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The Belt Thief

We trusted it
We did so foolishly—together
The generosity of the perfect machine is endless
Strange that with our colors
We believed what the monster could do
How we would stare at that smooth gate
Awaiting the ability
The moment of unity
When we could unhinge the door to golden perfection
And be blinded of the sight we would no longer need
And carelessly drift deep into that blue-gray abyss
Without thinking
Without watching that which had no cause
Its lack of purpose fueled our return
The lift from the shining gray pool
In which we would blissfully fill our lungs

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I just remembered this site used to have a search bar, a real monster that if you clicked on it basically guaranteed that your browser would freeze for half an hour before coming up with nothing fruitful.
How long has that been gone, I wonder? I guess I don't remember seeing it for a while...

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This is too much for a dream journal

Please be more active, Oasies. I'm feeling lonely right now with the lack of multiplicity in people offering help. The site's just down to elph and me now. When I need your guidance the most, you abandon me.

_ -||^ - -

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Drunk journal

So today we had a BBQ at some friends house with all my classmates and I eventually ended up at some friends house with my best friend and got talking about stuff for like two hours until we felt like going back there, but I got really drunk plus I hadn't eaten anything; after like there's shots of aguardiente I was already tipsy and then I took some more and mixed with whiskey so I got drunk really fast.

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I wrote previously mentioned chatting with a gay teen that lives near me, and this time I'm going to write about Luke, and what it's like to have a secret boyfriend.

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Well then

My strategy of trying to find spots in the hall for conversation is not working, since I haven't spoken to the OG since Monday. So I'm going to need to find something else. I just don't know what. And I'm getting lost, and worried that the only person I can actually be around without being reminded of the flaws in humanity is vanishing. I'm lonely and my misanthropy is growing. Swans is helping a bit, for now.

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Song By A Fool (A Goodbye)

So I thought you were so great
I guess I thought you were god
I thought you couldn't do wrong
I worshipped the ground you stepped on
You said you'd never make a promise
That you didn't know you'd keep
and I trusted that was true and
I made myself a fool
I guess that I was wrong to think that you meant it
you said you'd stay with me
no matter what I did
I guess I was the one to make a fool of myself
but maybe it would've been nice
if you didn't tell me lies.
So when you left I told you
about that promise that you made.
You looked at me with contempt

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This time I want to write about my best friend Tanner, our friendship, and the secrets I keep from him.

I've known Tanner my whole life, and he's just a few weeks older than me, and our families have a even longer history spanning several generations. We've always done stuff together: Scouts, sports, and even sex. I'll write about that later in this journal.

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I tried out non-fictional writing... (more overly emotional whining)

Coat your precious surfaces in soft and special patchworks
Burn the flaws from your neatly tailored strings
When the patrons are absent you will be the unseen expert
Asking no reception from those adjacent
Concealing the ultimate quality
The blessed borders
Which decant their holy manna to only
The warm and woven druid
The lost adherent

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I'll vent my problems to you, friends

The man must have seen that I was having fun in PE, moving around and talking to you-know-who. So he decided to move me to the opposite end of the school from him and make me sit the whole period in a fucking boring, pointless class that only does the opposite of what it supposedly exists to do. How fun.

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Finally a senior

Here's a little resume of my boring life.

I could say summer was kinda good, but mostly boring; I didn't go out, mostly went to bed at 6am and my parents woke me up at 12 so I wouldn't "waste" my day. I had to visit my grandma, stayed with her for a week, my brother came and it was awesome, Christmas sucked, the only gifts I got were from my siblings, cousins got me drunk on New Year's Eve and it was nice (specially in the morning when I woke up without a hangover) and that was mostly all I did.

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At the advice of lonewolf, I tried writing fiction.

the empty abyss
crushing the skulls of its ancestors
the DEAD remnants
the only memories
destroying the past
severing pieces of its flesh
so it can continue
its search
the MINOTAUR of the infinite
parallel expanses
at the bones of TIME
its madness fueled
by the
as the walls of this DEATH CHAMBER
this birth tomb
are cut down
the emptiness
offers no understanding
no end
the dead march cannot be severed from existence
time has lost meaning
the indestructible abomination
the golem of pain

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It Was a Very Good Spring

I walked into the Theatre and Arts building yesterday, and I noticed the scent of the carpetting, clean and anti-septic. I knew what the scent would do to me, memories of last year came flooding back in their entirety almost. I looked up at the balcony, I guess you could call it, I miss seeing you there and I miss being there with you.

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Holy shit, no.

School is closed tomorrow, too, for fucking nothing. The universe saw that this weekend was at a time that made me really unhappy, and that it was dragging by slowly, so it just had to take to opportunity and turn the four-day weekend into a six-day weekend, at least. I really hope Bratwurst Day is open, because I can't take this any more.

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The Break-Up Cycle?? For the dumper??

I've been looking up Break-Up cycles on the web, and whilst they all seem fair enough they don't exactly seem to be true. And theres not alot of information out there for the dumper. Everything seems to be for the dumpee. Now I know it would probably be foolish to assume every heart break is the same, because it is not, but still I'd like some sort of ball park figure as to what I am about to go through?
Soooo for all you dumpers out there what was it like? Did you feel pain straight away? Or if you didn't when did it start to kick in? Did you try and get them back after a while?

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