Advice from adbak

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Coming out.... Such a cautious subject. However, with the right
attitude and integrity, you can surmount all odds.

My advice would be to not wait until you get a girlfriend to bring
her home and introduce her as such -- that might shock both your
parents and your girlfriend and place everyone in an
uncomfortable position. If you are still questioning and/or
undecided in your sexuality, then perhaps it would be less stressful
if you told your parents that. Of course that would leave yourself
open to them goading you to live the "straight life".

My advice would be to hold no secrets from your parents. Be open to
them. Tell them that you are unsure of your sexuality, but whatever
you may find it to be, it will not change a thing -- you will still
be yourself. Once you are sure and firmly set in your sexuality,
make sure that your parents are aware of that so they do not say
anything to offend you.

Above all else, brace for the worst, hope for the best. This way, you are not disappointed no matter the outcome.

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Here are some links for your perusal:

I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to contact me if you want any
more advice or just someone to talk to. :)


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I like your Idea Adbak but not with the placement of the steps. I think you should be sure of your sexuality before telling your parents (unless you trust them completly) cause if it turns out that your not or off by even a bit on it you may end up causing more problems.