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Oasis scheduled downtime and software upgrade.

UPDATE: The downtime will begin at about 11 p.m. Pacific Time, Friday, November 24!!! -- Jeff

UPDATE ADDENDUM: The downtime will begin at about 11 p.m. Pacific Time, TONIGHT, Saturday, November 25. -- Jeff

Sometime during the next couple of days, Oasis Magazine will be unavailable for a period of up to 5 hours, due to a software upgrade that will take place.

Due to the nature of the upgrade, Oasis Magazine will be in a transitional state for a couple of days, so we would appreciate that if you do find any bugs in the new version, you please post about them on the support forum.

This is the first step on the road to the relaunch of Oasis Magazine, with many exciting new features and a brand new look. =)

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Margaret Cho

Man, Am I addicted to Margaret Cho! She is so god damn great! I love hearing from her about gay marriage and republicanism and conservatism. She keeps my attention. She's just so amazing. I want to send her a letter saying how much I love her acts. Here's a couple skits.

This one is one of her inspiration speeches...

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Gay Monopoly

From boardgamegeek.com

Gay Monopoly - A celebration of gay life".

Tongue in cheek version of the classic Monopoly. Player tokens are altered - now you can choose from a jeep, teddy bear, blow drier, leather cap, handcuffs or a stiletto heel. Properties have been changed to a 'gay' theme as well - e.g. Fire Island and Castro Street. Instead of buying houses and hotels, you can buy bars and bathhouses.

The one departure from the original Monopoly is the inclusion of Family Pride cards. When landing on the appropriate space, the description of a famous gay man is read aloud, and the player that can correctly identify the person can move ahead to any space on the board.
Also different is the addition of Camp Cards. When these are drawn, you must perform the indicated action (ie. 'say: 'faaabulous!' six different ways and receive $3).
Rumor has it that there were only a very limited number of copies of this game, as it was produced by The Parker Sisters, a division of Fire Island games, and were sued for copyright infringement by Parker Brothers.

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ATTENTION QUEERS! Info For the Politically Inclined

"Rightwing Christians have us on the defensive, scrambling to prove how nice and normal, how patriotic and churchgoing, we are. But we'll never convince our enemies we're just like them -- and not because many of us aren't. That's true, but irrelevant. Homophobes don't hate us because we're different; they call us different because they hate us. When we romanticized promiscuity, they condemned us for not forming long-term, monogamous relationships; when we romanticize long-term monogamous relationships, they condemn us for "mocking" and "destroying" marriage. We're their scapegoats. They need to call us guilty to feel innocent. They need to call us dirty to feel clean."

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Health Q & A

Raziel asks what diseases can be spread by saliva, scratching, and general attacks by mentally ill people.

Regarding saliva, there are many diseases that can be transmitted through it. A cold, the flu, herpes, Epstein-Barr Virus (this causes infectious mononucleosis, "the Kissing Disease"), citomegalovirus... Most of this are mild or asymptomatic. Rabies is also transmitted through saliva.

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Quick note: I've changed the navigation slightly.

To save space in the right sidebar, the user menu is now contained in the header, above the logo. All post types you can create are now available in the write menu, meaning you don't have to click on create content first.

I've also made it so that clicking on the 'Log In' link, collapses a small login form that you can log in with now.

If there are problems with any of this functionality, could you guys please leave me a message here, with your browser name and version, and possibly take a screenshot.

Thanks. =)

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Oasis now has a search feature.

One of the features I've always wanted for Oasis was a search box, so that you could more easily find that post you recalled seeing, but couldn't quite remember who wrote it, or when it was written.

Now I'm not saying that the search functionaliy will rival that of google, but it does sometimes provide more accurate results, considering it doesn't have to worry about indexing the rest of the internet.

In the near future, user profiles will also become searchable.

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Introducing the members list and new profile fields.

One of the things I've gotten around to setting up is a member's directory.

Logged in users will be able to click on the members link in the top navigation bar to go to the member's directory. This shows a list of the registered users on the site. This is ONLY visible if you are logged in, to protect your privacy.

Part and parcel of this, was the addition of a couple of fields to make the profiles a bit more interesting. I am talking about the tag, and the tagline fields.

Read more for a description of these extra fields

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I feel pretty, continued.

This is to clear up a few things from my last post.

The following is lyrics of "I feel pretty," from West Side Story, aka the Whateversexual theme song.

Underlying meaning of the reason behind choosing this song as the cult's theme: Feel pretty no matter what you gender/sexuality is today.

