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I just had a conversation with a friend of mine, and he said something about turning gay... I told him you couldn't turn gay that you were born gay and another friend said "THAT'S A THEORY" Now, these two know I'm gay. So I said, I know you're born that way, I am gay. They said, just because you are doesn't mean you know anything about it. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?

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Writing Project - Final Reminder

I meant this to be a forum entry, but what the heck. It doesn't much matter as long as you read it.

Do you think that Harvey Milk is a Hero?

86% (6 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Sort Of
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Turkey Salad
14% (1 vote)
Total votes: 7
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Ugh, No Writing Today

I can't really feel guilty, cuz I did all of my laundry, which I've been putting off for weeks, did a sink full of dishes, got the Oasis Writing Project underway (sign up this week!) and caught up on a bunch of other stuff, but tomorrow, there'll be no excuses. I absolutely MUST get some work done (by work, I mean writing, as opposed to chores, which I did today).

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Depression - The Spreading Stain

Hey guys!

I thought I'd make a few remarks about depression, since it's that time of year throughout much of the world when many people, especially teens and young adults, may be feeling especially vulnerable. As someone who has been diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well as CLinical Depression, I always find this time especially challenging.

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A Note To My Perspective Writing Pupils

For those of you who missed my other follow-up post, I have been computerless for the past three weeks, so I am now in the process of catching up on the huge backlog that has amassed during my forced exile from cyberspace.

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I'm fucking insane.

Rational Portrait of the Mastermind (INTJ)

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As if things couldn't get worse...

My hard drive died several days ago, so I've been completely isolated at home until today. I am writing this to check in from a friend's PC. I will hopefully be back online in another few days, and I'll be back with you then.

Love to all,

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Ahem.... Attention, please?

I would like to announce that I am coming out today. If I don't chicken out.
If I do chicken out, though I'll be kicking myself for a while.
But I'm gonna come out today at school. Hopefully I'll return unscathed, but really I don't expect physical harm. If there is any physical harm though, heads will roll.
I have connections high up in the school administration. :]

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Woah... yet another crush. What is UP with me?

Sooo, I'm crushing on another guy now, His name is Jose. That e has a little line over it. Anyways, He shows signs of affection. I know, I know, I've heard it all before:
A relationship won't help make your life better, something, something, etc.
Heehee, I remember a lot about THOSE conversations.
Anywho, this guy is REALLY attractive. Really, though, I think I'm the only one who thinks so.

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Want My Two Euros?

Hi Guys!

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Imsohyperimgonnawritethis justtosaysomething

Hi. I need to write something, anything,so, here we go:

I like guys but I sorta like girls im bi, but I prefer guys there just so much more fun ya know? probably not, im just weird but anyways i feel like bouncing off the walls i think i've got asbergers syndrome i know cause ive got all the symptoms bye now!

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Can somebody please give me a hug? Then a shotgun, so I can kill those idiots?

So, I just learned that a couple friends of mine were having a few jokes at my expense while I wasn't around. Such as, joking about my bestest best friend No.2 Q and I having.... Sex. NOT FUNNY. I love Q like a sister, and these jokes really aren't funny.

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December Seems to Be Rather Bleak So Far

Well, December is turning out to be a rather crappy month. I've had two dates planned scheduled so far (okay, not dates, per se, but plans with men). First, my BFF Casey was supposed to take me out to dinner on my birthday, but he got sick and had to cancel. Then tonight, another friend, Martin, was supposed to come over and do the pizza delivery+movie thing. So can you guess what happens?

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