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I have two lives, honestly. One is online, where everyone knows I'm
bisexual. The other one is offline (school and family life), where no one
does. I'm a loner at school, so feeling like I was lying to my friends was
nonexistant there.

However, I've known I was bisexual since the beginning of this school year
(seventh grade), and all of my best friends are online, and it killed me to
not tell them. There, I did feel like I was lying by not saying anything,
and I hated it. One night, I was talking to my absolute best friend on MSN
Messenger, Matt, and somehow, we got onto the topic of sexuality.

At that moment, everything and nothing changed in mine and Matt's
friendship. He told me he was bisexual and had been in a relationship with a
guy for a few weeks, and I almost fainted. It was like. . . 'HOLY SHIT,
YOU'RE BI, TOO?' Only I didn't say that to him. I was silent for a minute,
and then basically told him that I didn't give a damn about his sexuality or
who he loved. After reassuring him I wasn't going to stop being his friend,
I told him it was my turn to come out with a secret.

Matt told me to go ahead, and I took a deep breath, sucked up all my
courage, and told him that I was bisexual, too. Just as I had been, Matt was
silent for a moment, and then did exactly what I had been thinking when he
told me. 'HOLY SHIT, OH MY GOD, YOU TOO?' So, yeah. . . It's sort of ironic,
that my best friend was bi, too, and that it was the fact that he told me
that came to me telling him and coming out to the rest of my online friends,
none of which decided to tell me to 'Fuck off' or leave me.

I'm still working on telling my parents and siblings, but the fact that one
half of my life accepts it will make telling the other half easier.

Age: 13
Sex: Female
Location: North Carolina, USA


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Go you!

Go you! Your situation is like identical to my best friend and I. Isn't that such a great feeling, not to be alone?

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Happy For Ya

Hey, congrats! A lot of my online friends are bi (as am I), however I only have one friend here who is. All my other friends are straight. I came out to my parents a little less than a year ago. It was a bit awkward, but they were cool about it and still are. Haven't come out to all of my friends here yet, though. I dunno, I just don't really feel that it's all that necessary. I know that none of them would ditch me if I did though.

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congrats, i actually wish

i actually wish mine was like yours i was actually trying to tell my best friend i was gay but i got afraid at she would hate me for it and my mind just shut down and the bit at didnt shut down told me actions are louder an words so i just kissed her weve been going out for a couple of years and my mum did hate me for it as far as kicking me out for it but happily still with AJ :)

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Congrats. You sorta remind me

Congrats. You sorta remind me of a younger me. When my best friend told me she was bi, on my 14th birthday, I was shocked. It wasn't because I cared, but it was because she knew, and I wasn't so sure yet. However, I told her at that time I was pretty sure I was bi, and it was awesome, because I no longer felt alone.
I also used to have the dual-life going. In time, the two lives will merge. :)


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That's like what happened to me! Not that long ago, a few months. One of my best friends told me that they thought they were a lesbian. She was just so matter-of-fact about it, I felt I had to tell her. So I did. It was so much easier after that.
Honor Louise :)
I'm a bisexual, partly out of the closet, sort of wedged in the door.