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Looking for love doesn't live in just one language...

~If you don't speak Spanish...this won't be of any help to you at all.~

Lyrics by Ov7

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En la sombra...o en la luz...

An overview of Maggie's boifriend (whose role in Cinderella she not-so-secretly covets) and the growing suspicion of her mother.

And a really cool graphic I dug up.

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Warning...a little bit of whining.

Maggie complaining. It happens sometimes.

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Blogging is addictive...

Does blogging=exhibitionism?

And some anti-gay quips from dad.

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As I write these words I am seething towards my parents.

I don't even like that word for them.

Granted there are worse.

However, my mother's control issues piss me off to no end.

I'm 18 years of age. I can legally vote, smoke, buy porn and rent a hotel room.

I cannot, however, take walks at night. Go anywhere alone. Use public transit. She expects the school to call if I don't show up to my 7:00 AM class (when school starts ay 8:00) because I might have died on the way there.

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Swap meets and other shopping...

DiamondDog's shopping turns into a bit of a rant about why women's pants will never be good enough.

My school is accepting and supportive of my sexual preference

33% (18 votes)
43% (23 votes)
I no longer attend school
24% (13 votes)
Total votes: 54
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My reaction to the tragedy of today...

How do you start something about this?

I woke up to the radio announcing the deaths of 7 people.

I think I have to start bluntly, there is no smooth transition to something like this. People were working together; men, women, white people, and black people. They were on their way home on a routine flight.

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So I'm out among the student population and one of my friends is now dealing with the fact that being my friend (and a totally awesome understanding wonderful person she is) means getting pinned as being gay to. She says she doesn't care, but I do feel this need to go out and find her a guy.

How out are you?

Come out? Honey, I burst down the door holding my own one (wo)man pride parade.
7% (5 votes)
People know I'm gay. I tell people, or they figure it out just seeing me in action.
40% (30 votes)
I've told some friends and family.
37% (28 votes)
This is strictly confidential information.
8% (6 votes)
I like my one person closet just fine, thanks.
8% (6 votes)
Total votes: 75
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Our Union

DiamondDog's diatribe about the impending war with Iraq, just one part of the State of the Union Address.
A nice political read, but unfortunately, non gay related material.

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It's good to be back..

DiamondDog arrives from D.C. to a new Oasis.

"You get used to having to defend yourself and your life everyday, or hiding for fear of the real repercussions we face everyday. People who worked with me saw me as the strong fighter that I am first and saw my sexual preference as merely an attribute that has nothing to do with how I work or what kind of a leader I can be. This is one of the greatest victories I've had."

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