I feel pretty, Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and GAY!
And I pity any girl who isn't me today.

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The nature of this site...

I've been reading various entries throughout the site and I've noticed a few general things about it as such.

One thing I believe is that people come to this site in order to receive help, but so many seem to be looking for help that they don't ever seem to give much of it in return.

I'm not trying to accuse people of not trying to help but that seems to be the case. What I'm trying to say is that every journal entry I read either had little or no responses or the responses were, more than not, usually stemmed off from one particular response and thus changes the subject of what the original piece or writing was about.

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ok so I was walking home today with this kid from my school, and he's really cool and stuff. I've thought about him before, and am now realizing that I do like him. and now that really confuzes me because now I feel like I'm strait when I know for a fact that I happen to be bi. but when I was with my ex, I felt like i was a complete and total lesbian. is ones sexuality supposed to be this compl

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Sometimes i wish that my sister could accept me for who i am.I'm gay and all
and she doesn't grasp that very well and she thinks its a total joke. It sucks
because we go to the same high school and she cracks jokes about me being the
lesbian out of my 2 sisters.what i don't understand is that she seriously thinks
its funny but it hurts me emotionally.

I tried telling my mom but shes just like "well she's just playing around"

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Opinions on a GSA, anyone?

I just got an email from a school social worker I was talking about starting a Gay-Straight Alliance with. I'm still in middle school, and she wants to know how I feel about starting one of these in this environment. Could I get your thoughts/opinions about this matter, please? I'd appreciate some feedback, since I'm having some difficulty in finding out what to say, or actually forming any opinions about this.

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random thoughts in the form of a hypothetical letter to a friend

i was going to call but it's kind of late... so i figured i'd not wake you, i know you've been tired lately. i could never do what you do, but then maybe you couldn't do what i do. who knows? i've been thinking about how everchanging everyone is. i've noticed i've picked up a lot of habits from the kids. for example, in a recent conversation about rocky horror, rather than just confirming that i liked the movie, i exclaimed, "i loooove rocky horror!!" in true mary style.

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Where Am I?

Percent Suicidal: 80%

For the past few months, I've been confused with my future, with death, with the afterlife; I think that I may be coming to a conclusion. I don't want to live anymore. I don't want to tell anyone but Oasis, but I've considered telling my counselor.

I don't see the point in living anymore. I'm sick of living. I'm sick of pressure. I'm sick of this lack of love in my life. Everyday's a routine; although people say it gets better, the truth is that it doesn't. We live to die. We are born, we learn to walk, learn to speak, learn to act, learn about our origins, learn about the arts, work to make a living, marry, raise children, retire, and, finally, die. We die. We die. We work, work, work, work, and -don't forget- work, then die. We strive to follow our religions (or resist). We strive to one-up our peers, but look where we get! We all die!

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Rainbow Connection

Eh... more lyrics. I like lyrics:

Why are there so many songs about rainbows
and what's on the other side?
Rainbows are visions, but only illusions,
and rainbows have nothing to hide.
So we've been told and some choose to believe it.
I know they're wrong, wait and see.
Someday we'll find it, the rainbow connection.
The lovers, the dreamers and me.

Who said that every wish would be heard

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This is sooo funny...everyone should take a gander!

What could be funnier than Jesus saying "lol" every five seconds??? Gotta love the big JC!

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English Project (tips?)

I'm supposed to write a song for English class. Every second and fourth line are supposed to rhyme, and it has to include similes, metaphors, hyperbole, all that. This would be sooo much better if I didn't have to rhyme, but here it is, tips would be appreciated. Plus, it's not done, but this is what I have.

The Magician's Dove

Sometime's she feels like life is passing by,
She observes, but never joins.

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Back when I could fly

This is a song by Trout Fishing in America. I love the lyrics...

I used to be invisible, a shape changing magic kid.
I could move at the speed of thought and frequently I did,
But my greatest accomplishment was a slow and looping glide.
I saw the tops of everything, back when I could fly.

I'd take my daily nap on the highest leafy branch,
And follow shooting stars on a comet's fiery lance.

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heart pounding madness

Stop the presses!!!!!!!! I have a new crush, imagine that, i am crushing on another girl, but this one more than ever. The first one, over her, second one, we are kinda friends, no crush goin on there, really, she smells good though, lol, but my new crush, omg, she's a new friend, so i don't know much about her, i know her name, i know of a few boys she's dated, she's a year behind me in school, but she's awesome. this was gonna be a journal, but i just decided to write a little poem thingy, wow, my heart is pounding just thinking of her.

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