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Do you think I wanted to turn back around and teach a class, where you kiss they ass that I've exposed to you?

It never ends.
So basically, as you might know, I was looking for a job several months ago, and after much searching I came up with a temporary position sign shaking for Value Village. This turned out to kinda suck. I mean, obviously, sign shaking for minimum wage is always going to suck, but no, it's much worse than that.

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You're What Makes New England So Great

Watching a romance movie with the girl you like is weird, but in a good way.

I should probably back up and elaborate on that one a little. Well, it all started when I was studying for finals. I think two went reasonably okay, one was a crapshoot, and the other was just... um. I haven't gotten the results back yet, but I know my GPA is not going to be where I want it to be, so I'll just have to try harder next semester. On the bright side, next semester, I have to take a freshman writing seminar thing, which will be excellent for my GPA. It's sorted by topic too, and I picked the one with early 1900s European history because that's my favorite historical time period. Almost every assignment I've received an A or A- on here has been an essay. I can write you a damn good essay, but put a test in front of me, and I'll probably throw up and cry...

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Today was the bomb!

In a literal way, though, so it wasn't fun. I had to stay in my first period class for nearly three hours, so I missed my favorite period and I didn't get to talk to anybody I normally talk to. Today was boring. Pretty much nobody was there and I didn't even get to see a certain person who is in a way somewhat important to me (elph should know who I'm talking about). So I guess a day like this is something I have to write about.

Also, Merzbow's birthday was yesterday, so this is obligatory:

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one biology exam

I was in my class after our exams .Biology was over 25 minutes ago and i
was so worried about my performance when she came in .What started out
as a normal discussion between friends turned into an ultimate debate on
pregnancy and its complications.She then told me that all the pain
you'll go through during that time will dissolve into nothing when you
see your baby's smile.But i couldn't tell her that it isn't the baby's
smile that'll dissolve my pain but her smile.

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2 years and 2 days

It's been two years since I created this account, and it's been incredible all the stuff that this two years have brought me, I still remember the night when I created, my depression, Nico, my school problems, being a new kid, the bitch of my old psychologist and many other things. It makes me sad that next year I won't be able to write here and whine about life.

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Almost Lost

So I finally decided to check out the LGBT community center that was way across town. No matter what I was going to get there. Well first off, my mother accidentally took my house keys to work with her. I managed to unlock the door anyway, still works too. Then it turns out there were some detours for my bus route because **** me.

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I feel odd looking back at past journals. The past is not something that I am fond of, a lot of my journals are personal memories that are pretty miserable but basically myself just moaning a lot about my shortcomings. Writing the journals though helped me understand myself better and I think Oasis was a very important and safe area for me to do this.

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i love my best friend

She is perfect .tall, dusky and beautiful of looks and mind.I've known her for five years since we were eleven and I have left many a guy because she told me too.She is straight and I thought I was but turns out I wasn't .It took me five years to realise I'm in love with her.I love her more than anything and I wish I'd seen the signs earlier.I've stopped talking to her when my true feelings for her and my orientation scared me .

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Oasis is legal!

It is hard to believe I forgot to mention this yet, but on December 1, Oasis turned 18.

Which means, were it a site member, I would have hinted it could now legally send me naked photos. And, like 99.9999999% of site members, it wouldn't send me any...

Anyway, just figured I should mark the birthday.

Even as the fate of the site hangs in the balance, it is still important to think of how many people the site has helped and continues to help.

I just can't believe I had the foresight to start Oasis when I was 12 years old!

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Anyone Seen Bully?

I finally got a chance to see it, thanks to Blockbuster having insane price cuts due to their demise. Man, that documentary. The one kid, Alex I think his name was, he reminded me so much of myself at that age because of the things that he went through. Even so, the whole film spoke volumes.

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Gay Youth Rap...

If rap's "your thing," this short video should inspire! Impressive as they are, I feel the male contribution is a tad underrepresented! :(

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they're free to do as they please, I assure you
absolute bliss, I have no words!
you are (not) an imprisoned dude
needs motivation
sexual desire (with nobody in partikular)
diverged, separate, mind kontrol
philanthropic and happier
romantik feelings (with somebody very partikular)
billions of dukklings inside my mind
you feel that?
shut the fukk up
the fukk

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A few days ago I felt lonely. Friends all busy and such, as I should be. Usually that isn't a problem for me, I just occupy myself with any projects or independent research. But that day I just had no idea of what to do, it was pretty horrible. I cried a little too, but a few hours later I felt fine. Perhaps it was too much sugar or something I ate.

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I'm a doofus

Hey, guys, haven't been around in a while. I thought I'd re-enter by telling you about the socially awkward penguin moment I had today.

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I guess first and foremost I just want to say that Oasis has been a very helpful resource for me these past three years. The discussions and interactions I've participated in or observed on this site have been eye-opening and have allowed me to even make a few friends on this site.

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