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Afrikaans Poem # 2 - <i>Lippe</i>

Nog voordat ons lippe raak,
ruik ek die geur van sy mond
wat soos `n ryp vrug gereed
is om my sorge te versadig

Hy neem my in sy arms,
en, totaal onbewus van ander mense
ontmoet hy my in die middel
van `n swerm onbevredigde emosies

wat skielik, onweerstaanbaar
in `n verstikkende
teug van genot

dit voel soos `n ewigheid

sy lippe neem afskeid van myne
en `n dun straaltjie maanlig verlig

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ADRIAN "of Hadria" (Latin). Hadria was a town in northern Italy (it gave it's name to the Adriatic Sea). Hadrian the Emperor was a famous bearer of the name.

Just cause Adriens and Adrians rule.


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English poem # 1 - <i>Mistakes</i>

Mistakes cover the ground on which we walk
and seep through our very beings,
never ceasing to obliterate the spark
of life that vainly tries to make us seem

to love, to hate, to cherish,
to feel, to disbelieve that we,
infinitely unable to embellish
ourselves with infinite amity

can succumb to human faults,
can throw ourselves into vaults
of pain, anguish and indifference
and form a wall of malevolence

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Afrikaans Poem # 1 - <i>Op die strand</i>

Die naglig glimmer soos goud
op sy borskas, terwyl hy die
lieflike geur van die aand
deur sy neus inteug

Ek sit op die strand en bekyk

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Day 1

My lips are dying
Pieces cracking off
Little pink flakes falling to the ground
Blisters forming at the corners off my mouth
Glaze it over with chap stick
Just makes the pieces that fall off sticky

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A most glorious day! Thanks Jeff and Adrian for your help with my technical difficulties! Love you much!

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My day

The plan :

Get up, go to school. Work on writing on the bus, or fall asleep on Michelle

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Interesting article

Hmm...there was this article in the school paper today. It took me a few readings, and some intervention by a fellow Oasis person, but I finally figured out that it was a humorous, exaggerative commentary about the status of gays at my university...

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a happy day off

watched this movie "hero", an asian movie, nominated for foreign film for golden globes......... great fighting scenes....good use of colour filters......otherwise, long winded.

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I'm at work...
I'm supposed to be doing my reading...
I need to write a poem...
That will kick ass...

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Space, me thinks I need a lot of it, and now that there is someone in it, my way of working and relating to the ether changes.

A sentence. I need one. A grand introductory one.

I need a focus, or rather an approach.

Making sense? Probably not....
Perhaps it is indeed all about discursive space.


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I was so not expecting this when I punch in the address.

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What a brave world we live in

"All told, more than 3,000 suspected terrorists have been arrested in many countries. And many others have met a different fate. Let's put it this way: They are no longer a problem to the United States and our friends and allies..."
"...The liberty we prize is not America's gift to the world, it is God's gift to humanity." -George W Bush, State of the Union

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