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No Sunday Starbucks update from Super Duck!!!

That has to mean she's off getting laid, no?!

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Planning on making a youtube channel from which to spout my opinions

As stated in the title, I'm planning on making a youtube channel on which I'll post various videos of myself talking about random crap. I'm curious if anyone has anything they think I should talk about. I'll be posting the link on the site once I've got it up. But yeah. Thanks.

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Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan

What a great "read" this most recent book is from David Levithan: Two Boys Kissing!

I received it just yesterday… and it's already finished.

I've never before read a story told quite like this. First… there are no chapters! Second… it is subtly interwoven with a ghostly running commentary delivered by the collective observers from a now-distant, tragic era of gay history. The main story, however, is far from tragic!

You are assured of finding it exceedingly uplifting… and there is no doubt that you will find in it much that touches very close to home.

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Thoughts on the Ledge of a Rooftop

Honestly, sometimes I feel more and more like jumping off of a building when I think about growing older. I'm terrified of losing the things I care for most. I want to live forever, but at the same time I'm horrified at the very idea of the people I love dying before me. I don't want to lose anything. Sometimes I'd really rather die.

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Dream Journal #6

This was easily one of the absolute wildest dreams I've had in my life.

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we must hang up in the belfry, where the bats and moonlight laugh, we must stare into a crystal ball and only see the past

So, I signed up for the mailing list of this club set up by a Mormon kid in Cali, McKay Hatch, his club being called the "No Cussing Club".
Hehe, I always thought that was an interesting idea, a club dedicated to the idea of not doing something, and I was mildly curious to see what they sent out.

Well, heh, the first thing I got had this title: please keep sexual predators out of the bathrooms and locker rooms please help sign my sisters petition.

Interesting, thought I. It wasn't what I expected, here was the short letter in the email:

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Zod is Bread (The second of what may be many journals; also probably a bit NSFW)

And so another day passes.

My sort-of-lover is getting a house, which may mean we're going to see each other again. I also owe him money.

My other lover has been unfairly accused of harassment. I am trying hard not to learn who the syphilitic horse-monkey is that accused him, as if I knew, they would likely be sent a box full of fire-ants.

Still looking for a goddamn job; learned that a lot of banks are trans-friendly. Many fucks were whatted.

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Dream Journal #5

Strangely, this dream took place in real time, or just a bit slower even, over only a couple hours or so, which is very rare for me.

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The Language of Love

In a monologue, a 17-year-old Australian boy struggles with himself on how to tell his best friend he's in love with him. Beautiful!

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Juggling Three Worlds (Noah)

Hi everyone! My name's Noah, and this is my first journal here. I'm equally nervous and stoked to be here doing this, and I hope that what I write doesn't blow!

This journal's title is a reflection of how I feel. I'm interfaith (Catholic and Jewish) and 100% no doubt about it GAY. It feels funny to see that on my computer monitor right now. I really do juggle three very different worlds and all I want is to be a normal kid. As my Dad always says, "It's not going to happen!"

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BIG (Aaron)

Being different sucks, but if you're smart you can make your differences into something awesome!

I'm Aaron, and of the Rejects I'm the youngest and the BIGGEST member. You probably noticed that I had a word in all caps? There's a reason for that. BIG describes something large so I think it should be in all caps! My journal,my grammar rules : ))

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College Adventures (But not really) Pt. 2

I just really do not like my roommate. At all. I honestly don't see us becoming besties ever. I know I complained about her in my last journal, but I'm gonna complain about her some more. For one thing, she always acts like she never has a fucking clue what's going on. She has this perpetual look of confusion on her face that really annoys me. I'm surprised she hasn't been hit by a car yet.

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photos, show no tears in her eyes, all those pretty years gone by...

I forgot the linchpin in my thing about B last journal, the guy who I was thinking might be gay (/into me). So after he found out I was gay and showed special interest in me, I messaged him, this obscure acquaintance: Wanna hang out sometime or something?

Then he replies, same day: sure.
lol, i dont know what we would talk about or do, but yeah

HA. Does it get any gayer than that?

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Catholic organist: I was forced to resign for being gay

Watch this video from today's USA Today!

If you are not outraged by this travesty... I can't imagine what would do so!

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It's my Birthday!!!!

I'm twenty!!!! I've been a teenager for so long, it was time for a change.

But I don't feel any different than yesterday. It feels just like when I turned 18. Subconsciously, i expect fireworks and confetti to stream through the air, and a parade to go on outside my house while my life dramatically changes for no reason.

Contrary to popular belief, I never do anything on my birthdays. It's just another day for me. Maybe next year I'll go clubbing and LEGALLY drink for once.

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