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Perfect Day- Limbo

Such a perfect day today, blue sky nice cool air. Not bad at all. Except...

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Flordia Photos

I took alot of films more like 2 or 3 films in Florida vacation. Guess what? It came back doubled up. Supposely my parent said it was new and never used. I used it, then it came out photo onto another photo. I was really really upset and expected it to be perfect photos. So now all you can see is another photo ontop another photo. Theres a family in the bg, then theres Florida ontop , kinda blurred together. URG. Just perfect! Not. So its wasted. Saddly enough, it ended me being upset over it. Oh well.

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Ai me...

MA is much too cold. We have around 5 feet of snow right now, it's insane, I could get lost in a snowbank! I don't want to be lost in a snowbank, it would be cold, a lonely... and I think I'd end up dead...

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percolating fragments

Never Never Land is where my head is. And Mary Poppins is an annoying, pretentious, perfectionist bitch. I

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you are obbsessed with cock and to u it is like

Do you love cock? (girls)
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The root of my problem

Click read more..... Click read more.... Click read more....

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daaaaahhhhhhhhh...stupid blog disappeared.

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Ok, I have some sort of mania...

Mania, Presidents's day, and unpreparedness, oh my!

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The Sweetest Thing

I see you and I'm overwhelmed with anger
I don't pretend to understand it
I can't tell you why

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I am pondering if i should give up my life in Oasismag by writhering away into thin air or I could activily post my non gay ramblings elsewhere and keep you update on the no boyfriend status???

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I'm back

I'm back, back to the world of the internet, electronic mail and blogs, flame wars, information and news whenever I ask for it. The lights flicker once again in front of my face and I realize it's all consuming power.

I really should get out more.

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feeling a bit better

Thanks to the few of you who responded to my last blog, written at oh...1 am, a few nights ago. I am feeling better...

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The First and Last Time

The First and Last Time (A poem about HPV)

Simple are your kisses that fall upon my face
Gentle are your hands...warm is your embrace
Magical this evening
That I share with you
I am so unprepared
Not knowing what you will do
Careful are your words
You whisper in my ear
Telling me to touch you
Telling me not to fear
Your hands run over me like water
I am unsure what to feel
I kiss you back though I am scared

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Helpful suggestion: build your vocabulary.

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Educational Panel

I'm working on creating an educational panel at school, where a bunch of people are qualified to speak about GLBT issues...

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