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Valentine's Day: South Town.

I woke up that morning unusually active. I found myself finished with some studies earlier. The Weather Channel promised a very nice and bright day, yes, that day I put on my finest flower-print overshirt. I had decided I'd been studying quite a bit the past few weeks and with no plans for the day I chose to buy myself a gift.

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Way Out West

Where are you?
My river explorer
The navigator of those deepest lonely waters
Take me with you
On our shining raft
For with hope and blind mirage
I see only you
In bent
Blue gray

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O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!

1. Shit. Today, while I was busy making pizzas at work, these girls came in. And if I was straight, I guess these are the girls such straight young guys as the hypothetical me is supposed to be massively attracted to. They didn't have much money, but wanted to order a pizza. After wrangling over whether they could afford a ranch cup (only 55 cents, but overpriced for that) I told them "I can give you 2 dollars off that pizza, there's a special going on, so special it's only for you."

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a tiny journal once more in poemish style with an actual poem why do i write these? god knows good night

scalp scalp
it's a nice night
the pall over my mind
is almost gone
i feel happy

I am with my love
one more night
and then one sleep
shall be without
his parents are here
he does not like that
he does not like
to have to be someone else
he does not like
to be a gender he is not

i love him
I want him to be happy
nothing feels better
than the warmth of his body
against my back as I write
His warmth feels special
unlike the other warmth
of other men
it has a feeling
a smell? maybe that's the word
i don't know
but it is unique

a quiet mouth

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Late Early

I am in a terrible mood for some reason. There was a tornado warning at school, so we stayed in the hall for about half an hour past the scheduled dismissal time, with no power. And I didn't know anyone there well enough to have an enjoyable conversation, so I was bored and lonely. The entire time, I was just wondering where You-Know-Who was. Then, I had to endure the torture of watching him walk by later while I had to stay in the bus, which apparently was worse than not seeing him at all.

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Tattoo. I saw it.

So yeah we broke up like three weeks ago or whatever, and I stil hadnt seen his leg tattoo and I secretely didnt even want to see it, just in case I liked it and wanted to get back together with him but he sent me a pic of it RANDOMLY today and god it is AWFUL. it is supposed to be a dragon and it looks like a fox, I told him it looks horrendous and I hope he can fix it up somehow. Oh god it looks so bad. Why are people so STUPIDDDDD! people are seirously so stupid! Why do they do these stupid things to themselves!

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time time time time
never enough time
never enough time

am I crazy?

what is it in my head
what is it in my head
why am I so crazy
what is it in my head
am i crazy
don't go crazy
I don't wanna be crazy

crazy crazy crazy
loud loud loud loud
so loud so loud
i hear it i hear it
it's so loud
it's not fair
it won't go away
so loud
shut up shut up shut up
loud loud loud loud loud

i don't wanna go crazy
why am I so broken
I don't know how to heal
I'm so scared
I'm so broken

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you replied to one text before i got home around 4:00, i had 20 tulips packed in a box on my bed and you were right, i cried when i saw them
(not for the reason you wanted)

you nearly broke up with me on valentine's day, i had to convince you that i was worth it
but i've seen the mistake etched in your words, i've seen the shift of your actions, and maybe, just
i can trust you this time

we both know that you don't get this way because of true apathy, oh no- 4 years of being best friends and you loving me the entire time, it'd be foolish to explain away the apathy with that

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Letting myself explore

I started getting annoyed at House of Leaves because Mark Z. Danielewski keeps making me abandon the story to flip through the entire book to something that I don't feel like reading. So I went to the bookstore looking for an interesting little poetry book titled The Container Store; to no surprise they didn't have it, but they did have The Silmarillion, which is much longer and will take a lot more time to finish. But that's nice because I like Tolkien. His works really appealed to me when I was younger and more open-minded, so they help me return to that mindset now.

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School is a big bitch

School is seriously going to kill me, I'm full of work and I'm way too stupid to do it the day they assign it, plus midterms are really hard and I need to write an autobiography and I don't want to do it specially because I need to mention the events that changed me and I don't know if I should write about my depression, but I don't know who I would be right now if I didn't suffer from all the shit in my life and seriously fuck the guy who said that 11th grade is easy and you don't do anything.

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I Hate The Flu!

I've been sick the last two weeks, and got out of the hospital Friday after being there a few days with a flu/pneumonia combination that could have gotten really bad for me. The good news is I'm better, bad news is basketball season for me is over.

I shouldn't be too surprised by that really, especially after missing practice because I was too weak, but it's kind of like after all the dedication and practice it's just over for now. My school had a chance at playoffs with me on the team, and not to sound cocky, without me it would have been that much harder.

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ignored me all day, didn't even say goodnight
how did i know i could not trust you yet again
i am worried about the valentines day presents that will arrive on my doorstep
i was not aware you could deliver lies to me in person, being 1200 miles away, but you continue to impress me

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black upon black

upon black
upon black

it is not easy to see your face
and not recognize its contours
it is not easy to see your body
and feel that
it belongs to another.

upon red
upon black

the lines are wrong
the lines are false
this is not my body
this cannot be my body
it was not
meant to be this way.

damn this cock
damn these disgusting
that poison my blood
that poison my body
cause this falsehood
this wrong.

were there a god I would curse him
for the fate
he assigned to me:

a body that is wrong
a body that is sick
a body that is disgusting

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So I haven't seen Jake in a whole month! We still speak on email and viber or whatever some days but still. I think we're still sort of together I guess until we see eachother and see how we feel. but space is good for now!! I went to Bali without him with my girlfriends and it was so good, I went out clubbing, and it was cool meeting other people to just know that Jake isn't the only one out there. I nearly cheated on him! With the hottest guy ever but I didnt.

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i was so impressed at the way you listened to me. classical apathetic argument between us, you stayed silent and i placed words out like setting the table for a large family dinner, inviting you to sit down for a bit. you told me honestly you wanted to leave.

i gave you all the information i could to salvage your frayed mind and left you in peace

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