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I had no idea how blind I used to be, not in the sense of sight though. The more I think about it, there's a real issue here (where I live) that no one's talking about, or maybe aren't aware of. Whenever I'm riding the metro to get to my college I see the houses that are passed. Old, worn, decaying, peeling and decrepit, and yet they're occupied.

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the high point of my day

i enjoy speaking during these minutes

the time when i would rather be with than without

seeing is euphoric

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So this is a journal.

I have been instructed that I ought to journal. So this is me making an effort.

I've been lurking here for a month or so getting a feel for the community. And stalking my partner. So there's that.

Perhaps I will save this space for ranting when it may be inappropriate to do so on my blog. My blog is mostly pictures of Disney princesses.

So, appletime. Securely bisexual? Less securely man-shaped. Well, aspiring to man-shaped.

Perhaps out of the target age here.

Hello, friends.

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Bored bored bored bored BOOOOORED bored bored Bacon Orifice Replay Endgame Doppler BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED BORED bOrEd BoReD

So. Fucking. Bored. Nobody to talk to, nobody to play with, nobody to even make snide comments about being BORED to. I'M SO FUCKING BORED. Hellishly so. I swear to Goddess I'm gonna fucking deep-fry my neighbor's little kid, too, if the little blond shit doesn't SHUT THE FUCK UP. God I hate children. Not only are they perfect little sociopaths, they're useless and waste far more resources than they create. *adventurer voice* Overpopulation problems, ho! *normal angry voice* Obviously killing and eating them is the solution.

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Does anyone truly believe this? Now… really!

"New Jersey’s law banning so-called gay conversion therapy is facing another court challenge, this time from a couple who claim their constitutional rights are being violated because the law prevents them from seeking treatment for their 15-year-old son."


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I won't be posting on here anymore because no one seems to give a crap about anything I post which is pretty messed up being that I came here for support and advice. Well I'll take my stories elsewhere. Goodbye!

~Pretty Upset At People On Here -.-t

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Our hands, our heads, our brains, our lungs, they're just machines. Our hearts are all we've got left, and they're just machines

I'm tenser than I thought, I woke up yesterday with a real ringer of a headache, wondering why, as of course I just got a good night's sleep. Then I found my jaw ached like all hell as well, so I think I was grinding/clenching my teeth all night long.
The headache raped me all day till I took some ibuprofen and it went away.

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Do Not Mistake My Friendliness for Foolishness

Dear That Guy,
you're a pretty cool dude in a few ways. Sure you might be a little socially awkward sometimes and you look at me as if I'm judging you for it. I'm not man, I've been there, sometimes we just never had the time for social skills. But you've been improving, I'm glad. Though that's not really what this is about at all.

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A very lonely, not-silly journal.

Sometimes... Sometimes I feel so alone. Sometimes I get this feeling that even when someone understands me a lot, they don't really understand what the world is like to me. They don't look at the things I do and see them like I do. I know that everyone's unique, and nobody can really understand another- sure. But that doesn't make it better.

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a first

triggerwarning...transition , self hate, etc.

for the first time the other day, it was thursday night, i turned to a friend of mine during a VIP dinner we both went to.

i asked her "i know this doesn't matter what you think but i just need some validation. would you rather i transition medically or not exist?"

she seemed confused.

let me explain quickly that my idea about transition has changed rapidly and i am now hoping to pursue top surgery and i'm not sure about hormones but maybe.

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Oasis time stamp does not auto-correct!

Don't forget to go to your user profile/edit and in "Time Zone" (bottom of page) select the correct local time, then click "Submit."

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Just Checking In

Hello everybody!!!
WOW I haven't been on in ages! I think I've really outgrown this site but I thought that I'd give a little update for anyone on here who cares to know how I've been doing :)
I turned 16 a week or two ago, and I think it's safe to say 16 will be a much better year than 14 & 15.

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I counted.

So, that fucking fucker Pat has FINALLY finished that fucking novel that he was writing. Took him long enough. Anyone remember Pat? Good times, those times. I mean, besides how fucking awful they were for me mentally. I was fucked. But yeah. Pretty good times.

Oh yeah, I'm feeling a little bit profane. Why? Because fuck you. That's why.

Okay, fine, it's because I'm more than a little fucking annoyed at myself for getting myself involved in a certain situation that I don't care to talk about right now.

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A Strand

That one time I met the voice actor for Ed. Absolutely priceless!

Not that I'm braggin', there were plenty of other people who got to meet him too, heh. :-)

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confession highways

It's too late to call you, now, friend,
and you're probably just pulling off
the road and checking into
some motel with a vintage
sign glowing neon in east Texas.
The truth is, boy, that I wouldn't
know what to say if I could get
a hold of you on the phone
in my current state because
the last time I saw you,
it was raining in bucketfuls
of liquid pearls and your
mother was waving
goodbye on the porch,
as though you were
going off to war and
it'd be the last time
she would see your
hazelnut eyes shining
and that dopey grin.

Boy, I needed to say a lot of things;

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