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The Liar

One great big facade....

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Swap meets and other shopping...

DiamondDog's shopping turns into a bit of a rant about why women's pants will never be good enough.

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Picking my lips off one piece at a time
Make it so theres a constant blood flow
Plucking my hair out strand by stand
Make myself look like a man
Peeling my skin down over my eyes
Just a face, make me blind
Cutting off my breast one and then the other
Study them in a glass jar
Decapitating my body
Separate the top from the bottom
Different shoe boxes for different parts

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A New Day

Here in New Jersey, the weather has changed. Spring, however far away, can be smelled just under the ground. The temperature is rising, even if the wind still chills; the grass is pungent even if it is still brown. January is done. No matter what freak storms come up, we are through the worst of winter.

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Gettin' juiced in Virginia...or rather hanging with the crew...

I've always had this alter ego grunge boi in my persona, but I've never gone all the way with the spiked collar, spiked wristbands with bondage rings...etc. So I've delved into that this's been extremely exhilerating.

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Aqua - Marine Blue

The waves crashing against the shore
make me wish you were here
enjoying the sounds they make with me.
Whoosh! Crash!
Each explosion a reminder of your absence.
Millions of tiny rivulets
carved into the sand by the hand of Force,
mesmerize me.
I long to pick this scene up
in my hand
and send it to you in a package,
wrapped tightly in a ribbon.
Only you could untie the ribbon,
because opening the package

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i caught the flu i hate viruses.....

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Do you dream and still think that your life is just a dream? Sometimes you pinch yourself but still feel the pain in both worlds, and it wouldnt be a confirmation that its not real. In a way, both worlds are reality if you believe in it much. Sometimes you'll feel the spin or a whipsplash of wirlwind and you;ll fall in abyss of enternity. Sometimes you;ll fly through the clouds, light as a feather. Sometimes you would dream that your house is flooding, overflowing with fear. The world of paradox. The movie THE CELL strike the same type of similary. This mental guy is diseased, and he has a world of his own in his mind. A prison in his mind, full of torture and woe. I loved that part, but the rest of the movie sucked.

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looking at people's profiles

why is it that when I try and look at other people's profiles by clicking on who's new, then clicking on view thier profile i allways just see my own?

if this happens to other people or if it doesn't please tell me cus i'm confused


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The forgotten Diary

Bridget Jone's Diary- the forgotten paragraph

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I'm furious now. For the first time I really feel like I hate this place. I feel thae hate that I've had for every other school I've been to running through my vains. I hate the lonliness and I hate the people behind it and tommorow, I'm gonna hate not having a job.

Forty minute ago I found out that the shift schedualing for my camous job happened today. I was gone all day at a workshop and though I knew it was comming up, since the last two shift meeting were on sundays and I hadn't gotten an email about it, I'd be okay. I wasn't there isn't a single shift left that I can take. In other words, I'm fucked.

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invisible breasts

Red Streaks running under my invisible breasts
Looks like I missed my lips when using lip liner
Ribs sticking out like wanna be tits
You would think I was an anorexic bitch
My stomach is a plushy dome
All White and milky
Craters for breasts and Peaks for a belly
Half of me is obese and the rest is non existent
Carve me mold me
Make me pretty

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it is also an artform (2003/02/01)

The dance floor is my second home.

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