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coming out and kicked out

I have a serious problem and i hope that there is someone out there that can help me:

I came out quite some time ago, but since my boyfriend picked me up from school one day and we kissed, i do have a choice to make: either to be kicked out of school or joining several 'reprogramming' programs to cure me from my homosexuality. i've called several lawyers and even our governement, but since they're a catholic private school run by monks, they can do anything to me. i'm a senior now and if i change school, i would have to spent another year around school.

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Online Relationships: Not safe and Unstable

Okay, a few people on oasis have been dating. I thought this issue needed to be brought up. I was going out with someone on here. I understand that you want to go out with someone and feel loved by someone. Online relationships are not the right thing. They have made me hurt and I am just look out for all of you.

The first harm area of online dating is an unconfirmed identity. First of all you could be dating a total freak or pervert. It is not sensible to start a relationship without knowing this person in real life. At least talk on the phone a bit send plenty of pictures etc. TRUTH: People online are not like themselves in real life. That love letter that you see on the screen can not be expressed to your face. They could be lieing right in front of your face, although you have no idea because you can't see them or hear them. Someone online that you might think is a badass, arrogant, rebel could be the exact opposite person you are looking for.

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Transgender article

I was reading the Chronicle of Higher Education when I came upon this article and figured that someone on the site might be interested in it, so here it is. If it's already been brought to attention, sorry. If not, it's a rather good article on one person's experience.

Be warned, it's long

Second Sex

Wally Bacon, a popular professor at Nebraska for 29 years, returns from summer vacation as a woman



On the first day of classes this fall, W. Meredith Bacon walked carefully down the aisle of a large lecture hall at the University of Nebraska here, carrying copies of the course syllabus in her tan briefcase.

It was a walk she had made many times before, but this time she was nervous. She stood before the students in her khaki slacks and short-sleeved green blouse, wearing a single strand of pearls under her collar-length gray hair. It was the first class she would teach as a woman.

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Getting settled in

Hi kids,

Last time I wrote, I was busy getting ready for school and moving into my new place in SE Portland. Lots has happened between then and now, so let's not waste any time getting into the nitty gritty....

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One year on...

One year ago I joined Oasis. I was out to only one guy friend and one counselor/teacher who he recommended I see because I wasn't happy about being in the closet. Oh how things have changed.

I am incredibly happy now. I am here at _________ College (you can figure out where pretty easily). I have met some of the most amazing people, none of whom give a damn that I so happen to be gay. I truly don't feel like I have anything to hide any more. I am not in the closet any more. I have a shirt which subtly declares my homosexuality. There are lots of gay guys here, lots of lesbians, and lots of people in between. Our GSA has over 60 people turn up for meetings. The other night at a frat I saw two guys making out at the front and it was so awesome. No one cared that they were both guys. And October is Coming Out Month here.

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I don't understand these people that go so out of their way to tell
someone else that they're going to hell or even that they need to change
their lifestyle. I'm sure i've done it at some point, making my entire
argument hypocritcal.. but honestly, what is wrong with this "zealots"?

I logged onto myspace today and in one of my groups there
is some post title "O destruction came to the West" first of all, i'm

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Blood spurted from her neck [updated].,,2-7-1442_1806034,
25/09/2005 16:00 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A glass bottle attack on a young woman in the Gay and Lesbian Pride march on Saturday in Johannesburg caused panic and pandemonium as blood pumped from her neck.

"I was standing on the float waving at people in the block of flats in Harrison Street when I saw something green coming towards us," said march participant Paula Coburn.

"I screamed 'They are throwing bottles at us' and then I saw this girl drop.

"Blood spurted from her neck and someone's 12-year-old daughter, who was on the float with us, jumped off and ran into the crowd screaming."

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Of Spirits Dimished

If you happen to have an attention span sufficient to recall my last post, you'd know that I was crushing for someone. And crushed I am. We'll call him Dave.

I called Dave yesterday and asked if he wanted to go to an improv comedy group on campus with me and told me that he wasn't a fan of improv. He did, however, invite me to go running with him and I accepted.

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I want to be a.....

I'm a bored anthropology obsessed fifteen-year-old, so I figured I'd ask people what career they want when they grow up and why they want that career. Personally, I want to be a filmmaker or and an actor. The reason I want o be this is because a.)I suck at everything else, and b.) because I love creating things. I love acting and the thirll of being able to tell a story visually so that it can inspire future generations.

