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May I take your Coat, Sir? - A Poem

May I take your coat, sir?

Thank you sir.

Thank YOU, sir. May I show you into the Parlor?

Into the Parlor?

Into the Parlor.

Thank you, sir, where is the Parlor?

Thank YOU, sir, here is the Parlor.

Here is the Parlor?

Here is the Parlor.

Thank you, sir.

Thank YOU, sir. May I bring some tea for you while you wait?

Some tea for me while I wait?

Some tea for you while you wait.

Thank you, sir.

Thank YOU, sir.

What is in that packet, sir?

Just some sugar, just some sugar.

Ah I see, thank you, sir.

I insist, sir, thank YOU, sir.

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Me on Me

AHA! Funfunfunfun...

This is the part of the show where I tell you about me. Damn skippy, this is a MEMOIR! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

When I was in the third grade, there was this time when-

Aw, fuck, I'm bored already. Screw it, no memoir for you.

So, does anyone think anything about my poems? Anything at all? Please? FEEDBACK IS NECESSARY.

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The Outing- A Poem

Alright, kiddies, get on your shoes, we're going for a walk!

All five of you, get on your feet, don't waste our time and talk!

Jenny, don't walk too close to the dog, and Billy don't touch the fence!

If it bites you or the wires shock you you'll look truly dense.

Oh, there it is, Jenny, see what you've done!

It may just have rabies or another one.

And Billy, I warned you, these fences can shock.

Now, don't you just stand there shaking, you pock!

Now Jenny, don't tease, you're turning blue!

See why you do what I tell you to do?

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Eventually leaving Oasis, after mending a few holes.

I'm leaving this site, possibly forever. I've really screwed up. I'm deleting all my journals and I'm going to leave.

I'm going to stay in touch with anyone who sends me their Email, but I need anyone who wants to stay in touch with me to PM me their email because I deleted most of my PMs.

I'm going to miss a lot of you, and those of you who I won't that's just because I don't know you.

I'm leaving because no matter what I do, I always manage to screw something up, and I don't want to screw up this site, which i so great right now.

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The Shit- A Poem

There's sum'n odd 'bout tha' ol' plant...

They say sum'n lives thar', they do.

An' tha' if ya get too close Th' Shit'll find ya,

An' drown ya in th' Poo.

Th' Treatment Plant by th' ol' river,

covered'n all Th' Shit.

They say sum'n lives thar'

Sum'r 'n tha' ol' pit.

I know th' truth 'bout tha' ol' plant,

Th' Shit's really alive.

I worked thar' once 'r twice ya see

'Fore Th' Shit 'rived.

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Dr. Dedman- A Poem

How I miss Dr. Dedman.

The man was quite kind to us.

He liked to make us feel all better.

And he had a really sensitive hand.

When we were feeling really blue,

He'd touch us and make us feel all better.

Touch us where, you ask, Mr. Judge?

Well, in our special place.

Why are you frowning, Dr. Dedman?

Did I say something wrong?

Oh that's right, Dr. Dedman...

You said not to tell anyone.

I'm so sorry, Dr. Dedman,

fo telling everyone,

But I don't get it Dr. Dedman.

We were just having fun!

You touched me in that special place

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The Orphanage- A Poem

I lived in an Orphanage.

The big, tired looking building just outside town.

You've seen it, haven't you?

I think I saw you around.

That Orphanage was old and Dirty.

When we swept we could hardly breath.

It was run by Mr. William Curdy.

He had no soul.

Mr. William Curdy was quite wordy.

He shouted at us a lot.

Mr. Curdy liked to beat us.

I really don't know why.

He made us work and then he'd plead us,

"Damn it, why don't you cry?"

I have fond mem'ries of that Orphanage.

I miss all the screaming.

Cuz whenever Mr. Curdy had some'n flogged

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The Big Old Clock- A Poem

The Big Old Clock in Grandpa's room always gave me chills.

Now they're hauling it away and taking it to Mr. Mills.

The Big Old Clock was tall and black and seemed to be alive.

When I walked into the room it always chimed to Five.

The Big Old Clock had Big Old Horns

they really made me start.

When The Big Old Clock fell on Grandpa

Those Horns went through his Heart.

Grandpa really liked that Clock

But I'm glad to see it go.

That clock took too many people when it fell.

My Mum, my Dad, my Bro.

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Little Amy- A Poem

Little Amy, sweet and small, walking down to Harvey Mall,
Doesn't see the Big Red Van, which swerves and hits the Mean Old Man.

Little Amy, always kind, her Mother's tastes so refined,
Little Amy takes a pearl, and Mother's forced to beat the Girl.

Little Amy has a friend, his little name is Stanley Mend.
He and Her go to their room and Mother wonders what they're doin'.

Little Amy's little lover, innocent sweet Patty Dover,
kisses her on her little lips and's burned at the stake while Mother flips.

Little Amy, Little Amy, never does no harm.

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Um, I'm not in a pissy mood anymore, sorry for taking it all out on you... Or, my formal apology for being a schmuck.

Um, the title fairly well covers it but in particular,

Sorry jmy, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was going to explode at someone, and you happened into the path of destruction. I am really quite sorry for the posts+PMs, and I hope you forgive me.

Sorry BD, you tried so hard to be nice during that whole episode, but I just wouldn't accept it. I was throwing a hissy fit, in essence, and I needed sleep. Thank you for trying to help and sorry for being a schmuck.

And lastly, sorry to anyone else caught in the crossfire.

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My little poem

fuck off
fuck off
I want you all to die! I hope you fall down in a pit and never see the light.

If you
to jump down in that pit, I will shoot you and then take my foot and kick you into it.

I hate
the world
I hope that it will burn. I want to take the ignorance away and let them learn

But if
they learn
I fear they will not see. I think that if they learn their eyes will burn and you'll agree...

I'm crazy I have to die!
I think the world will fry!
If you disagree
with little old me
I'll shoot you in the eye!

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My Quote of the Day

Okay, here's a happier quote from "The Clod" (actually William Blake, as spoken through The Clod):

"Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care,
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair."

"The Pebble's" response afterwards is much more dire and pessimistic, so I'm not including it. This is meant to be a happy post. Desides, I've always identified more with The Clod. Funny that.


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stare at the cobwebs
in the corners of my room
soon the world goes grey

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I know I can be a self-involved jerk at times. I try and do the best I can not to be.

I love you guys,

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Welcome to GOD

Is the entire cup worth saving for a piece of my go?

What is my face of pie?

Welcome to GOD.

Id ego superman

eat my fear!

can you speak my dog?

No man is an ipod.

rise like lazarus fall like lucy

cake is not a llama.

move like my Mother when my Mother site the SKY

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