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Bloody hypocrites...

Hey, one of my friends told me about this article in an Australian newspaper called "The Daily Telegraph." Read below and you'll see what it's all about, but basically, it's about a school/s in Sydney which are getting a lot of shit from the press right now because of a Sex Ed. class that they held.

"In the lesson, Dealing With Difference, students at a western Sydney public high school were asked to imagine they were 13 and growing up heterosexual in an environment where everyone else was gay – their teacher, tennis coach, guidance counsellor and even their family."

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became a gay hate crime statistic yesterday

So i never thought that something like this would happen to me in a public place in broad daylight. I was walking to the bus stop to catch a bus to track yesterday afternoon. Since it was so nice out it was too warm for a jacket so i took it off. I was wearing a tshirt i had made with the help of my friends. It had colored in outlines of a bunch of women and over the pic it said "let's get one thing straight. I'm not" and under the pic it said "gay by nature, proud by choice" and there was a little box on the back with the quote "girls will do girls". Now i'm an out lesbian and have no problem really about who knows.

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Found this is Saturday's paper under the shared accomidation section. Found it

DOMESTICATED homosexual required(or nearest offer) to share with busy working female in a 3 bedroom home in Rapid Creak. Call...

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Barralas Biggest Gay Petpeeves (and yours too!)

Whats your petpeeve? Preferably something "gay-related" one would have to be people asking me if am gay, as if i will tell them, sometimes it makes me angry, most of the time i am annoyed, Whats your gay petpeeve?

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I have made this decision

Coming out, I am. To the world, and school. I'm not changing my mind. I am sick of keeping part of myself a secret, so I'm not going to do it any more. Anyone at school on monday, assumes I like guys, makes a bitchy gay joke, "Scusemoi, yeah, you. I don't know why you think that's funny, and I could just say that I'm offended for moral reasons, but it gets personal, because I'm bi. Oh, don't raise your eyebrows that way, and no, I'm not just saying that to 'be an individual', it's actually the way I am." (Yes, I do feel the need to defend myself, cut me some slack, it's hard to be the one of very few who bother not to dress and act like everyone else at the school, and in defending my actions, I have realized, the people I go to school with understand you better when you're in their faces, and when you affirm who you are) or something like that.

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Northward, ho!

Hi kids,

I just got back Sunday from an absolutely wonderful time in Vancouver BC. The gay men's chorus here in Portland did a joint concert with the gay men's chorus in Vancouver. As part of Portland's 25th anniversary celebration, we're doing a series of joint concerts and the like. In June, the Vancouver chorus will come down and the gay men's chorus from Orange County, California will come up, and we're going to have a spectacular concert with 250 men. Those of you in the area interested in coming to this fabulous concert should let me know--I may be able to hook you up with some tickets. But heavens, I digress...on to the Vancouver story!

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My Goggles! Mine!

So every once in a while I wear these ski goggles with bright orange lenses around. They're not your usual big blocky goggles, no - these things are streamlined and just one badass degree away from being retro-cyberpunk. In a good way, of course. In any case, I don't wear them that often, but they can add flair to whatever I'm wearing, as long as it's appropriate. Just push them up onto my forehead and I'm good to go. Pretty straightforward, right? I mean, everyone needs a prop. And, incidentally, in the winter I actually do use them for skiing, so it's not like they're just some kind of mindless fashion accessory. Anyway. Now I can no longer wear them. This is unfortunate. This makes me unhappy. This is not a good thing.

At my school there is a creepy little subgroup of anime freaks, gamers, RPG geeks, and wannabe otaku who call themselves the Nerd Herd. I have no real problem with these people. They're irritating, and if you get too close the greasy hair and unwashed body odor gets pretty bad, but in general they're not bad people by any means. They hang out in their corner, and everyone more or less gives them their space. Recently, one of these... individuals... decided that the whole goggles-pushed-up-on-forehead thing was a good idea. Apparently he saw something really similar in some anime or video game or something, and took the step of trying to actually work with it. Normally, I'd be flattered, but this guy has basically hijacked my look. See, not only is he wearing the goggles everywhere and all of the time but they are the EXACT SAME GOGGLES. Except that his have light purple lenses while mine are orange.

