a speech about being gay to the class, and I got a lot of positive support from it. There were the usual dumbasses, but that's life. I was one of 9 talks on retreat.

Near dating experiences

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Before I start, I am a lesbian.

Also before I begin, I don't know why I do these things either, so don't ask me.

It's St. Patrick's Day and in honor of this...I boinked a red head.

A male red head.

A male red head I knew a couple of hours.

....but he had a camaro if anyone out there cares.

It's like a cardinal sin against the lesbian creed to revert to sex with men.

I just did it. I fell into my flirting ways and ended up on my back. It wasn't good at all.

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My show opens tonight and I had my first breast binding experience last night at the dress rehearsal.

TWO ace bandages and duct tape= PAINpainPAIN.

I've worn all kinds of corests so I didn't think it would be that bad. Furthermore, I'm only a 34 B so how bad could it really be?

I do have to say that even with my chest bound down, I still projected the best in the opening scene.

Meanwhile, our pianst and drummer are dating as an open lesbian couple.

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"E" is for Ex.

I was in Old Town last night ('cause that's a huge change in what I do with my Fridays...) and I saw my ex-boyfriend who is currently a student at UCSB. However, it was forseen. I was at papyrus and I opened a "Worst Case Scenario Guide to Sex and Dating Handbook" Address Book and by pure chance came to E which was "What to do when you confront your ex."

I walked outside and there he is in the three dog bakery.

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Aw, the wonders of life...

Well, my father is still not speaking to me. The silent treatment is fun, no? Then my mother went on another rant about how the gay community "is lonely, they have no family, no meaningful relationships, and do lots of drugs."

Then, there was silence.

I wish I was kicked out, it's better than the crap I'm getting, but still, no regrets.

What kills me is why I *had* to come out. Was the Lesbianation thing on the computer a hint? The fact my ceiling is, and I mean this literally, wallpapered with models. The fact I've participated in Day of Silence. It feels like you're living out...and yet either they're dense or in denial. My vote is denial.

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It started at dinner. Then I mentioned college aps and said I should put down that I was gay because I read that some colleges are looking to reach out to the gay community.

You know the buzzer sound? The gong shell? It was as if little lights when off screaming "You've just said the worst possible thing in the world!!!!"

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Holy smoking cigs batman!

The most important reason I consider myself a smoker is because I am definately not a non-smoker. What do you call a half smoker? A social smoker? That sounds lame. I make the deliberate choice to spend part of my income on a vice of my choice. I understand the health implications and chose this anyway. As for having the paraphenalia on me most of the time, I always had a lighter. (I didn't smoker but I could *clink clink* take care of the ladies that did). My purse, backpack, pocket will likely have a cigarette in it whether I smoke it that night or not.

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Cigarettes, chocolate, coffee, and coke.

How does Maggie get through the day? Is it magic? Is it her cult-like following? No! These four drugs you can find in most homes are what make her a lively and vivacious creature.

And when she's neither lively nor vivacious, then she isn't getting enough of these.

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In a black tank and zebra shorts...

Not a lot to say other than the fact I'm in PJ's and going off to a rehearsal at 1pm for Cinderella with another member here who hasn't posted anything. [Cough! TripleThreat86 Cough!] I was out and about last night in good ol' Old Town Pas when I was going back to my friends car and these guys were whistling and flashing their lights at us.

Now, it us a bit annoying. Just a bit. So I walk over to give them the hint it really doesn't work on girls. And with the Amstel Light in his hand, the passenger seat boy said to me, "My dad owns the construction company around here. Are you single?"

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The Great Lesbian Haircut Conspiracy

The scene: Paris, 1927. A time of the great writers Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway.

Heingway, unbeknownced to Gertrude and Alice, has been bad mouthing the pair to anyway who will listen. (In legend, this is because Gertrude was seducing one of his wives with Alice's brownies. This is legend of course.)

Gertrude and Alice go to their barbar, but to their horror he has left town. Gertrude complains about this bad luck to her 'friend' Ernest who reccomends his personal barber who tends to his entire family. He is thanked and the couple goes on their way. Ernest calls ahead and askes for a bit of a practical joke...to shave their heads.

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Black flip-flops from Old Navy

What do flip flops, the DMV, and mullets have in common?

They're really just random occurences in my blog for now.

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Sam is actually off looking for stuff. Ash and I find...the granny panties. Chonies. You know, the kind you can parachute with. I comment I'm going to sew in the leg holes and make a purse. We were just laughing so hard...and I realized how much I need that.

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Friend's Boyfriends

I met Whit's boyfriend today.

I really have to say that I'm glad to be finally somewhat involved in his love life. Before, we didn't have that. I guess the fact that I'll be going away for college kind of resonates in our minds for our friendship. Or maybe the kid is growing up or something. Maybe I am.

He's going to be one of the first people I kidnap to spend a weekend with me in the dorms.

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You have now entered the twilight zone...

Prick ex-boyfriend's of my friends tempting my wrath...
Running into random people from school.
Reuniting with friends.

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