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ok i no u all have been wondering who the guy is i keep talking about is well we have decided to come out with our realtionship to oasis. his name is.....

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Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day (I didn't make this up- it really is
talk like a pirate day).

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Disney Movies

I have just recently watched The Lion King
This has been a long time since I have watched this
and I cried
the part where simba's dad dies
I was just wondering If oasisans have ever encountered a movie that they used to cry when they were little then come back to watch it and ball.
preferably Disney movies but whatever =D

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What do you guys think makes somebody masculine or feminine? What are masculine qualities, and what are feminine qualities?

I'm well aware of all the stereotypes about what it means to be a boy or a girl. I'm just wondering if you guys have opinions about what the real differences are (especially those of you who don't identify with your biological gender).


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So Governor Bill Richardson came to speak at my school today, about education and funding and whatnot.

Afterwards, my dear friend Emily and I decided to go and talk to him. We held hands, and walked up to him. He noticed the hand-holding immeadiately. Emily said, "Hi, we were wondering if we could ask you a question? It's not really related [to education etc]."


"What do you think about gay marriage?"

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First Book To Read

Ok- the choice is between'Sarah' by J.T. Leroy, and 'Keeping You A Secret' by Julie Anne Peters. If we have more than three books to pick from, I might use the poll option, but otherwise I think sticking on the forum will be OK. So if votes can be posted here- and then we collect the result on Friday, then allow 3 days for getting hold of the book and adjust the reading time for the book. (Thanks to Penumbra for the time scale idea :D)

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dead ants, gathered together in the corners of your restroom. now available in wallet and locket sized prints

she sat in her cubicle, her DESIGNATED SPACE, staring at the empty desktop before her as she affixed tiny stickers onto each of her fingernails. in six years, four months, and eleven days, she would be gone.

"sometimes i hear VOICES in my head," muntley said to no one in particular.

"is it usually when people are talking to you?" she asked.


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Hello, everybody. I see some new faces, some old. I'm one of the (more-) original Oasians (#111 to be exact). I fell off the Oasis map for personal reasons but am now back because this is truly a unique site.

Since I last left I entered my junior year of college, found Ubuntu Linux (many thanks to Adrian for turning me Ubuntu and to GNU/Linux in general) and have since taken a foray into the Mac OS/X world (and love it, mostly for the superior integration of hardware and software). I'm still a Geology and Spanish double-major and plan on studying in Madrid, next semester.

The real reason I'm writing this blog, however, is to have a place to vent. The first of my major woes is politics. I suppose you could call me a polito-masochist -- that is to say I am interested in politics and immerse myself in it daily but am disgusted with how often it disappoints me. Bush has fucked up so much it's inconceivable that he hasn't been impeached or recalled already. It's inconceivable that he even won any elections, but that's further in the past. For my sake as well as America's and the World's sake he should be kicked out of office so fast he doesn't have time to take up drinking heavily again. For my sake because, since I'll be going to Madrid, I'll have to explain myself to Spaniards who want to put up a verbal fisticuff even though I'm a liberal.

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Welcome to the new Oasis Magazine book club.

I have just created a new forum topic for the discussion of books. Go to the Oasis Book Club

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Stonewall Research Paper (In it's entirety)

Thought I'd re-post this, but in a more permanent form, cuz according to my poll, there is at least SOME interest in our history. Who knows, if people like this, I will study more of our history and report it.

I think I am going to post the essay I did on Stonewall. It is a very important part of gay american history, and is relevant to gays everywhere. When we learn our history, we can gleen strength from their resolve, and learn from their mistakes. So, in the interest of helping those who wish to learn some of our heritage, I am proud to present, my research paper on Stonewall. If you wish to learn more, I can supply you with some book titles and websites you should visit.

(Please note: I have left in my paranthetical notations, so if it says something like, (smith 22) that is just what we used to prove that we were not plaigerizing (Spelling?))

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Bringing this to the discussion table. . .

This is a comment I made on Sam McCowan's journal. I felt that it eould make a really interesting discussion topic. So here goes:

I apologize beforehand, but I'm passionate about this issue.

Okay, What makes y'all think that gays and lesbians are looking for approval when they fight for marriage? This is not us looking for someone to affirm our love, we have already affirmed ourselves, so fuck what they think of us. I look at myself and all the glbtq around me, and I am filled with pride, pride for our diversity, pride for our love for one another. I don't need the Religious right's approval.

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