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Indigo Girls Concert

Last night I went to see the Indigo Girls in concert, and they were AWESOME.

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Life is a never endind struggle.Once you think all your problems are behind you,new problems comes to the surface. Somteimes worse than the ones before.Its hard and keeps getting harder by the day.Once,i've wanted to end it all but i'm glad i didn't.That would be giving up on life,the most precious thing to have!I'm not a quiter!I'll keep on fighting!

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rock and roll!!!!

i love oasis and wanna follow in there footsteps.but do you think that in todays society a gay rock and roller is ok?

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I think i'm getting old.

My self-induced detox/slow january is officially over .. yet i just couldn't find any time this weekend to be arsed to actually go clubbing or do anything VAGUELY social.

I actually pulled out of 2 pre-scheduled such events.. no make that 3 .. or was it 4.

I slept , watched some Farscape .. and read 2 Harry Potter books .. (1 left.. then I am also in queue for book 5).

Err , I can't think of anything redeeming I did this weekend.. honestly.

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Crashing Hardcore...

We visited the Holly Wood Cemetery in Richmond and afterward had a get together at the house.

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insomnia redux

I can't sleep again tonight. My head is going in circles.

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An Ode to Socks

This is the story of my mornings trying to get ready for school (or any other thing i have to do in the morning)...
As I wander aimlessly through my room looking for things to wear I stumble along socks
They are the easiest things to choose to wear yet the hardest...
I never knew putting on two different socks would cause such havoc...

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I'll let you

I lay there still and I let you touch me
Crawl up my shirt slowly
Look me in the eyes and Ill close them tightly
Play with my nipples ever so slighty
You know what happened last time
Bruised and swollen hard as a rock
Nip at them with your mouth
Ill pretend to like it
I moan a little
Making noise will distract me
Put your tounge down my troat
Choke me with your toxic breath
Lick your way down my stomach

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need your opinion

Okay finishing up a funding proposal and I've seen different variations, but which one is correct.

"grass roots" OR "grassroots"

All you walking dictionaries out there, lemme know.

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Nerdom is masturbating to Walt Whitman poems

Just returned from church with my mother. Unitarian Universalism is utterly void of ritual. Ritual is supposed to cast you out of yourself, to broaden you, which makes it the enemy of my comfortable, safe, convenience-ridden lifestyle. I

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The Liar

One great big facade....

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Swap meets and other shopping...

DiamondDog's shopping turns into a bit of a rant about why women's pants will never be good enough.

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Picking my lips off one piece at a time
Make it so theres a constant blood flow
Plucking my hair out strand by stand
Make myself look like a man
Peeling my skin down over my eyes
Just a face, make me blind
Cutting off my breast one and then the other
Study them in a glass jar
Decapitating my body
Separate the top from the bottom
Different shoe boxes for different parts

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A New Day

Here in New Jersey, the weather has changed. Spring, however far away, can be smelled just under the ground. The temperature is rising, even if the wind still chills; the grass is pungent even if it is still brown. January is done. No matter what freak storms come up, we are through the worst of winter.

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Gettin' juiced in Virginia...or rather hanging with the crew...

I've always had this alter ego grunge boi in my persona, but I've never gone all the way with the spiked collar, spiked wristbands with bondage rings...etc. So I've delved into that this vacation...it's been extremely exhilerating.

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