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Harvey Milk... his LGBT legacy being truly honored...

by no less than the U. S. Postal Service! I hope the forthcoming stamp will be for regular first class letters...


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"let this be a warning", says the magpie to the morning! "Don't let this fading summer pass you by"

It was a point of tired horror in my earlier shifts when I realized I was starting to recognize and compartmentalize separate pieces of garbage in my mind, remembering them from shift to shift.
A few pieces have been there since I started a few weeks ago, others have sorta blown in and out.

(Funny side note, in this article elph showed me:

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I've been struggling with depression for years. Anyone who knows me knows that much. I've also been struggling with a past that haunts my every thought and consistently eats away at my mind. And worst, of late I've been struggling with mental health issues that have become so extreme that it's excruciatingly painful to be conscious.

Sometimes it's a labour to get out of bed every morning. Sometimes it's a labour to breathe. Anymore, it's always a labour to stay alive.

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Super-lucidity (+ Dream Journal #10)

That seems like the best way to describe it.

At the climax (and the only remotely enjoyable part) of my day, I was outside playing (or rather pretending to play) a shitty game of football in the field beside my school. I was completely ignoring the game, but the atmosphere of the field, with the bad weather, was so powerful that it felt as if every memory I had ever experienced was manifesting in that field at that exact time. It was one of the best sensations I've experienced in my life.

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I guess it's about time I this out into the open air.

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I should be sleeping, but I don't have class until 2 tomorrow, and I'm enjoying some alone time while my roommate is out doing god knows what. I've been listening to a lot of full albums lately. My personal favorite right now is Brand New's "Your Favorite Weapon". (Can you guess which song off the album is my favorite?)

I really need to make some friends who aren't on my floor. Well, I guess Cute Blonde Girl counts as my friend by now, sort of? Maybe? Yeah, I'm gonna count her. And she definitely doesn't live here, so let me rephrase that: I really need to make some friends who aren't on my floor and who I'm not attracted to.

My floormates are nice and I like most of them, but I'm around them pretty much 24/7. And several of them are really nosy, which annoys me a lot. Well, except my roommate, thankfully. I like her even though our personalities are vastly different. She's great because she never asks why my alarm goes off at 7 every Sunday or wonders why I change outfits a million times almost every morning or questions me when I'm on the internet laughing at nothing.

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Tyler was an ex from February. We dated for a total of about three weeks exactly, but it felt like forever. I really enjoyed his company, up until he ended it for no reason whatsoever. I thought I'd completely erased him... that is until his name popped up on my phone yesterday. I never could bring myself to erase his number, albeit deleting all other forms of our memories (photos, gifts, notes, etc).

We talked a lot yesterday. Almost like February all over again. It was really sweet, and he even told me about how he was sorry about how it all played out, that he wanted me back.

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Came out to my parents!

There's really not a whole lot to report. It was harrowing, of course, and I kept not taking opportunities to start the talk, and I undoubtedly would have chickened out if my girlfriend hadn't been there keeping me strong.

It was a big milestone for me and my family, and she didn't really belong there because of that, but I needed her there for strength. She didn't say anything, except when I asked her to help me explain things. Just held my hand for encouragement.

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Geared Up! (Noah)

I have to write about something that's a big part of me, well at least my gayness, but I really don't get it. Maybe some of you can help?

I have a gear fetish. I get hard looking (and thinking) about guys in jockstraps-especially with cups-and sports uniforms. And if I can see their underarms...damn that makes me superhard! When that happens, as much as I don't want it to it makes me feel like a freak.

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Waking Up The Sleeping Giant (Dante)

In my last journal I wrote about my family and how I came about, and this time I'm going to discuss my first encounters with racism and my bisexuality. These two topics will be a common theme in what I write here.

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Coincidences And Superstitions

There was a dream I had about one year ago, perhaps more fitting, a nightmare. This horrible conjuring had never occurred since then, one year ago. It was enough to frighten me, but at the same time enough to let me forget it and move on, to move on in my dreams and adventures in slumber. Only to have it occur once more.

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Dream Journal #9

Last night's dream was pretty confusing. I dreamt that I was best friends with this guy from one of my classes. But I don't even know the guy. I've never even spoken to him, and never really cared much about him, but we just randomly became very good friends in the dream. I know some people on here might jump to conclusions, so I promise it wasn't like gay or anything, it was just an entirely platonic friendship. I don't know why.

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Posting this for no reason other...

than the sheer amazingness of Sean Lew! Have a great weekend!

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Eep (Finally gonna do it?)

So it's looking like this weekend, probably Saturday, maybe Sunday, I'm finally going to sit my parents down and have a serious talk about me and gender and transitioning and stuff.

Points to hit:

I'm not Kaitlyn's girlfriend. I'm her boyfriend.

I know you know some of this - the name thing, the hair, the clothes, et cetera - but I've been living more and more as a boy for the past couple of years now. I don't know if you know that I've only used a women's bathroom maybe two or three times in the past two and a half years.

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Far Ahead Lies A Someday

Sometimes far ahead I think,
things will slow and my height will shrink,
when thick lenses weigh down on my nose,
and I'll look at old photos of people in a state of repose.

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