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Anyone Seen Bully?

I finally got a chance to see it, thanks to Blockbuster having insane price cuts due to their demise. Man, that documentary. The one kid, Alex I think his name was, he reminded me so much of myself at that age because of the things that he went through. Even so, the whole film spoke volumes.

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Gay Youth Rap...

If rap's "your thing," this short video should inspire! Impressive as they are, I feel the male contribution is a tad underrepresented! :(

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they're free to do as they please, I assure you
absolute bliss, I have no words!
you are (not) an imprisoned dude
needs motivation
sexual desire (with nobody in partikular)
diverged, separate, mind kontrol
philanthropic and happier
romantik feelings (with somebody very partikular)
billions of dukklings inside my mind
you feel that?
shut the fukk up
the fukk

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A few days ago I felt lonely. Friends all busy and such, as I should be. Usually that isn't a problem for me, I just occupy myself with any projects or independent research. But that day I just had no idea of what to do, it was pretty horrible. I cried a little too, but a few hours later I felt fine. Perhaps it was too much sugar or something I ate.

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I'm a doofus

Hey, guys, haven't been around in a while. I thought I'd re-enter by telling you about the socially awkward penguin moment I had today.

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I guess first and foremost I just want to say that Oasis has been a very helpful resource for me these past three years. The discussions and interactions I've participated in or observed on this site have been eye-opening and have allowed me to even make a few friends on this site.

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Rome's Gay Street Lights

Rome's beautiful (and quite gay!) Christmas street lighting; Conservatives are upset… but are confused as to how to respond!!

See article on HuffPo here:


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Spirit they're back

When I'm outside, I like to look over the trees on the horizon and imagine that there's an undiscovered world beyond them that civilization hasn't yet corrupted, and no other people exist. It makes me feel like there is still a place where I can be free and not be bothered by the materialism of other people.

I had a dream last night about being chased by people who controlled the society in which I was. As fast as I could, I packed all my stuff into a white van. It took too long, and a flying witch came down from the sky while I was outside and carried me off.

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How Can We Save Oasis?

I'm kinda sad writing this right now because since this site is scheduled to close down a year sooner now I feel that I have to try to do SOMETHING to help out.

It's tougher for me to come on here now with my heavier school work load (TWO English classes-one regular and one elective) and still doing physical therapy on my injured foot to balance out the strength between each leg. It wears me out, especially after a long day in school.

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i'm back....

yeah, I know I'm horrid about updating but my comp got thrown down the stairs and then the guy who threw it went into a diabetic coma and died two days later.... as you can tell, my life is just one big mess of Charlie-Foxtrot-ted-ness right now.... since I've last posted, I've....

~gotten a job
~had far too many cups of tea in 7 days than is healthy for anyone but an English dowager
~had my computer thrown down 3 sets of stairs, thus making the screen crack'd from side to side
~had a haircut that made me look like ringo starr
~was in a band for two weeks

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#9 Nobody to love

He once told me, in a voice full of hatred and contempt, that there was nobody to love. Tonight he paraphrased the sentiment with the same fluency.

I acknowledged it with the brevity of a nod. The world had never been about the well-intentioned and their eventual triumph over adversity. All in all, I had found it unforgiving only to be interrupted by intermittent kernels of kindness. What I had to say would have been an assault on his conscience and that of decent peoples. We both knew that I was the boy that had proved him wrong.

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Again, fixated on the pendulous hummingbird. Oscillating, revolving, returning, but only when it is forgotten. The pulse is strongest after its decay. It fades only to reveal itself once more. It is the rain shower that feeds the waterfalls. Attacks resonate throughout the empty universe.

I just want someone to talk to.

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British Teen Olympic Diver Has Just Announced He's Bisexual!

But the article says he's currently in a gay relationship!

Anyway... here's the link:


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What a find.

Here I am on my returnal to familiar ports, a prisoner. New leadership has taken its reign now, another autocrat. I wonder how I'll get out of it this time. I guess I've found myself once more in the right and wrong place. What a find.

My dreams follow me where I go. They've taken a terrifyingly inspiring trail, of jealousy, disgust, and unmitigated horror, and I fear the underlying masochism.

Please help me. I'm trapped.

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Just a quick little note for people of any belief system.

(For non-atheists, insert whatever applies to your beliefs wherever you see a religious noun.)

Dear Angry Atheists:

I'm getting real tired of your shit.

You make the rest of us look bad with your constant ranting about how religion is 'the root of all evil' and your constant warmongering between groups that could actually get along just fine if it weren't for people like YOU. On BOTH sides. Because you're no different than the fundamentalists who call atheists or others of differing beliefs 'heretics' and 'evil'. They say atheism causes moral corruption, you endorse the inverse.

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