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oasisbabe ROCKS!!!

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volunteering. intellectual illumination. an apology.

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So hey, I haven't written much in a while.
So I've got a significant other, I suppose. I'm pretty sure I'd call him my "boyfriend," but I've come to the understanding that this is something one asks, and not something one assumes.
At any rate, so much to talk about.
It all started about two months ago. I was talking to Alex online, and he told me that he was talking to this guy Alfred; someone who had contacted me, but I didn't feel any "chemistry," and I don't think he did either. So, nothing came of that. Alex was SO upset about this. He accused me of all sorts of things. In the end, he and Stef, my two best friends, said that I should give people a chance, and to lower my expectations a bit. So, I did, sorta.

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Picking up the pieces from last nights party....

I tried locating those lost seven hours...but to no avail. Oh well, all is good in the House of Debauchery.

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Silly Heteros

What is wrong with strait friends? Maybe its just my strait friends. Take my best friend for example; She is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I love her to death, but every now and again she will say or do something amazingly rude, or make some narrow minded assumption. There is a huge disparity there, something that we can't seem to overcome. On some level we just don't understand where eachother is coming from.

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Lost int the forrest of my mind...

Long introductions, and a peak into a strange and, oh dare I say ( sya it say it say it)- Nay! I shall not. It gives me such mirth to watch you sqrium with excitment, I bid thee.......read on............

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Like Morrissey or Malcolm X

Matt remarked that he often pretends not to understand what

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Rejected: Dan Herzfeld

I'm the Queen of France!

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Adam and Steve

There are ripples in the water
From when they froliced under the sun
There are imprints on the sand
That their feet walked upon
There is a trail in the forest
Where the twigs are bent down at rest
There is a meadow in the clearing
Where the lovers will be put to a test
There is a bible,there is an alter, there is a knife,and a rope
What is going on? Will this end with no hope?
The man opens the bible and says a little prayer

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updates from...

Hi this week I've decided to see what it's like with my free time intact. I've had time to cool off since my last entry and I don't quite know what my feelings are about being at this school or if the unhappiness I feel will foow me elsewhere. But in the mean time, I'm going to class and doing my thing as best I can.

Also, I uploaded a picture that I took a while ago. It's one of my favorites

This is a picture of a man and a boy on the bus that I took one day. It makes the wold feel beautiful when i loo at it. It's my calm ride on a Saturday afternoon.

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Devil in disguise

Beautiful statues

All Dancing in a circle

Throwing their limbs

Tossing their hair

No leader

No instructor

Must be a dream

No way they can be real

Or maybe it is I

Laying here in the middle

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I... think... I'm... ill

Haven't seen Clea DuVall pictures in almost 12 hours...

and already I have the symptoms of a QGA (queer girls anonymous) trying to get off an insanely hot supposed-lesbian's blindingly beautiful features.

-dry mouth

What will happen next?

Quick, I need another dose!


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I'm new. There's nothing much I can tell you except I'm bi. It's cool. I've mostly accepted myself. I wish my family can say the same. They don't really accept it. That's alright though. They'll come around eventually. I'm 18. I'm graduating this year. I don't really have plans for after that. I don't have a significant other though. I wish that I did sometimes. No one at my school really pays me any mind.

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