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To all:

It probably won't have much effect, but I just felt like saying this to everyone here.

Life is tough at times. Some of us may be going through hell right now. But keep in mind that most of us are through most of it. Once we have grown up and moved out, we can become anything we want to be. Each of us will be able to live out whatever romantic fantasy we might have; we will meet others like ourselves and won't feel alone; we won't have to suffer association to intolerant bigots in our family.

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I apologize if I have been neglecting the day to day running of this site.

I'm usually a lot more active on here. I have been going through a lot of stuff with work at present,
and when I haven't been working on work work, I've been working on the next version of Oasismag.

More specifically I've been finishing the user sites functionality, and the new design, and many other bits and pieces. The new oasis site is going to rock your socks off, so be prepared *grin*.

I'm just leaving you guys a note to tell you that I haven't forgotten about you, and I still care for you lot. I will make a more official announcement about the new site, as soon as I am ready.

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just got back from jail!!!!

well it was one hell of a day (excuse the language there might be some more before its over)this guy and girl, who must be his girlfriend. came in while me and peggy were working. we were not even touching each other she was on one end of the counter and i was on the other. we were just talking and doing paper work. when they came inwe heard the bell go off on the door so peggy stopped talking to me and said hi how are you doing and smiled at them both of them and the girl goes don't talk to me you queer. i just kind of looked funny and peggy put her head down. and her eyes started watering like she was going to cry.

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For those of you who dont know what a three word story is, its when a group of people on a forum, compose a story in the series of posts, each post can be up to 3 words long (this time around i think we can accept 4-5 words as you get the hang of it. I will start

Once upon a time

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"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and other gay(ish) quotes...

I am working a shirt that says "save a horse, ride a cowboy" on it, and i was wondering if you guys have heard any quotes that are gay or can sound gay coming out of a certian type of persons mouth...

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Gayest thing you've ever done!

I dont mean to be really stereotypical, but whats the gayest thing you've ever done??

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there if you need me...

I've realized lately, reading everyones entries, how familiar everyone's problems seem. From people wondering if they might be gay, with out knowing what to do about it, to doubts about comming out to friends or family, or relationship problems, or drugs or cutting. And I have also realized how much I have overcome personally.
Since I started posting here over 2 years ago, I have come out to my friends and mom and brother. I have also had several crushes on straight girls, including the obligatory best friend that every gay teen seems to have to get over. I have dealt with, and am still struggling to live with depression. Ive been addicted to drugs and cut. I have also had my first girlfriend and lost my virginity with a guy. Ive had great things happen to me, and found reasons to be happy. I've found reasons to keep living.
my journal could be a lesson in how NOT to live between the ages of 19-21. it could be a lesson in how to screw your self over as horribly as possible... and survive to do it again. And it could be a lesson in how to enjoy the small things (like DDR and coffee) and find reasons to keep going.
Most importantly, reading everyones entries lately has led me to realize how much of the stuff people are posting about now are the same things Ive posted about before. Your tragedys today have become little bumps in my past. And i have several years and hundreds of entries of experience and advice to give.

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Smile Beautiful Angel

Alright, heres the sequel to Shine Empty Soul. I've only got the first
chapter done but i hope it'll come along just as fast and hopefully
even better than Shine did.. so anyway if it does come along rather
slow then heres your first peek.. (yeah i know not alot of people care :P)

---Smile Beautiful Angel: Chapter One---

“Love is a beautiful thing, a treasure that you hold close to your heart and guard jealously from those that would rob you of it. It can become an obsession, a desire that both fulfills and destroys you. You strive for it, willing to give anything and pay any price if only to keep it for a few more precious moments. It becomes everything to you, it consumes your world and your very being is driven by it. Love is the most powerful emotion that we can give and that we can receive and thus is the easiest emotion to taint and to corrupt. We must not allow something as truly beautiful to become lust or worse, a burden.

