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some fresh pics of myself =) dfgsdfgsdfg

Well then, there we are.. finally ..

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I am A cutter

So today, I come to work, and find myself presented with a brand new corner cube. nice eh? and all it took was a trailor trash hoochie to sexually harass me and fuck up my old work station. nice. why can't I be sexually Harassed by attractive men?

I am also recovering nicely from the Testicle slashing incident. which from now on will be refered to as "section E" which Jules has coined it.

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Woody's Boys: How you pain me!

Well, last week I returned to Woody's for the first time in a few months. I've lost a little weight since the last time and I donned a new shirt that made me look even thinner, so I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. I mean, I'm not hideous; surely someone would find me attractive enough to dance with me, and I was in the mood for some fun.

My friends and I decided to go at the last minute; the night actually started as a gay bowling night, but after an hour of some really bad bowling we decided that we should go somewhere that was more suited to our strengths. We packed my car with two of my girl friends (one a lesbian, one straight), a girl and guy from the gay union whom I didn't know very well before then, and me. After a good amount of time listening to various bad club songs and me singing along to Cher (whom I LOVE because she sings in my range), we finally started seeing the city in the distance. That was when I sort of freaked because I've never driven in the city before, but with the help of my friends and the fact that there were almost no cars on the roads because it was late on a Wednesday night, we finally maneuvered to a parking garage and got out. Then we did the usual "take only what you need: license, " discard thing, and we left the car to walk to the club in the bitter cold without jackets because we weren't sure if there was a coat check or not. The streets were very different from the way they were in October. There were no cute boy couples walking with their arms around each other or groups of guys laughing loudly and greeting the friends they ran into on thre street; the streets were very empty right up to the club. We finally got there, paid, and entered.

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snow day

snow day, snow day, Linds doesn't have French today...

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blood hangs in the pine soaked air

I think about Chris intermittently through the day, but I mostly think of him at night before I close my eyes and try to sleep in earnest. I don

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Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Assuming, of course, that these "blogs" take the place of our much coveted discussion boards... Here we go...

My girlfriend and I broke up last week. She lives in Toronto... I live in Vancouver. It just wasn't going to work out, I guess. But you know how it is? You really love someone and you're really intimate with them and then *POOF* its over. Sigh. I'm not as Sunny as I normally am. I guess it's for the best though. We can both meet people in our own region now... the long distance thing just shouldn't have happened. I don't know how we managed to keep it alive this long. heh. It makes me laugh thinking about it. I miss her though. I wish she'd hop on the next plane home just so we could make love for the weekend. Sigh. It's a delusion. Nothing more.

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thoughts at 1 am...

I should've known this was coming. I've felt it approaching for weeks, like how you can sense an impending storm by the smell and feel of the air. I'm sure I did know, somewhere inside me. But I ignored any warnings I may have given myself and now I find myself sitting at my computer struggling not to cry.

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From your daughter, the good girl

You called your letter a reality check and a letter from one adult to another.

Excerpt dated October 25, 2000.

"Unfortunately, school does not teach all the important things in life. Now that you are in your mid 20s, you will begin to gain a greater respect from life experiences in the next 10 years

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Just a thought.

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what did I just do???

None of my friends here know that I'm a lesbian... I think that will be changing soon.

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unsolicited advice

massage lotion + sensitive skin = burning breasts

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your only contribution has been an 'x'

part 1 of maybe many, but I hope only one.

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I am too Vain


I was being vain today. I was doin some "pruneing" and i sniped a nit to close to the globes and cut one of them. talka bout sting. hurt almost as bad as when I got cum in my eye for the first time.

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I have come to the conclusion that it will never ever stop snowing in the Baltimore/Washington area, ever.

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I have decided

I have decided on a celtic design, either a heart or a star. We will see. I wont go right ahead and get it done. I will take my time and consider if I really want it or not. Its all up to me. :)

Which one ? I think Star is more like wiccaish so I like it since Im spriually wicca.

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