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Hey Newbies!

Welcome to Oasis where a person can be who they want to be without the BS.

Welcome to your new home, full of all the friends you could possibly need.

PS: Don't let Paladin get a hold of ya. We're all a little watchful if ya catch my drift.

PSS: Brian write me...

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One day and Band kids

"One day you will come
to me and ask...
What's more important,
Me or your life?
Then I will say
My life.
But you will walk away
never knowing,
you ARE my life."

Oh god.
How to describe it. Im so happy.
Tearing at my insides these feelings long to escape.
Ug god. I love you so much Josè.

Today was a blast, well sort of, I guess.

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i love her so much,we're so alike an shes so beautiful but i cant tell her
i dont want to lose my best freind, i like just being around her an i keep
saying to myself,i've lasted this long(2 years) i can last an other term,
an then another an so on.Were bothin scouts in different troops(were both the
only girl in the troop)and both our troops went to the same camp last year,
we ended up walking around the camp together cos the disco was rubbish an we

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in the death of.

This is to simply pay my respects.

Pope John Paul II, may he rest in peace.

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amends to all who knew me . . .

i guess now that it has been brought to my attention.
i must make ammends to all who knew me. i left quite suddenly and did not return.
i have been doin lots of stuff. just recovered from surgery and being really sick
besides that been busy trying to graduate from school.
grrr. missed so much you know. but i feel i really must apologize because i know i jsut appeared again and havent said a thing. yeah so this is my official apology and the official invite for previous connections if you arent angry with me.

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Today, is the day that we recognize our king! Today is the day that we realize we are no longer alone. Today is the day that we say hallelulia!

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hello to all my fellow beautiful peers!

this is my first time posting, and i thought it would be nice to say hi to everyone...
i have nothing too exciting to tell everyone, umm, let see, my mom knows that im a lesbian and really doesnt show to much emotion about it, well she wont let me hold
my girlfriend's hand in front of her, let alone anything else.umm, my sisters know about me, well the two that live with me. one is older and the other is younger. they dont mind at all either,though when i told the older one she stated that im not what you would call the stereotype of a lesbian. anyways, moving on, oh yeah a big part of my life would be expectations.... thats always fun right? anyone else have expectations that they are being forced to live up to?

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well, that was stupid

Wow i'm stupid. My friend got her teeth pulled and she got vikoden (i kno i cant spell) for the pain. So anyways she asked
me if i wanted to take one cuz its makes you dizzy and crap so i was like "Uhhhh, sure." so anyways she
ended up giving me 2 and she was like "take them both and see what happens. So i took them and now....
i cant eat anything with throwing up and i have a tummy ache. I'm

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This is my story, this is my song, and I'm gonna sing it all night long

"I have some time left before Allah takes me, and I have to fill that time. And I have my pride, depite all. And people are watching me, of course. I was a prominent man, and people enjoyed watching my fall, of course they did, and they watch still! So what kind of story am I going to give them next? Because that's what we are to other people, boy, we are their gossip. That's all civilization is, a giant mill grinding out gossip. And so I could be the story of the man who rode high and fell hard, and had his spirit broken and crawled off into a hole like a dog, to die as soon as he could manage it. Or I could be the story of the man who rode high, fell hard, and got up defiant, and walked away in a new direction. Someone who never looked back, someone who never gave the mob any satisfaction. And that's the story I'm going to make them all eat. They can fuck themselves if they want any other kind of a story out of me."


YAY the image gallery thing worked

i fanally figured it out come check it out some time.

I want to cry but my pride wont let me.

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About a month ago, I wrote this character study for my drama class, and I thought it was a good image of my mom:

I am sitting on the hard gray-blue of my computer chair, absorbed in the blue-tinted light emanating from the computer screen and reflecting off my face. I’m off in my own numb, instantaneous slow-moving world: the Internet.

My mother opens the office door that we can never get to close all the way and picks her way through the piles of stuff to her desk. She moves slowly, her shoulders hunched slightly, holding herself with no confidence or pride: she is broken by exhaustion. Her face is lined, closed, but her eyes pierce me with depth.

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Live and Let Live

"War. Rape. Murder. Poverty. Equal rights for gays.
Guess which one the Southern Baptist Convention is
protesting?" ~The Value of Families

"Heterosexism - the assumption that everyone is
heterosexual - is what lesbians face when we are ignored,
when we can find little or no reflection of ourselves in
popular culture, no mention of ourselves when hot
national political issues like health are discussed,

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drugs at school

Today one of my friends and 2 ppl i kno but dont really talk to got suspened for dealing/having drug at school.
I go to a very tiny middle school where everyone knows everyone. (its my last year thank GOD!) and ppl
including myself always get in trouble at school for doing something dumb like drinking Kahlua in the girls
bathroom (thats the dumb thing i did). I was thinking, my grade is the worst 8th grade ever! None of the other

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My first day on Oasis

I am mad,mad,mad!!
I was just searching on google today, doing what i uually do, when i am bored and cant think of any good sites to go on. Anyway i am into slash fiction(M/M etc pairings)and i am writing some Harry Potter Slash fiction, so i was checking out some sites for inspiration. I typed in harry potter slash in the search box, and went on a couple of websites, to check out some of the stories, and i was shocked to find that so many people out there are against slash, brandishing it as some sort of pornography.

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before I say nothing

Listen, I need to talk to you.
I haven't been talking to anyone in a while and I'm sort of overwhelmed with a whole lot of things--
I just need someone to listen, someone to care, hug, advise
Listen, I--
I guess it starts with--
See, it's like--
I mean, I'm--


Just spit out the word, spit it out. Just say it. It's three syllables. Only one if you want. But they might mishear you if you only say "bi" in that quiet voice of yours, and then you'd have to say it again--

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Orthodontist appointment!

Omg! I'm freakin out. I have braces (which sux) and have an orthodontist appointment on
Thursday. I try to wear my elastics but i always forget so i basically havent worn them
seince my last appointment. Also i have to get headgear...but luckily i only have to
wear it when i'm in my house.
But, sometimes i get so scared of going there that when i'm walking up to the door i just want to
turn around yell "NO I WONT GO BACK! EVER!" and run as fast as i can away from that

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Quiz result

Your Inner Eye Color Is Blue
You've got the personality of a blue eyed women

You're intense and expressive - and always on the go

You've also got a sweet, playful side - which draws men in

What's Your Inner Eye Color? Take This Quiz :-)

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So many questions...

depression is very bad. it can lead you to do stupid things. things you may live to regret. things that leave scars. things that never go away. how do you stop it from coming? how do you get rid of it when it's already there?

i have self destructive tendencies, i am a masochist, i am pessimistic and i am depressed. i don't think these things go good together. who knows, maybe i'm wrong. why would i want to be optomistic anyway? so i can be slammed back down again? i'd rather hope for the worst and get pleasantly surprised or have my guesses become fact, right? wouldn't that just make my life easier?

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there are times...

...and then there are the times
when you sit in bed
late at night
eleven, twelvish, maybe one a.m.
eating gruyere cheese
carving a curve in the smooth survace
of the dairy product
with a knife, cool in your hand, reminding you
of the many times it slid across your skin
controlled by you
giving you the satisfaction and relief thats garanteed
with the sight of your blood
and your heartbeat will quicken

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Regret and Dreams

You cease to live fully when regret takes the place of your dreams.

There's two topics in the forums that have just recently been created: one titled 'Regret' and one titled 'Dreams'. The first is about what you -didn't- do that you regret, and the second is about the weird nighttime dreams that people have. But even though they don't really fit the quote, it's what came to mind when I first saw both of them together.

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