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The Plot Twister

And here I am, again, at Oasis. I used to write a column, you may remember me as Chrisg. I wrote about my life, as I will continue to do in my column: Tales of the Pretty, Mischeivous, or just Bored. Some of the highlights of what I wrote were about my experiences with boys: Dave and Tim are perhaps the most memorable. I wrote about friends, the plays I was in, and in general teenage life. I hope you will find my column interesting still, and for the new readers, I hope you will just plain enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

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I wasnt made gay by anyone, it was all just pure luck?

My weekend is progressing ok ..
Had a very constructive linux user group meeting =) ..
Kind of came out to all of them..

Someone was like 'you are just a closet neo-nazi' .. and i was like 'sweeeetie.. i am not a closet ANYTHING!' .. and at some later stage we were discussing irc, and i was like.. 'yeah .. i have been an operator on #gaysa for years and years"

Also notable is that I have managed to garner quite a bit of support with the guys and generally managed to find a direction for us to head in the future.

This is one of those cases where I am taking leadership because everyone else is too non-committal and it is hurting the local linux community ..

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to sick to write anything, just wanted to drop in

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I cut myself
The blood flows loosely
No pain is felt
My troubles wash away
As the cold water
Touches the wound
You can taste my blood
Because you caused it's fall
I cut myself
With a knife sharp
As the hell you brought me to
Clearly I see
The darkness taking over me
The blood so cold, dark red
It's not over; you will see.

Other poems at:

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Puberty the second time 'round...

Testosterone, injected into a female body, causes a second puberty. Remember how fun puberty was the first time around? Not at all, right? Well, the second time around, when, for folks like me, it's the right puberty, it's actually fun, believe it or not. The acne for me, thank the gods, isn't that bad (thank you dad for your good skin!). My shoulders are broadening, my voice dropping, I'm getting hairy, it's great.

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The Biggest Scare of My Life

I watched the Micheal Jackson special last night. I thought I could stomach Jacko's Wacko-ness. I had two expressions during the entire thing
1)Mouth agape
2)Mouth agape and screaming in horror
How that man is allowed to have children is beyond me. He has issues with children, and the scene where he was feeding "Blanket" was incredibly disturbing. Let's shake the kid uncontrollably while suffocating it with a veil like thing.

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Hot as Hell...

The sauna that is my room... and the job that I want.

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Our Last Day...

We had the entire place to ourselves tonight, just the four of us. Though I missed seeing everyone else that we spent the week with, it was nice to just be the four of us, like some of the old times.

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There's a picture of me in my user profile

I feel like hiding. Cocooning. Sitting quietly at home and reading Malcolm X or finishing my college essays, or working out until I emerge superior to my former self so entirely that the person sitting here now won

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Blogging is addictive...

Does blogging=exhibitionism?

And some anti-gay quips from dad.

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karma gone bad

Shits pouring from my fingers
Writing things I didn

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Utter Poppycock! Michael Jackson on 20/20

Have you guys seen Michael Jackson on 20/20 interview? I mean GOD! Its utter poppycock! Unbeleivable

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photocopier chats

twenty-first century fireside chats.

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How do convince them to like you even if they are straight? Eventhough they once admitted they thought they were bi, acted on it, and liked it?

This is the story of my love life. I have been crushing on a girl for two years and it's the most heartbreaking thing in the world to hear her talk about the guy at Starbucks that she's in love with. It's just weird that she once claimed she liked girls and now wants nothing to do with them.

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