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First off, lemme say I'm so glad that Oasis is back. I didn't realize i was addicted to it until it went down. But the past is past. And i really like the new layout.

Anyhoo, i live in the midwest in a quaint upper middle class suburb called Carmel. To help give you an insight into my town it would probably help to tell you that the majority of the girls are on the verge of emaciation, straight blond hair, bubble-gum-chewing ditzes and the majority of the guys try to get in touch with their thuggish roots, which none of them have. But in a school of 3500 kids, you're bound to have some cool people and i call them my friends. I am so thankful i have them. I don't know what i would do without them.

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I went on my first photoshoot today.. (*^_^*)
And before you guys start perking up .. yes.. this was one of those fully clothed ones.. thankjoovellymunch!

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late night zombie

well it's like 4am and i can't sleep............. maybe a little too excited over........i dunno what it is though..sigh......if i dun sleep soon i'll never make it to work tomorrow.........

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Grrr Stupid Dubya!

You know, I'm all for helping out other countries, but what about us? Was watching good ole Dubya speak on his new AIDS plan today, 14 different countries are targeted, not the U.S. however. We still have thousands of people being infected with and dying from AIDS and the HIV virus everyday in the U.S. Sure I'm bitter given my history with AIDS, but I'm entitled to my bitterness. When is America g

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random (yet prevalent) thought

Musing on bluntness: I find myself apologizing a lot lately for the things I say, which translates into apologizing for who I am. Why?


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OK, now I feel better...

Status update: Not too much to report. Right before Christmas, I did a major revision to the book. The first fifty pages of the book no longer start the book, they may never appear in any form actually.

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Carol Channing

I know I won't get a damn bit of writing done until I write about the night I just had. Actually, I tend to never work on my novel on Fridays, so given the late hour, and that I need to get this story out of my system, I guess this will be another Friday without progress.

Tonight, I went to a Carol Channing book signing. Every few days, I pass by a bookstore in the Castro near my gym. When I unfortunately pay retail for my books, this is the one store I let charge me full face value on books. In their window recently is a picture of Carol Channing, and a notice that she will be signing her memoir, Just Lucky I Guess, tonight.

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Freaking out a former supervisor...

Last year my on-campus job was a student security receptionist. Because of the paperwork involved, and since I didn't change my name legally till this past summer, most people at work knew me as Bethany, my legal name at the time. I didn't bother coming out to any of them.

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Pull back my hair and look like a diva in training
Sweat all dripping down my neck little strands flying this way and that
Take it down into a static afro
Hair reaching out for alien life forces
Green electricity
Pimples adorning my forehead like a fucked up tiara
Red waves against white chalk skin
Put on some makeup
Make myelf translucent maybe some yellow greenish skin

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hey im a new

ewww i love the way u love me

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The Irony and the Humour.

... seems to have marked me as some sort of social pariah, a plague, an untouchable...

...You see 'pain begets joy' or 'joy through suffering'...

I am reminded of the New Yorker Cartoon that hangs on my door. A party. A man and woman in conversation. Caption: "I was reading somewhere that all people are stupid."...

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English poem # 2 (Experimental) - <i>ABC</i>

Almost Being Concrete

almost being concrete, doing everything
forwardly guided, his irksome jabs
knead lamenting memories -nothing obesiant-
parrying quotas, re-living semblances
towards unending vying wafts....
xenophobia yields zenithal auguries blissfully construed
during every finalised gulp,hindering immovable jokes.
Keen-sighted, languid men nod openly....
procrastinating quintessentially, reality succumbs to

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So, this is the new oasis huh? I don't know, I've been with oasis for such a long time I figure I might as well hang around for a little bit. I've survived two oasis droughts people! Although, I am kind of jaded, because some of my columns I wasn't able to save from the google cache. Woe is me.

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A new site in the new year brings a new start...

I missed Oasis. I admit, for a time I was glad that it was gone because I thought that it was time to let go. See, I developed a sort of scorn for it. Well, not Oasis, but the fact that I wrote on it and what I wrote.

See, there was a guy I barely knew who said that he liked me. Like, really liked me. We talked about what our relationship would be like when we got back to school, and I sent him my journal (this was after Oasis went down, so I sent him my saved copy). Right after that, he told me that it would't work out between us. He started it and ended it in two weeks. It was so hot and cold that I couldn't think of anything to blame but my journal.

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Well Well Well

*sigh* Now Dragon must learn how to navigate all over again... Ah well, to clarify for those of you who don't know me very well, this is Cristina from the "old oasis" Let's see... it is Ilana and I's 1 month/ 6 month anniversary, 1 month since we started dating again, 6 months since our first date. Yee-Haw!

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