Will Pansy Division become the Fag Fab Four?

By Jeff Walsh, Oasis Editor

Pansy Division knows what people say about them: They're a gimmick band, a bit too penis-centric and not to be taken seriously. And there are enough songs which support that theory, quite honestly. But as bassist Chris Freeman pointed out in a recent interview with Oasis, they might be seen as a gimmick band, but they're about to release their fifth album and making a living. The new album, "More Lovin' From Our Oven" on Lookout Records, is a compilation of their latest EPs.

Queer science, is it in your genes?

By Jeff Walsh

Many teens initially question why they are queer when first discovering their sexuality. Some question it even after accepting it.

In 1991, Simon LeVay took his curiosity about his sexuality and applied it to his work as a researcher for the Salk Institute. LeVay found, by studying the brains of gay and straight men, that gay men had a smaller area of cells in the hypothalamus portion of the brain.

Butch dyke comic Delaria boasts new album, roasts Ellen

By Jeff Walsh

I was happy when I heard Ellen Degeneres was going to come out as a lesbian on her show this year. I had always watched her show, even as it struggled with various cast switches to try and find itself. I truly think Ellen is funny, which is why it pains me to say that this season has been the most frustrating to watch.

Jesse Costello-Good, 17, of San Francisco

By Jeff Walsh

Since coming out two years ago, Jesse Costello-Good has definitely put the 'active' in activism.

In September 1995, three months after coming out, he joined openly lesbian Roberta Achtenberg's mayoral campaign in San Francisco. It was the first political and social thing he had done as an openly gay teen.

XY editor Peter Cummings: target of gay youth praise, media scorn

By Jeff Walsh

Over a year ago, I remember getting a call from Peter Cummings, who started telling me about this gay youth magazine he was launching called XY. He asked if I had time to write something for the debut issue. Unfortunately, I told him I was working on the debut issue of Oasis at the time and didn't have any free time to give him. We both wished each other luck on our projects and I didn't think twice about it. A few weeks later, I got this hot, glossy magazine in the mail and immediately noted that I should have found time -- just to be a part of the first issue of something I knew was going to be big.

Thomas Gerald Jean, 17, of Killeen, Texas

By Jeff Walsh

Thomas Jean is a man with a mission, or was one anyway. Until recently, the 17-year-old Killeen, Texas resident was involved in just a few gay community and student groups.

He was a member and served in various positions in these different groups: The Gay Lesbian Alliance of Central Texas, P-FLAG Waco, P-FLAG Austin, Out Youth Austin, Houston Area Teen Coalition of Homosexuals, The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Young Adults of Dallas, the Teen Project of Forth Worth, Respect All Youth of Dallas, and the Killeen High School Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Student Union.

Tim Gill Interview

By Michael Ditto

Major donor to many gay and non-gay organizations, all in the name of the queer community, not to mention founder of one of the most successful companies in recent memory, Tim Gill has been of great interest to me for many years. It has been an honor to speak with him in person, as well as electronically, the way in which most of this interview was conducted. Tim has been a major guiding force for many queer youth in and around Denver, Colorado and has served quite well as a role model for a long time. He has donated well over $4 million to various gay and lesbian causes over the past several years.

Jake Hein, 17, of rural Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

By Jeff Walsh

Jake Hein's life changed when his English teacher persisted in asking why he couldn't attend a forensics meet. He had told her he had another commitment, but after additional prodding told her he was attending a meeting for gay teens trying to start a local support group. dent, who lives outside Eau Claire, Wis., says the teacher shouldn't have been too shocked. During a recent meeting with the principal, Hein had told the principal he was gay.

Torie Osborn: The Optimistic Activist

By Jeff Walsh

As is the case with any journey, where you've been is just as important as where you're going. Whether your specific journey is life, a well-earned vacation or gay liberation, you need to be able to look at a map and be able to point at where you are at present to better understand the future direction.

Kevin, 22, of Raleigh, NC

By Jeff Walsh

On Oct. 10, a group of North Carolina State University students were painting notices supportive of National Coming Out Day in the university's Free Expression Tunnel. "It's a great day to come out" and similar messages being painted by gay student group members were meant to encourage people to disclose their sexual orientation in a friendly, supportive manner.

About 10 students came through the tunnel as the group was painting, according to Kevin, the co-chair of the gay student group. The group of seemingly-drunk students was quick to disclose both their sexual orientation - heterosexual -- and their dislike of anyone who didn't share that orientation.

Keeping it real... with Sean Sasser

By Jeff Walsh

For many gay youth, falling in love is a distant dream. While their heterosexual peers are making their first awkward forays into dating and romance, queer teens usually either play it straight or go asexual. Few are out, and those who are usually can't find a date due to lack of options.

Dueling Gingrichs: Newt's lesbian sister's accidental activism

By Jeff Walsh

Her book is called "The Accidental Activist," and Candace Gingrich is making the most of this accident. Her book tracks her Speaker of the House brother Newt like a lesbian version of the documentary Roger & Me, in which a laid off auto worker tried to meet the head of General Motors. But for Candace, she actually meets her brother. He doesn't say anything of merit, though. Just flip remarks about her busy speaking schedule and an offer for a face to face meeting he wouldn't honor.

Scott Silverman, 29, of San Francisco

By Jeff Walsh

Scott Silverman is gay, despite his unkempt hair, T-shirt and jeans (which runs contrary to his living near San Francisco's Castro district for five years), and despite references in his stand-up comedy act about how much he wishes he were a smart, hot woman like Shirley Manson from the band Garbage.

Dan gives MTV viewers a 'real' look at his life

By Jeff Walsh

I was at a loss when I interviewed Dan Renzi, this season's hot young gay guy on Real World V, taped in Miami. Having just moved to San Francisco, I don't yet have a TV. But I have always been a fan of the show since its inception, despite the constant debate on whether it's actually 'real' or just bullshit. Who cares? We all know how it works, believe what you want.

Andrew Huesman, 21, of St. Paul, Minnesota

By Jeff Walsh

Many gay teens have crushes on their best friends. Some insist that if they could just manage to tell their friend "I'm gay" at the right moment, things might combust into kissing, sex and an amazing relationship. But the words rarely come, and if they do, it rarely ends up being a mutual feeling -- although we've all heard tales of such teenaged best friends-turned-lovers that make us all feel a slight tinge of envy. But they are truly the exception.

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