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Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One

Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while, lots of things have come
up and gotten in the way (though i dont think to many of you missed me
lol) anyway, I've been writing this little short story and since its
about being the new kid in high school, coming out/being gay and whatnot I figured maybe some of
you would like to read it. Heres the first Chapter, and the second should
be done tonight hopefully (maybe even the third if i kick it into gear)
anyway, enjoy! (and i'll go ahead and apologize for the way it looks, i just
copied and pasted it from word into the box..)

--Shine Empty Soul: Chapter One--
“For the longest time I didn’t know myself, it was if a part of me was missing, or as if something inside me wasn’t completely whole. I found that the more I searched within myself, the hollower I felt. I tried to push it out of my mind, but the more I struggled, the more lonely and broken I felt. I became depressed, and my mother became worried so she decided to move us from the city to the country, hoping the environment shift and loss of all my friends would help. I thought my world had finally collapsed, I’d lost everything, and on top of it all I was the new kid again in a school that I hated, in a town I loathed, and with people I detested. Everything was going down hill and my life was crashing and burning before my very eyes, but that was before I found my other half, or maybe before my other half found me. Its strange how life throws something totally unexpected at you, and you either take it and run with it, or leave it and wait to see if any more are coming, but you always regret not taking that first, because who knows where it may have lead. This was one of those unexpected, and even now I can’t believe where its lead me.

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Anne Rice, on her son Christopher

Anne Rice answered the following questions about her son, Christopher, via e-mail. This exchange has also been appended to the Christopher Rice interview:

Jeff: Were you surprised Christopher ended up being an author, given it is also your career? Did anything about his childhood or upbringing make you think... I think this might happen?

Anne Rice: It did surprise me when Christopher completed his first novel, and my husband came downstairs and told me he'd just read it and Christopher's whole life was going to change. I thought Christopher would become an actor. He'd been in plays all over New Orleans, school and amateur productions of all kinds. He loved the stage.

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are we playin games with our lives.

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat-
scared, out of breath, exhausted.
i dreamt that i had HIV.

this dream all came from the events that occured just a day or two ago when my BEST friend... told me that she had HIV, and she thinks she's had it for the past 3 yrs.
see her boyfriend got tested and well... you do the math.

it kinda got me thinkin...
damn what do i say to her... how do stay being her friend, when i'm even too scared to touch her...

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Sadness Futility Sports War

Professional sports confuse me. To be honest, I find most competitive sports to be a little bit inscrutable. This isn't because I don't understand the rules of the game in question; for the most part, I do. Rules are, for the most part, the easiest part to understand. And it isn't that I don't follow the players or the teams or the stars. I more or less don't (apart from reading about the latest sports scandal if it hits the front page) but that shouldn't have any real effect on how I see the game. No, the biggest problem I have in understanding most traditional competitive sports is one of philosophy. I just don't understand the point.

Consider: there are two teams, each largely alike (except for their uniforms), and each fighting for possession of some abstract (and arbitrary) concept of territory. The territory can be spatial (for example, gaining yards in football) or economic (as in any game that relies more on volume of points, such as basketball). The end result, though, is always the same. People fighting over the same little bits of territory, gaining and losing ground, but ultimately getting nothing done. In short, the philosophy and style of team sports (especially professional versions) is nothing more or less than the philosophy of war.

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Christopher Rice interview

Christopher Rice has been featured in Oasis every time he has released a book. In 2000, he came out of the gates with The Density of Souls, which really set the bar for this talented newcomer. With its epic scale including massive floods, gay characters, a multi-generational storyline, and a New Orleans Garden District setting, it made for a bold debut that established him as a unique voice. He followed that up with The Snow Garden, which detailed a murder mystery on a small, northeastern campus that showed the first book wasn't a one-off, but rather the establishment of an author who took questions and background from his life to paint beautiful stories that always hold your attention and keep you reading.

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