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So, hey everyone....

Moe Loves you. I read all of your stories, don't think that I don't. I'm just very lazy and the only time I feel like commenting is after I tell myself that I must write something. I'm happy to see so many good things in everyone's lives. And to those who aren't having such a great time, keep your head up.


Because I love you. Alright, bye.

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Rewrites And Time Management

Right now the other Rejects and I are working on some new journals, and rewriting some of the ones we had wanted to post because we felt that we could do better. We're nerds and we want what we write to be great, and most of us have the perfection gene ; )

It's also hard to write stuff when you're buried in homework and some of the other things we do, but we'll make it happen.

We really want to thank everyone for the comments they've given us, it feels great to be a part of Oasis!!!!!!


Dante, along with Drew, Noah, and Aaron

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Bohemian Rhapsody Vs. Capitol Hill (parody song, obviously)

This is the real life.
This isn't fantasy.
Caught in a landslide; just can't escape from reality.
Close your eyes, look up to the skies and scream:
I'm just a poor boy! I get no sympathy!

It isn't easy-come, but easy-go,
your doubts are high, your hopes are low:
any way the wind blows, it doesn't really matter to the
Tea Party.

Kidnapped the land
Put a gun up to our heads
said "No healthcare or they're dead".
life had just begun
to look a little better; now we say:

What the f*** is with you guys?!

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Time, Memories, And This Urban Life

It doesn't seem like there's a day that goes by and I think about little things. A walk to the bus stop itself seems like more of a tradition now, more than a chore. Two years, two years or coming and going from that general area. Walking to I think of what I'll experience, walking back I had no idea I'd experience what I did.

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Dream Journal #8

This dream took place during a nap I had earlier.

Television was down. My mother was going to the local satellite headquarters to discuss solving the problem, and I was joining her to provide company at the boring satellite building. When we left the house, it was raining, but it was very sunny out despite the weather. The rain was very clear and soft, but was flooding the world.

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A relatively short one.

About a week ago, I started talking to this girl. When I say talking, I don't mean face-to-face. Let me put this into context: one of my closest friends here, Sarah, a suite mate, has a friend from back where she lives who happens to be a lesbian. So she tags us both in one of her tweets, saying the two of us should totally talk, and the three of us get into a conversation on twitter. Deciding to be smooth for once in my life, I say that twitter is a terrible place for conversations, the girl adamantly agrees, and I get her number.

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I used to waste my time dreaming of being alive... Now I only waste it dreaming of you.

So, yeah, Sunday's update. I didn't post because I was studying for a test. Contrary to false speculations by certain site owners, I did not get laid. Although a certain cute blonde girl did randomly mention that she hates wearing pants...

I stressed a LOT because she took a really long time (like, a whole day) to text me back. I was like, 12000% convinced that she secretly hates me, but it turns out she was just studying! She always puts smiley faces and multiple exclamation points in her texts. It's the cutest.

I seriously sat there and had a two-hour long conversation with her without any awkwardness at all, and the only people I'm ever able to do that face-to-face with are like, my best friends for years. And I couldn't stop smiling the whole time because she's just so goddamned adorable. She makes the cutest little expressions and says the cutest stuff and I just can't even handle it, oh my god. My face hurt so badly from smiling at her so much by the time I left.

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adventures in gaming

you know, if their is 2 things in gaming i love its looking too deep into games and indie games but lately Torture Platformers are taking a place there, you know Super Meat Boy, Cloudberry Kingdom and I Wanna Be the Guy (despite that i still say that one game is the spawn of all evil) the pain and soul ripping of this genre is just perfect to me on so many levels. the little irony is my favorite characters in SMB are Jill and Commander Video and if you get that you are awesome.

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No one finds "coming out" to be a cakewalk!

Here's just one excerpt from You Can Tell Just by Looking… And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People: book published today, October 01.

To summarize: It's never easy to come out…


Let's hope that a review by Jeff will be forthcoming soon!

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Astoria, Oregon

I have never been to this town, but my heart belongs here. It sort of just calls out to me. I'm always looking up photos of Astoria, always longing to just pack up and move there. I literally just looked up some available apartments and I found a few I would take in a heartbeat.

I'm tired of living here in Tennessee. Living with my mom, having her take care of me all the time. I'm an adult, she doesn't have to support me anymore. She probably would have a lot more money if I found my own place.... I want to get away. Far from here.

I just want to go to Astoria.

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Came out to my mom

The conversation lasted about 5 minutes, I think. Maybe less.

Me: I want to tell you something.

Mom: What did you do?
(she said it in this kind of accusatory tone, which I don't understand because I literally never get into trouble, except for a couple of computer viruses a while ago and being behind on my schoolwork.)

Me: No, it's not like that. I want to be honest with you out of respect.

Mom: Oh, okay.
(she had this really amused tone like this was going to be a joke.)

Me: I'm bisexual.

Mom: Seriously?

Me: Yeah.

Mom: Alright. What works for you, works for me.

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so things

ive been trying to get back into poetry and challenge myself and in doing so i invented a challenge. i call it the Sabaton Challenge. it takes inspiration from the band of the same name. they previously made 3 songs, Metal Crue, Metal Machine and Metal ripper. the Challenge is as such, of course this is just a skill challenge, is to list 60 bands or less, the higher the number the higher the difficulty. the 1st part is the base of metal crue, band names, for example the first paragraph of Metal Crue is

"Take some venom and accept
That you won't see nazareth

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events, september

my father says sorry; his own passed away last sunday

i cry because there are needles in the gutter close to school; i read scar tissue by anthony kiedis, because i've always romanticized desperate people despite knowing the reality of it

it's my sister's birthday and i make crystal necklaces, one for her, one for me

my boyfriend and i fight over magic the gathering and dirty dishes; we fuck violently

i spend the night alone in my parents' house, my first night alone in three months; i slip into my mother's medicine cabinet

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I don't know who I am, where I am, or what I am doing.

I feel my heart growing progressively colder towards Edwin, something I never thought would happen in a million years. But he is just making me hate him. He is practically just pushing me away into another person's arms, where I find my solace all too often.

Sooner or later, he is going to lose me. I'd always been afraid of losing him... but now he has to worry. If he even cares...

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Dream Journal #7

This was kind of put off for a couple of days, but I had this dream twice.

I'm traveling through these underground industrial ruins, searching massive, dark, rusted tunnels for signs of living civilization in a colossal, inescapable complex. I eventually stumbled upon this large, rocky passage that leads to a small makeshift gate put together out of a couple of sheets of rusted copper, and a thick fence made from a bunch of sticks of wood. The gate was open, so I entered.

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