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Well, I came out to all of my friends, and was rather widely accepted, so I was pumped to tell my mom. But unfortunately, when I told her, she only had one thing to say to me. "Thats disgusting! You might as well be a pedophile, or go fuck sheep." And that was it. Conversation over. That night, I left home. I ran away to my girlfriend's house of all places. I was gone for almost a full week before my mom found me. And she was so angry. But not at me. At herself, for chasing me away like that. Every since then, my whole family, and all of my friends know that I'm a lesbian, and accept it. Even my little sister, who is only 8, will proudly tell anyway that her big sister is a lesbian. Its a great feeling to be accepted like that. For anything, but especially for something as "socially unacceptable" as being a 17 year old lesbian. I'm glad I told them.

Name: Crystina
Username: Morganna
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Location: Northwestern Oregon

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Good for you!! Isn't a great feeling to have people accept and love you for who you are?! I am very happy for you!