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For Holly

My gift is my rant
And this one's for you
And you can tell everybody, this is your rant
I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words
How rant-i-ful life is
Now you're in the world ;-)

First off, and apology, to you, Holly. I told you this would be up in the morning, and well, it wasn't. LOL! Can you ever forgive me? *gives best puppy dog eyes*
Ok here goes the ranting, just for you.

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the end

I stood by the door for nearly a half hour, I couldn't bring myself to leave but I didn't know what to do if I stayed. I think my experiment just failed.

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Suicide, Cutting and Woe is Me

Well, This is gonna ruffle alot of feathers. And I am gonna say it anyways.

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Why can't penguins fly? (Warning: I cuss ALOT)

Hum....damn it, it's not fair penguins can't fly. They are the coolest, and best birds. Damn it all to hell. I hate stupid ass people who want to make fun of penguins...

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The String

The boy I love gave me a string! Its so pretty, and I was dragging across my face all day, sniffing it, thinking of him and sighing...until I rememberd that he had picked it up off the floor. This is the latest in a series of his signals of attraction for me. Hah! Talk about crappy gaydar. Everything he does I twist into something suggestive...I mean, really, he has a girlfriend.
...But hasn't everybody thought that way aboot someone?

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Crying myself to sleep

crying myself to sleep with a knife to my wrist. The smell of alcohol on my breath. This is how i am living, and i hate it. I just wish i could stop, stop all of it. I wish i had a handle on my life. But lest afce it i don't i can not control my self anymore. and today i began to slip back into to bad stuff, i have stopped eating again...i thought i was over that, but i guess i truely never will be.

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Things I don't understand

1) Why I just took the bisexual quiz, and it told me I was "Definitely not bisexual"... ummm, no. Wrong. Thank you for playing, please try again.

2) Why I woke up this morning and started worrying about having children, and explaining it to my mom...

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My Name Poems (I'm so freakin' bored!)


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Over and over again.....

Trevor broke up with me, but I haven't cried or cut myself or anything. I think I realized I mixed up love and lust. I'm starting to think I will never find love.

Rachael still likes me and I really like her. But she hasn't asked me out again, and I'm kinda afraid to ask her out. She's one of my best friends and I don't want to lose that.

Joey hasn't said anything about going out, and he's acting like a jackass, so I say: fuck him and not literally.

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Absolutely fabulous...

*smirk...grimace* Does anyone know where the bathroom in this place is? Thanks.

Ah yes, I knew you would be frustrated. And I know I've been gone a HELLUVA long time. But don't worry, I haven't changed much, aside from a recent personality disorder I've developed. Yes. Anyhow, It's 4:30, I've been doing Public Policy problem sets for the last three hours, and I will certainly give you a much more adequate update sometime tomorrow. *MUAH* I love you all. And Lauren...*waves frantically* I'm right here!

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Hate Jealousy and homophobia

Normal ramblings of a confused child with so much hope yet so little future................................................................don't click here..............blah blah blah........read on

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Tonight I hurt someone really badly. I risked loosing them and their love, along with their trust. I did something really horrible, which I regret, and what's worse is that I did it to protect myself. I made that person cry, I messed with their mind, and I feel like killing myself. I never in my wildest dreams, thought someone could cry over me, let alone someone who has known me for less than a month.

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a little info on me

hmmmm....Well i am really fucked up. I have scars on my writs from when i couldn't handle the pian inside. I wanted to hurt myself even more i stopped eating and lost 12 pounds in 2 months. I have a really fucked up realationship with my parents. And i fucked up my realationship with the only person in the world who i thought truly cared about, and the wrost part is i know i am the one who fucked it up. I really just want it all to go back to when i wasn't fucked up, when i loved my parents, when they loved me.

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RANT - how surprising?

me gods. 12 days and counting. that means that there will be at least 12 more rants...LOL.

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